The SiriusXM net Radio app allows you to hear to your favorite satellite radio program on her iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app is complimentary but using your cellular connection to stream content streaming from the satellite organization eats into your iPhone"s data allotment. When you stream contents from SiriusXM Radio via a Wi-Fi connection, friend don"t use your data plan.

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When you use a cellular connection to currently radio mirrors to your mobile device, the SiriusXM Radio app"s usage of data varies depending upon how long you present content. If you accessibility and use various other Internet-based apps v your cellular organization while streaming native SiriusXM Radio, friend can conveniently use all her iPhone"s allotted data because that the month and also incur overage charges.

The app initially downloads a part of contents from the channel you want to listen to and also then starts come stream the remaining portion of the content. The entire process uses data. Also if you stop a radio regime or restart a program, the SiriusXM Radio app uses data if it connects through your cellular service"s data plan.

If you have Wi-Fi in ~ home, your iPhone will automatically detect it and use the Wi-Fi connection rather 보다 the phone"s to move service. Wi-Fi is additionally provide free in plenty of public places such as specific coffee shops, airports, municipal buildings and also schools. Switching your iPhone come a Wi-Fi link in a windy area is done making use of the Settings app on the phone"s home screen. Tap “Wi-Fi” and then madness the Wi-Fi link you want to use. Beginning the SiriusXM Radio app and select a channel. The application is now streaming with a Wi-Fi connection.

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To save data, numerous SiriusXM Radio On-Demand shows are accessible for downloading and also playing after that your iphone without streaming. The contents download calls for the usage of your data arrangement or a Wi-Fi connection but doesn"t require consistent use that data or one Internet link like streaming requires. The content downloads to her iPhone"s interior memory and also is easily accessible through the SiriusXM Radio app"s My download menu.

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