When it concerns smelling fresh and keeping odour in ~ bay, there are ways you have the right to make certain you’re gaining the most out of your deodorant or anti-perspirant.


So, we’ve placed together your one-stop-shop overview on:

When to use your deodorant or anti-perspirantHow best to use your spray deodorant or anti-perspirantHow finest to usage your roll-on deodorant or anti-perspirant

We’ve also collated the most renowned questions we’re inquiry in our FAQ section at the bottom the this page.

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When to apply your deodorant or anti-perspirant


Apply anti-perspirant in the morning or — because that those of girlfriend who might be experiencing excessive sweat — at night time.

Yep, that’s right — night time can sometimes it is in the desired time to apply, specifically if you are experiencing heavy sweating.

It might be component of her morning program right now, however if you use your anti-perspirant before you climb into bed, the active ingredients have time to properly absorb right into your skin properly, blocking your sweat glands an ext effectively. So, you can stay dry for longer and have one less thing to remember once you’re getting ready in those hectic mornings!

Saying that, many of us will use anti-perspirant in the morning — and also this will be sufficient to save us emotion fresh and also dry every day long.

Make certain you apply your anti-perspirant come clean, dried skin. Especially if you’ve just taken her lovely and also energising morning shower head — make sure the anti-perspirant has actually dried fully before you put your clothing on.

To discover out much more about how anti-perspirants work, let united state fill friend in here.

For a long-standing anti-perspirant that’s sort to her skin, try Soft & Gentle’s classic Range, for as much as 48 hours of new protection.


When it concerns deodorants, the ideal time to use is after a shower or bath, once your skin is clean and dry. It’s precious remembering the if her deodorant doesn’t contain anti-perspirant, you might need come re-apply that every few hours to ensure you feeling refreshed.

Our Soft & tenderness 0% Aluminium dried Deodorant range features fresh and also light perfume to aid protect versus odour and care for perceptible skin.

How to use your spray deodorant or anti-perspirant

It’s as basic as one, two, three! Follow this three straightforward steps when applying your deodorant or anti-perspirant:

Clean and also dry her armpits thoroughlyShake your can and hold it around 15 cm away from your armpitSpray because that 2–3 secs under every arm, coating the whole area through product

How to usage your roll-on deodorant or anti-perspirant

Clean and also dry your armpits thoroughlyRoll on the deodorant or anti-perspirant for this reason it evenly covers both armpitsWait till the deodorant or anti-perspirant is completely dry before getting dressed

P.S.: If you’re wonder how plenty of swipes of the deodorant you need, it’s roughly 2–3 swipes for each armpit. That’s enough to cover the full area without overdoing it!

FAQ: Answering her most popular questions

Still unsure around something? here are ours answers to your most frequent questions around anti-perspirant and deodorants.

How much anti-perspirant is too much?

If you an alert white clues on your garments — either as soon as you’re wearing castle or once you take it them turn off — friend may have actually put top top too much deodorant or anti-perspirant as it way your skin hasn’t fully absorbed the product.


Can you usage anti-perspirant and also deodorant together?

Technically yes, although there isn’t always a require to. When provided properly, either product will keep you feeling dry and also smelling fresh all day.

In fact, countless products incorporate the ingredients of deodorant and anti-perspirant to offer you the benefits of both. Therefore if you’re trying to find the best of both worlds, buy an anti-perspirant deodorant, prefer the assets in our classic range.

If you discover you sweat excessively, you may want to use an anti-perspirant (which might be fragrance-free) to handle the sweat and then a deodorant to aid prevent any type of unwanted smells. Friend can use anti-perspirant ~ showering in ~ night and also then apply deodorant come freshen increase in the morning.

Some people choose to just use deodorant as many deodorants don’t contain aluminium. However those commodities won’t protect you against sweat…only odour.

However, Soft & Gentle’s 0% Aluminium anti-perspirant roll-on range is a an ext natural different to using “standard” anti-perspirant as it’s recipe with organic plant extracts to safeguard you native sweat and help care for her skin.

Does deodorant or anti-perspirant expire?

Yes…and no.

Yes, because similar to skincare creams, deodorants and anti-perspirants that contain water (such together those the come together roll-ons or creams) will have a shelf life date which is usually 12 month from the day of first use.

However, be aware that this may vary depending on the product or the brand…but if you’re utilizing yours regularly, you’ll no doubt be acquiring through it method before climate anyway!

And no, because expiry dates don’t use to spray deodorants and anti-perspirants.

Can friend spray deodorant onto clothes?

Technically friend can, but there’s not much allude in it. You have to spray deodorant or anti-perspirant straight onto your skin because that it to work-related properly, as:

deodorant functions by minimising the bacteria the can cause body odouranti-perspirant functions by to reduce the amount of sweat girlfriend produce

If either product isn’t in straight content with your skin, it won’t have the ability to do this.

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How carry out you protect against stains after using deodorant or anti-perspirant?

Apply to fully dry skin.Don’t use too much product—just a couple of swipes of roll-on or a 2–3 2nd spray v a spray have the right to is enough.Wait until the deodorant or anti-perspirant has actually dried fully before obtaining dressed.If you uncover your clothes have white marks or stains on them when you take them off, this have the right to be a authorize that you’ve used too much deodorant or anti-perspirant. However, it additionally depends on just how the product has actually been formulated and its benefits…so constantly check that anti-white marks is clearly stated ~ above the pack!

Are you now ready to suffer all-day freshness? girlfriend can discover out i beg your pardon retailers share the Soft & gentle Classic selection and the 0% Aluminium variety here.