As cord cutting grows, sodoes concern over data caps. Many cord cutters are limited by data caps implemented by your ISP. Together streaming choices grow to encompass 4k, the hazard of walking over your data lid increases. On mean the data lid in the united state is 1TB a month, however caps can go as low as 150 GB. Part ISPs, favor Spectrum, currently do not have actually a data cap, however many ISPs fee you if you walk over your data cap.

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(Note: It have to not matter what machine you room streaming on when it involves the GB used. A Roku and a Fire TV, because that example, both use the exact same amount that GB once streaming the very same quality. The high quality of your stream is what transforms the lot of GB used.)

So, let’s breakdown the top three paid video services.


Netflix offers a range of options for both HD and SD. V data intake ranging native 300MB per hour come 7 GB per hour, Netflix can accomplish a wide variety of data caps. Netflix also enables you to control how lot bandwidth you usage from her account page. Currently, Netflix is the only one of the big three to permit you to collection your data usage. Hulu provided to sell the option, but it has disappeared from their setups as the this posting. Listed below you have the right to see Netflix’s present data plans. Friend can additionally find this information on their website here.

If you only streamed Netflix, you might watch about 3,300 hours of video on the low setup or around 143 hrs of HD video per month. Based upon a 30-day month, your intake per work could variety from around 4.7 come 110 hrs per day relying on your bandwidth settings.*

Here is the full breakdown of Netflix’s data usage:

Low– 0.3 GB per hour per deviceMedium– SD: 0.7 GB per hour every deviceHigh– Best video clip quality, as much as 3 GB every hour per device for HD, and also 7 GB every hour per maker for Ultra HDAuto– Adjusts automatically to deliver the highest possible quality, based on your present internet connection speed


If you desire to save your data intake low however want HD, Hulu is your best option. Hulu’s data usage is just 650MB every hour for HD streaming. Hulu no much longer offers data usage controls in their setups anddoes no list an official data chart in your FAQs, yet we found this now removed write-up on their official public court from 2012.

With Hulu you might watch around 1,538 hrs of HD video each month. Because that a 30-day month, you could watch about 13 hrs of video clip each day if you only streamed Hulu.*


Amazon has no public info for streaming data usage. We can obtain some idea that the data consumption based turn off the paper size when you download the videos because that offline viewing. We provided a Walking Dead episode to gain the sizes because that data usage. The SD low finish download uses 0.14 GB for download. The high end HD variation of the illustration was 1.82GB. Now some that that will be DRM, but we calculation that much less than 10MB that the file is DRM.

Only using Amazon you might watch around 7,142 hours of SD video a month or around 238 hours a day. With HD video clip Amazon users could watch around 549 hours of video clip a month or around 18 hours a day of video.*

Summary: If you space looking for options and short data however are no concerned around HD top quality then Netflix is your best option. Netflix enables users to collection data limits and also the shortest bandwidth present of the huge three renders them the most data cap friendly organization out there today.

If you are in search of HD video with low data usage check out Hulu. Their 650MB streams make them the lowest data consumption per hour for HD content.

*Hours of video clip per month and day room based turn off a 1TB data cap and also a 30-day month.

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