"How lot is Roku" could sound choose a straightforward question, however the expense gets facility with subscriptions, channels and also renting movies. Read on because that a clear failure of Roku pricing.

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The different Roku devices.

Aside indigenous the yes, really device, though, there are costs associated with details channels and also streaming services. Some channels and also services space free, yet others need you to collection up a subscription or salary a one-off fee. However, even those that cost money aren’t at a set price. Again, it depends on what girlfriend want.

On top of that, there are on-demand channels, such as Redbox, that sell a pay-as-you-go option. The early Redbox account is free; you can then rental or acquisition movies together you please.

How lot Is Roku?

In this section, we’ll list all of the existing Roku devices, together with their prices and also features. Native there, you deserve to pick a machine that suits your requirements (our Roku buyer’s guide goes into more detail for each device).

Roku Express — This is the cheapest option, but it deserve to only stream as much as HD 1080p, no 4K. It contains a straightforward remote. It’s great for first-time streamers, second TVs or if you’re on a budget.

Price: $24.99.

Roku Premiere — The Premiere might look a small different, however it’s basically the same as the Express except for one information — it can stream in 4K.

Price: $39.99.

Roku Streaming Stick+ — This is Roku’s many portable device. It’s around the size of a speed drive and also plugs straight into your TV’s HDMI port. It additionally has a long-range wireless receiver and includes the magnified Voice remote.

Price: $34.71.

Roku Ultra LT — The Ultra LT is intended to it is in a permanent entertainment system. It consists of extended wireless and also it’s the cheapest Roku through an Ethernet port. You deserve to insert a micro SD for broadened channel storage, and it comes v the amplified Voice remote. However, the doesn’t incorporate an HDMI cable.

Price: $79.99.

Roku Ultra — This is the 2020 model, the Ultra 4800R. The is the fastest and most powerful option you deserve to get. It includes the finest wireless receiver and also an Ethernet port. It additionally supports Bluetooth connectivity and can present in Dolby Vision, on height of the 4K capability.

Price: $92.70.

Roku smart Soundbar — The smart Soundbar is a great option if you’re looking to enhance your TV’s sound, together this is basically a powerful speaker that has a Roku player constructed in. It support Dolby Audio, and has various sound modes and also speech clarity options. It likewise supports Bluetooth and has a USB harbor for local playback. It comes v the Voice remote.

Price: $161.31.

Roku Streambar — This is another 2020 model. It’s basically the same as the clever Soundbar however cheaper and more compact. One key difference, though, is that it doesn’t have a dedicated Ethernet port, but you deserve to use the USB port to affix an Ethernet adapter. Choose the smart Soundbar, you obtain the Voice remote.

Price: $127.00

Roku TV — This is the many expensive means to bag yourself a Roku player, however it might prove worthy if you’re currently looking come upgrade her TV. Having a TV through a Roku player developed in provides you a unique smart TV experience. That comes with the straightforward remote.

Price: us can’t give you an accurate price due to the various brands and sizes available, however they start approximately $260.99 and can get in the thousands.

What room the Prices because that Roku Channels?

As we pointed out before, the pricing that Roku channels varies. We’ll walk over the basics the the different types of channels and costs you may come across, yet you can check out our devoted piece top top Roku channels for more detailed information.

First, back Roku calls castle “Roku TV channels,” castle actually simply apps. As with many various other devices, such together the Amazon Firestick, friend can add apps for TV channels and streaming solutions — like Netflix or Amazon Prime video clip — to her home display (also review our Roku vs Firestick comparison).


There room thousands of networks available, too, and also you deserve to search because that them in the Roku Channel Store. Roku also has its own channel, The Roku Channel. It has lots of ad-supported but free content, and some optional premium content.

However, having actually both “Roku channels” and also “The Roku Channel” is component of the factor things gained confusing in the first place. The last is simply another app.

There room other totally free channels, too, such as network TV channels, choose FOX News and also ABC. Plus, there are some free apps that have a an option of contents available, like Pluto TV, i beg your pardon has totally free sports, news and live TV channels, and also some on-demand movies and also TV shows.

Paid Roku Channels

After that, yes the paid content, and also that have the right to come in the kind of a one-off payment or a subscription. For instance, you can want come ditch her cable or satellite provider yet still advantage from the same form of channels. Because that that, you can subscribe to a business like Hulu, which starts at $5.99 per month, or FuboTV or Sling TV (both $30 every month).


If you’re an ext inclined to clock movies and also series, you might prefer a subscription v Netflix or to apologize TV. Oh, and let’s not forget the Disney fans, who might want to sign up because that Disney+. Together subscriptions deserve to start at as little as $4.99 every month.

As you can see, after ~ the initial an equipment cost you can pay certain nothing and also enjoy some good TV. Once it comes to the price of content, it really relies on what friend want, and possibly what you currently have.

Add together the price of any type of TV channels and also streaming platforms you want to subscribe to, and also there’s your usage cost. Remember that you may have subscribed to several of them before investing in a Roku, though.

Is over there a Monthly Subscription Fee for Roku?

There is no subscription fee for a Roku. Once you’ve payment for her device, it is it. If girlfriend then include paid channels and subscriptions to her account, that’s her choice. There space many free trials available, though.

If you have actually preexisting subscriptions, you deserve to simply include the channel to your Roku home screen and also log in. Otherwise, you can include a credit transaction card or various other payment technique to her account and manage her Roku subscriptions through there.

To get the best complimentary experience from her device, girlfriend can examine out ours Roku complimentary channels guide.

Final Thoughts

We expect our Roku price guide has settled any confusion you had about how much TV v Roku costs. To placed it simply, you have actually the maker price and that’s it. Yes sir no Roku subscription. You’ll just pay extra if you decision to i ordered it to a channel or service, or pay a one-off fee for some content.

New channels and new content are added frequently, and devices are updated automatically, so you will do it never miss out on out on brand-new Roku streaming options. Plus, our ideal VPN for Roku overview will assist if you desire to accessibility channels or solutions that aren’t accessible in her region.

If you’re prepared to start streaming with Roku, girlfriend can examine out our travel guide on how to collection up Roku and how to add channels to Roku.

What execute you think about the options accessible in the Roku Channel Store? Is over there a Roku maker that you would recommend? carry out you think we’ve missed anything? let us recognize in the comment section and, as always, thank you for reading.


Is Roku Free?
A Roku maker is not cost-free -- you need to purchase the device. ~ that, though, you can definitely use the complimentary channels v Roku.

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You will should pay for your Roku machine initially. After ~ that, Roku does no charge a fee. There’s no monthly subscription.
No. You will only must pay for a subscription if you authorize up because that a TV channel or streaming service.