president Barack Obama listens as previous President George W. Shrub speaks during a push conference in the climbed Garden that the White home last January. Brendan Smialowski/Getty photos hide caption

president Barack Obama listens as former President George W. Shrub speaks throughout a press conference in the rose Garden of the White home last January.

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Brendan Smialowski/Getty images

Jeffrey H. Anderson is a previous professor the American government and also political viewpoint at the U.S. Air force Academy and the director of the Benjamin sirloin Society.

In his State of the Union address tonight, chairman Obama will reportedly worry a contact for "responsible" initiatives to minimize deficits (while concurrently calling for brand-new federal spending). In irradiate of the President"s supposed rhetorical nod to budget responsibility, it"s worth maintaining in mental his record on deficits to date. Once President Obama took office two years ago, the nationwide debt stood at $10.626 trillion. It currently stands in ~ $14.071 trillion — a staggering increase of $3.445 trillion in just 735 work (about $5 exchange rate a day).

To placed that into perspective, as soon as President George W. Bush took office, our national debt was $5.768 trillion. By the time shrub left office, it had practically doubled, come $10.626 trillion. Therefore Bush"s document on deficit spending to be not great at all: during his presidency, the national debt rose by an average of $607 billion a year. Exactly how does the compare to Obama? throughout Obama"s presidency come date, the national debt has risen through an median of $1.723 trillion a year — or by a jaw-dropping $1.116 sunshine more, per year, 보다 it rose also under Bush.

In fairness, however, Obama can"t correct be held accountable because that the 2009 budget, which that didn"t sign (although he did sign a $410 billion pork-laden omnibus spending bill for the year, i beg your pardon is however tallied in Bush"s column). Rather, Obama"s record to date should really be based on actual and projected safety in fiscal year 2010 and also 2011 (plus the $265 billion section of the economic "stimulus" package, which he initiated and also signed, that was invested in 2009 (Table S-10), while Bush"s should be based on 2002-09 (with the exemption of that exact same $265 billion, which was in no means part the the 2009 budgetary process).

How carry out Bush and Obama to compare on closer inspection? Just about like they execute on an initial glance. Follow to the White House"s Office that Management and also Budget, throughout his eight fiscal years, shrub ran up a total of $3.283 sunshine in deficit security (p. 22). In his an initial two budget years, Obama will run up a full of $2.826 sunshine in deficit security ($1.294 sunshine in 2010, an estimated $1.267 sunshine in 2011 (p. 23), and also the $265 billion in "stimulus" money that was spent in 2009). Thus, shrub ran up an average of $410 billion in deficit spending every year, if Obama is running up an mean of $1.413 trillion in deficit spending every year — or $1.003 trillion a year more than Bush.

Obama, the course, has said the economic situation made him execute it. However the average inflation-adjusted deficits v Obama"s an initial two fiscal years will certainly be much more than ten times greater than the mean inflation-adjusted deficit throughout the an excellent Depression. Even as a percentage of the gross residential product, the typical deficits in Obama"s very first two fiscal year will much more than 3 times greater the median deficit during the an excellent Depression. The reality that Obama"s deficits have, by any kind of standard, more than tripled those that the good Depression, can not convincingly it is in blamed ~ above the current recession.

And nobody of this also takes right into account Obamacare, i beg your pardon the Congressional spending plan Office says would increase spending by more than $2 sunshine in that real first decade (2014 to 2023) — and also which, also under really rosy projections, the CBO states would increase the national debt by $341 exchange rate by the end of 2019.

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It"s not often that one it s okay to hear a speak to for "responsible" fiscal stewardship from someone whose deficit spending is outpacing president Bush"s by an ext than $1 sunshine a year — however that"s reportedly what we"ll get to listen tonight. But President Obama"s actions phone call another, much clearer, story around his commitment come deficit reduction.