Referred to as the "fourth utility", compressed waiting plays a an important role in many industrial processes. Regardless of this, the is not always afforded the very same attention together gas and electricity once it involves safety. Misuse of compressed waiting by workers is one of the areas where safety frequently fails, with significant or even fatal consequences. Regardless of clear and repeated warnings from the HSE come "never usage compressed wait to eliminate dust native clothing", this practice is still commonplace on countless factory floors. The is convenient, quick and also easy, and people don"t always realise the potential for danger.

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however IT"S just AIR…HOW DANGEROUS deserve to IT BE?

Compressed waiting is not the same as plain air. That is air that has been condensed and contained at a press that is better than the atmosphere. The pressure with i m sorry the air exits the gun renders it so dangerous - as damaging together a solid object. That is forceful sufficient to punch an eye the end of that is socket or rupture an eardrum.


People don"t always realise the compressed air can reason severe injury or worse, even when there is no direct call with the skin or body. Careless use of compressed wait to punch away dust or dust from garments could allow the air to get in the body, damaging the inner organs. A layer of clothes offers little protection against compressed air.

"Very major injuries, occasionally fatal, have developed when the nozzle the the gun has actually been pointed towards the body, even at some distance native it. Numerous of the injuries occur when apparel is dusted down and because the this compressed air must never be provided for cleaning clothing. Others space the an outcome of horseplay."

Extract taken native Health and also Safety executive, management - HSG39

The use of blowguns to remove swarf, powder, dust, etc., native components and machinery is extensive throughout the industry. However, this practice carries comparable risks to personnel dedusting v compressed air. In addition, clean plants and also parts with compressed air creates blowback the is solid enough to drive the filings, shavings, chips, dust, and other debris into the eyes, ears, or skin.

IS IT against THE regulation TO usage COMPRESSED AIR for CLEANING?

In some parts of the human being (such as regions within Canada), cleaning v compressed waiting is not allowed by law. In the UK, back there space no specific laws prohibiting the use of compressed air for cleaning, the HSE"s Compressed air Safety publication warns against this activity.




In the USA, compressed air usage is administer by OSHA (Occupational Safety and also Health Administration) typical 1910.242.b, i m sorry states:

“Compressed air shall no be used for cleaning purposes except where decreased to less than 30 PSI and then just with reliable chip guarding and an individual protective equipment".

Blowguns have the right to be equipped with a pre-set tamper-proof pressure regulator collection at diminished pressure. Even so, their use need to be considered carefully. This is due to the fact that the problem with blowguns in the workplace stems no from your use yet their misuse. There have actually been number of publicly reported cases of colorectal injury because of pranks - that takes only one or two seconds to supply enough pressurised waiting to cause serious interior damage.


Evolving workplace security regulations and also increased awareness the the risks and also costs linked with compressed waiting have created a rapidly broadening market for a new generation that low-pressure systems. This systems are designed to border exposure to pressurised waiting streams and also airborne particulates and operate at noise levels well within regulatory guidelines. The JetBlack safety and security cleaning station produces a low pressure, high-velocity blower-driven airstream - only 2.52 PSI (200 mBar), well below OSHA demands for north America. This method the units deserve to be for sure aimed at essentially any part of the human body (except eyes and also ears) or can even be used straight on the skin. That is still recommended to practice caution as soon as using any kind of machinery. JetBlack Safety additionally offers a full-body clean booth that can extract and also collect dust quickly and efficiently when managing hazardous airborne dust.

cleaning Booths

JetBlack security Cleaning Booths room self-contained, de-dusting remedies that conveniently remove, extract and collect dust and debris indigenous the clothes and also body.

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cleaning Stations

JetBlack safety Cleaning train station are available in Wall-Mounted and Portable versions, giving a cost-effective alternative to compressed air.

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"Compressed air is attention – in fact it have the right to kill. When we initially said a safer, dedicated dust blow-off booth because that cleaning clothing human being here believed we were mad! However, a few months ~ the booth was mounted everyone currently uses that on a continual basis and also it is accepted throughout the entire company."

Craig Bunn, Health and also Safety Manager for the RNLI
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