On respectable 26, 2005, both Louisiana and also Mississippi set off their emergency an answer plans and also began preparations because that evacuations follow me the coast. Most people evacuated from seaside Mississippi and also Louisiana. Many human being who did no were can not to for medical reasons or had limited access to transportation. The is estimate that around 1.2 million world evacuated the metropolitan brand-new Orleans region and that about 100,000 human being remained in brand-new Orleans. That those remaining, about 10,000 went to the Superdome shelter before the storm.When the waves and also storm surge struggle the coastline, the structures along the coastline in Mississippi were fully destroyed and also further inland skilled catastrophic flooding. In brand-new Orleans, the combination of surge and waves bring about failure and overtopping the the levee system. More than 50 breaches that the levee system result in flooding that ultimately covered 80% of the city of new Orleans to depth above 15 ft. In part places. Since the city of brand-new Orleans is mostly below sea level, and most that the pump stations supplied to eliminate rain water indigenous the city to be disabled through the storm, the water remained in the city.

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Overall, much more than 1,800 civilization lost their lives as a an outcome of Hurricane Katrina. Much more than 1,500 death developed in Louisiana, roughly 230 in Mississippi, and also 14 in Florida. Katrina is the 3rd deadliest hurricane in U.S. History. In new Orleans, civilization were trapped in their houses and on your roofs as the promptly rising water captured many world by surprise. The flooding and also widespread damages from Katrina delayed rescue and aid efforts because that days. As well as the death toll, hurricane Katrina left many civilization homeless as much more than 800,000 real estate units were damaged or damaged in the storm. Katrina is the costliest U.S hurricane, v estimated damages over $81 billion and costs end $160 exchange rate (2005 us dollars).

Map of new Orleans reflecting flooding depths. Maximum depth are above 15 feet. Indigenous the US military Corp of engineers IPET report.

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