Pools and South Florida go hand in hand. It’s tough to beat the viewing pleasure and also use the a pool, especially in ours heat.

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But exactly how much is the stunning water function going to cost you?

Here’s a look at the expense of installation a pool in southern Florida and what components affect that price.

Average price Of In-Ground pool In south Florida

The cost variety for a basic in-ground concrete pool is typically $35,000 come $60,000. We only recommend installation in-ground concrete pools for numerous reasons.

The an ext add-ons and also high-end alternatives you desire included, the higher the price will be. If you’re not searching for a simple pool, you could spend all over from $80,000 to $200,000 or more.

Here are some examples of our pool tasks to offer you a better idea that what your dream swimming pool will price (costs depend on dimension of pool):

A small pool through waterline tile, plaster and also no spa: $40,000A huge pool through a connected spa: $95,000A full-tile pool with an fastened spa: $220,000+

Those room some pretty large price ranges, however like many projects, the price depends on several various factors.


Here space five contents that will impact the expense of installing your pool.

Size of The Pool and also Space

It’s pretty apparent a larger pool is going come cost much more to install 보다 a smaller sized one, because it will require much more materials and also time. But don’t forget about all that the components that affect the pool’s size.

The pool’s depth is a contributor come its cost. Having a pool that is 5 feet at its deepest is pretty regular — due to the fact that that’s the deepest people can stand — yet anything more than that could reason the price to walk up.

You also need to think about the size, location and accessibility of whereby you desire the swimming pool installed. If you have actually a confined backyard that is hard to navigate or with with huge construction equipment, because that example, that might increase the installation price. The soil conditions can all impact the cost.

Some other contributing determinants to the price include engineering, how the economic situation is doing, the pool company and a selection of other factors.


Equipment and Pool Components

There’s much more to a pool than the concrete shell and water: You likewise need various equipment and also pool materials to store it running smoothly and safely. This is a watch at several of the things that will certainly play a role in the cost before and also during construction:

Permits and DOH allowance: $1,500 - $2,500Engineered plans: $2,000 - $10,000 (depending ~ above size and also complexity or residential vs. Commercial)Concrete: around $220 - $240 per garden (typical swimming pool is about 40-60 yards)Electrical bonding: $2,500Waterproofing: $4,000Water control: $1,000Equipment (pump, filter, electrical heater): $10,000Lighting: $3,500

Your pool contractor will certainly not break down the different materials that enter the last price. Yet, the sophisticated ones will speak v you about them. Lock should also talk come you about rough allowances or if they will be utilizing subcontractors or if they perform the work-related themselves.

A typical mark increase after expenses for pool builders is in between 25% - 40%. Countless factors affect the benefit of a project for a pool contractor. If you desire the job to run smoothly, be understanding of readjust orders and time frames. Also the best and also most experienced builders run into unexpected problems that influence cost or time allowances.

Type Of finish Materials

The biggest expense driver as soon as it involves installing your swimming pool is the type of finishes and edge information you want. some of the most famous finish alternatives are materials like Diamond Brite, accumulation (like PebbleTec or PebbleSheen) and also tile.

The most usual finish, plaster is the many inexpensive of the three product options. You have the right to have colors mixed right into the plaster to attain the preferred look. As plaster ages, it will should be refinished to keep the swimming pool in good condition and looking that is best.

Another renowned option is an accumulation finish like PebbleTec or PebbleSheen, which is obtainable in polished and also exposed forms. Aggregates include colored or white plaster blended with products like granite, river stones, quartz or glass beads. This is a action up indigenous the plaster cost and is also more resistant to chemicals and also staining than simply plaster alone.

The 3rd option, tile finishes give you a nice unlimited style palette. You can just use tiles together accents top top the waterline and stairs or transparent the whole pool. There are glass, porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles — and also ceramic and also porcelain options are the the very least expensive that the tile options.

Make certain the manufacturer proposal the materials be supplied in a pool or submerged environment, and have the recommended setting material and grout in writing.

Project’s Level of Complexity

Do you desire a simple, rectangular pool, or do you want a tradition shape, mosaic tile design, vanishing edge, planters, swimming jets and also floating spa? The more facility your project is, the much more it will certainly cost.


It bring away the designer and installation team much more time to produce a comprehensive pool — and time is money. If you have the right to dream that up, we have the right to do it: yet it will certainly cost an ext if that a tall order.

Add-On pool Features

Don’t forget to incorporate add-on attributes from the begin that will certainly take your swimming pool to an additional level.

Here room some famous features we install regularly:

Perimeter overflow spaShallow float areasAdditional brick finishesBenchesLighting (automation function available)Swim jetsPlantersTuuci umbrellas

What you can include to your pool style is pretty endless if you have actually the space and budget for the all.

Get her Exact cost Of installing A pool In south Florida

We design and also install high-end pools, so the majority of our occupational is anything yet basic. So if the cost of the pool is her only concern — instead of wanting a quality, piece-of-art water feature — Reef Tropical might not be because that you. We create custom pools that make you want to sit back and relax with a cup the coffee as you gaze the end at your very own stunning art feature.

Somecustomers nothing care around the cost: They want to do a statement through a centerpiece for your outdoor to chat area and also to have actually prospective buyers the their home say, “Wow, look in ~ that.”

But because that those looking to include to your property’s value v a stunning swimming pool or spa, reach out to us to uncover out precisely how much it will cost to install your luxurious pool.

We will job-related with you with the entire process, consisting of pricing, permitting, surveying, providing time frames, providing recommendations, picking materials, installing the pool and also everything in between. Our skilled team can additionally install landscaping features approximately your swimming pool to finish your outdoor life space. Us install and also maintain pools in Miami, the top Keys and also throughout southern Florida.

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Call united state at 305-367-2005, or fill out a kind online come see how much your dream pool will certainly cost.