Have you ever wondered exactly how much data does her music streaming business use? If her Spotify, Pandora, apple Music or any kind of other company is draining your internet plan?

It’s not gonna it is in an article around making the budget cuts. We’re gonna talk around minimizing your phone data usage when listening to streaming music.

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Remember when you to be a kid and also you gained some little cash from her parents and you plan huge for her future VC empire built on outsourced work and also clever marketing? Right.

You spent it every on liquid in the first store friend found. How not to repeat that mistake with limited data on your phone?


So us looked and also talked and asked some really tech-savvy people and also came up through a an easy fix…es for this issue. Very first off, yes the thing that’s referred to as the offline function. We’ve been v this already, yet to get you on her feet – the an option, that enables your device to download the Ogg or Vorbis format files and also play the tunes on need without the web connection! This is the best method to get your music without shedding data from your phone.

The difficulty is, you should reemerge top top the web every 30 days. The music documents stored on your device will update on their high quality (if it had improved), licenses will obtain paid according to what you had stashed and also some royalties will acquire transferred come the artists. You have the right to dive ago below the grid v your phone for an additional 30 days and also stay over there without making use of up your precious data. As with a submarine that needs to recharge batteries and oxygen every now and also then.

Let’s recognize our data eaters first…

In this article:

How much data walk Pandora use?

Sure, girlfriend can constantly use Wi-Fi to minimization the data consumption however let’s face it… we all favor listening to music as soon as we’re not home. Especially then. Pandora does not permit to store papers on her computer/mobile an equipment too. In contradictory to Spotify or apologize Music.

As a premium user of Pandora, if you hear to music for 1h, friend will usage 86.4mb per hour. Is that a lot? It’s your decision. The free version (the one full of annoying ads) spend 57.6mb top top the various other hand.

How lot data go iHeartradio use?

Another monster sneaking on her data… The iHeartRadio music streaming business offers a 128kbps bitrate option. That’s the just option. That equals to 57.6mb. Just like in the situation of Pandora.

You will need to listen come iHeartradio for around 17 hrs to use one gigabyte. If you have limits on her data plan, it’s far better not to fall asleep hearne to any kind of music platform i guess… (Spotify users can collection a Spotify sleep timer though)

How much data does Spotify use?

Spotify likes to offer us a choice. And we love it. Spotify supplies a few different streaming sound quality. The lowest is 96kbps, and the highest is 320kbps. Which way that girlfriend will use this lot data per hour:

Is it precious to rely on the greatest quality? I’ll leave it because that you to judge… friend can likewise download song from Spotify and just forget around data limits, the course…

Apple Music does not market 320kbps top quality so if she a music geek, you might want to go through Spotify here. (Psst, we have a complete comparison the Spotify and Apple Music)

How lot data walk Amazon Music use?

It’s a bit more complex with Amazon Music together they can not use revealed the standard streaming high quality of their service. It could be hard to pin down Amazon Music data usage without the particular bitrate, yet we can take an education guess here. Because Most music streaming services offer quality up come 320 kbps, we mean Amazon Music uses roughly 175MB every hour.

As because that the premium tiers, Amazon Music HD uses a bitrate up to 850kbps, if Amazon Ultra HD through a bitrate approximately 3,730kbps (which is 10x times higher than many streaming services!). This also method that Amazon Music is going to use much more data: 330MB per hour for “HD” and also as much as 720MB every hour because that “Ultra HD”

Pro tip: Amazon Music gives you the alternative to minimize data usage when streaming. Merely tap the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of the app and also go come Settings > Streaming Audio Quality. Head come the Mobile Data section and select Data Saver.

How lot data walk YouTube use?

Youtube is a video-streaming platform but many people use that to listen to music (and clock music video clips, that course). If you belong come this group, this is what you need to know: watching a YouTube video at the traditional 480p will certainly chew roughly 260MB per hour, while full HD will certainly "cost" girlfriend 1.65GB. Viewing videos in 4K offers 2.7GB per hour.

How to conserve data with Apple Music (and other music streaming services)

We’re not trying to sell you an iphone now, it’s just that the has an additional option to conserve you part data and also it fits the idea the this post to have four paragraphs.

Anyway, follow these steps:

What go you just do? you have minimal your win 1 playtime to mitigate how much data the Music streaming app eats. If that’s not one more reason to select Apple Music, 보다 I donno what it is.

And if that persuaded you, girlfriend can conveniently migrate from Spotify come Apple Music.

Get a brand-new deal v your operator

We’re not telling you come buy much more phones, forfeit your present deal or… you recognize what? do what you want, this post will have four paragraphs if its the last point we’ll write!

Thanks to current cross-selling deals excellent by the smart males at the peak of the smartphone companies, you can acquire yourself a new cell phone arrangement with her music communication not making use of data. For example at Virgin Mobile and also have your needs covered as soon as using Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRADIO, Slacker Radio, Napster or 8Tracks completely data-free.

Other tips

We’ve uncovered some an ext stuff. Because it’s nothing really new or hidden from the general public by some obscure marketing strategies or simply complicated to uncover – we’ll just leave castle here.

Your smartphone can be set to stick to well-known Wi-Fi only. When outside of any recognized spots, your phone have the right to stay offline. It is one means to limit your data loss throughout the month, however sometimes you simply can’t pass the opportunity to continue to be on the line, once waiting for an important email, while the end of office.

Of course, you need to only download your music when connected to Wi-Fi. Ogg and also Vorbis formats are very light due to the fact that they room super compressed, but still – getting whole discography of iron Maiden have the right to hurt by the end of the month.

Depending on whereby you listen to her music the many – shot to think one step ahead. Setup for the future and create playlists. Everybody has actually playlists for all kinds of stuff. If you hear to your music on the daily commute, collection for part energizing, positive music ~ above the method to work. ~ above your way home? You might need part relaxing, nerve-soothing groovy beats. Download and make those playlists before leaving the house and also you got your everyday dose that music while your phone data consumption doesn’t walk up.

Remember to use Wi-Fi when listening to music in ~ work. Nothing you challenge feel bad about it… Music is something that helps you focus, acquire results and most that all, the numbs the end those annoying world talking over her head, some call ‘fellow employees’.

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Ok, currently you know exactly how to check your data transfer prior to you wreck your… Or in ~ least, you can stop her music to do all the draining. Great luck and happy searching while listening!

You’re not certain which platforms will certainly let you listen to her music offline and cut your phone data usage down? We’ve acquired a pretty post about how to hear to music offline.

No issue if you choose Pandora, Spotify, to apologize Music, or YouTube, girlfriend should constantly be mindful with her data intake (and battery drain). Great luck!