If you play Xbox Live on an installed mobile broadband connection, you might need come monitor her data usage closely. Uneven you have endless 4G LTE, her carrier will throttle your speeds or slap you through overage fees if friend exceed your plan’s data limit throughout the month. Luckily, you can see exactly how lot data you use playing Xbox One in her console’s Network settings.

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Check her bandwidth usage

To examine your bandwidth use, i beg your pardon is the exact same as her data usage on placed mobile broadband connection, navigate come the Bandwidth usage setup in your Network settings.

Press the Xbox switch to open up the guide.Select System > Settings > All settings > Network > Network setups > Troubleshooting.Select Bandwidth usage native the drop-down food selection on the right-hand next of the screen.

Bandwidth usage is a log in of her console’s bandwidth use. This log breaks under your bandwidth usage by hour (for the last 24-hour period) and also by month (for as lengthy as you’ve offered Xbox Live). By checking Bandwidth usage, you have the right to see exactly how much data you at this time use, exactly how that number relates to her monthly data limit, and how the relates come your previous data use.


Tips for using less data playing Xbox Live

If you uncover you’re utilizing too lot data play Xbox Live, here are a couple of ways to reduce the lot of data you usage playing online games.

Turn off auto updates. Game downloads, patches, and also updates usage far more data 보다 gameplay. Keep yourself from exceeding her monthly data limit by transforming off auto updates and also manually to update your games when you recognize you have extra data. To rotate off auto updates:

Press the Xbox button to open up the guide.Select System > Settings > System > Updates.Click the checkbox to revolve auto update on or off.

If you move auto updates off, your console will certainly tell you about any brand-new updates when you launch your game. Then, friend can pick to update the game automatically or to hold-up the update for some other time. To see a complete list that updates:

Press the Xbox button to open up the guide.Select My games & apps > See all.Select Updates in the drop-down menu.

Play gamings with under players. The more players in a game, the an ext data her network exchanges with other players’ networks

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. This data includes information like the stats, score, and locations of each player. To conserve data, protect against “Battle Royale” format modes and, instead, pick multiplayer modes with under players.

Play there is no voice chat. If you use voice chat while playing Xbox Live, intend to use practically twice as much data. Because that example, playing a video game like PUBG because that an hour without voice chat uses much less than 30 MB of data. Through voice chat, playing PUBG because that an hour provides 50 MB the data.

Reduce your framework rate. A greater frame price refreshes the game an ext often, so the you exchange an ext up-to-date information with various other players. While a greater frame price helps friend react faster in the game, it also uses an ext data. By transforming off the VSync setting, you can adjust your frame rate manually through Freesynch:

Play ~ above a 64-tick server. A 128-tick server, i beg your pardon refreshes the game 128 times every second, uses about twice as much data as a 64-tick server, i m sorry refreshes the game 64 time every second. To conserve data, pat on a server v a lower refresh rate.

Switch to limitless 4G LTE.

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with our unlimited 4G LTE connection, you have the right to spend as many hours as you want playing games, also if friend can’t acquire cable internet where friend live. We never throttle your speeds or charge you overage fees. To discover out more, inspect out our countless 4G LTE plan or give us a speak to at 866-439-6630.