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A former NASA bed remainder study participant visits v a guest at The college of Texas medical Branch in ~ the Galveston facility's flight Analogs research Unit. NASA

Payout: $18,500

NASA will pay you to remain in bed.

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But there"s a catch: you need to remain there because that 60 days, 24 hrs a day. Bed-rest studies assist NASA researchers see several of the alters that an astronaut"s human body goes through as result of the weightlessness of space flight.

If you"re interested in applying, you deserve to learn more about the current joint European space Agency/NASA bed rest study here. The researchers space still looking for participants (especially women) to participate in their fall 2019 class, yet you should speak Germanfor this one.

Getting payment to lay down for a couple of months might sound choose easy money, but keep in mind the the selection committee is trying to find participants the possess the physical and also psychological characteristics of a genuine astronaut. You"ll have to keep her head tilted down six degrees at all times while girlfriend lay there, also when you"re washing, eating, and using the toilet.

As Roni Cromwell, a senior scientist who"s done bed rest studies because that NASA before told Forbes: "We want to make sure we pick people who space mentally prepared to invest in bed. Not everyone is comfortable v that. Not every kind of person deserve to tolerate an extended time in bed."


Bags the blood plasma being examined in a laboratory. AP pictures

Payout (per donation): approximately $50

Plasma is the biggest component in human blood. It"s a protein-rich liquid that includes mostly water but is additionally filled v enzymes, antibodies, and also salts. This gooey, difficult yellow-ish stuff have the right to be used to create therapies the treat civilization with blood coagulation disorders, autoimmune diseases, and even burn victims. Donating plasma is often dubbed "the gift the life," follow to, since treatments for some problems can"t it is in made synthetically, and also require this human contribution.

During plasma donation, blood is drawn and an automated device separates the plasma from various other blood components, which are went back to the donor. Plasma donation pay varies from site to site, yet the mean payout is commonly around$50 every donation. You can donate safely about once a month, follow to the American Red Cross, and a common session takes much less than 2 hours.To discover a licensed and also certified plasma center, click here.


To participate in this project, you need to live close to the open Biome rap in Cambridge. Jon Bilous/Shutterstock

Payout (per donation): $40

It might sound gross, yet donating what you"d normally flush down the toilet can administer a welcome boost for someone else"s microbiome.

Researchers in ~ the non-profit stool financial institution Open biology in Massachusetts collect and also freeze fecal samples to assist patients managing potentially deadly C. Difficile infections. Patients through "C. Diff," together it"s frequently called, experience from one inflamed colon, and also their condition is frequently resistant to antibiotics. But recently researchers have determined they can jump-start the noble guts the C. Diffsufferers using poop injections native super-healthy people.

There room a couple of caveats to be conscious of here, though: the project is because that Bostonians, due to the fact that you need to live close to the open Biome laboratory in Cambridge. Come participate, you need to be obtainable to fall off her (ahem) donations over there at least three times a week because that 60 days. And also you must be really healthy and also fit: the open Biome centers only accept about 4% that applicants, according to the Washington Post.


Pichi Chuang/Reuters

Payout (per donation): generally $8,000 to $14,000

Egg donation allows women whose ovaries execute not produce healthy egg to become pregnant using one more woman"s donated eggs.In the united States, The American society of Reproductive medicine used to suggest it was "not appropriate" for females to be paid more than $10,000 for your eggs, but in 2016, the ASRM scrapped that guideline as component of a federal anti-trust settlement.

At the NYU Langone Fertility center in new York City, the compensation every egg donation cycle this day is exactly $10,000, and also includes a totally free medical screening. Weill Cornell medication outlines the standard measures for egg donation, i m sorry requires about a four-week time commitment.

During the donation cycle, patients space injected with fertility drugs so the their ovaries make much more eggs. (Eligible women space generally between the ages of 21 and also 35.) The egg retrieval procedure takes around 20 minutes, yet may need several job of recovery.

Women need to be mindful of the risks affiliated in the egg donation procedure before signing up. Symptom can include health problems like long-term abnormal tissue expansion outside the uterus (endometriosis), moodiness, infection, kidney damage, and also in rarely cases, death. Donating eggs might even cause cancer, though researchers say it will take decades to identify for sure whether there"s a link.

And the course, due to the fact that children born indigenous donated eggs will share common DNA v their donor, women that donate should additionally be conscious that the kids they assist create may some day desire to with out and also make contact.


Payout (per donation): frequently $35-$125

Donating sperm, of course, is a much easier and less risky 보다 egg donation. Males are paid everywhere from $35 to $125 every donation, according to and also The Sperm bank of California.

Many programs require a six-month or one-year donation commitment. Manhattan Cryobank to speak it pays donors $1,500 a month for your sperm.

Generally, sperm financial institutions are a picky about donors. They’re searching for men who room healthy, reasonably tall (usually at the very least 5"7"), young (under 40), and also educated.

Sperm donors should bear in mind that also if they choose to donate anonymously, sperm donation is never really 100% incognito. Your DNA always knows who you are, and with the increase of more DNA experimentation services, your offspring might one day reach out.

Surrogate mother (L-R) Daksha, 37, Renuka, 23, and Rajia, 39, pose for a picture inside a temporary house for surrogates detailed by Akanksha IVF centre near the Indian city the Ahmedabad, august 27, 2013. REUTERS/Mansi Thapliyal

Payout: $24,000-$45,000

Women who carry a infant for another couple can make rather a huge chunk that cash for the nine-month incubation, recognized as a "gestational surrogacy."

But enlisting and paying because that a surrogate mom is no legal everywhere. State laws roughly surrogacy in the united state are complex and contradictory. In brand-new York and in Michigan, there"s a half on surrogacy contracts, and also you can serve jail time or salary hefty fines because that going through with one. Some lawmakers — like brand-new York governor Andrew Cuomo —are advertise to adjust those rules, though.

Washington state made that legal to salary someoneoutright to carry a infant in 2018, if California has allowed surrogacy due to the fact that 2013.

The NIH Clinical Center. NIH

Payout: different by regimen

The national Institute for wellness runs a search database,, for human being clinical studies approximately the world. Participants might be guinea pigs for brand-new medical products, prefer drugs come treat high blood pressure , or they take component in observational research, like a research that records the effects of different lifestyles on love health.

Subjects are usually paid to it is in a component of clinical trials, and also most that the time, the bigger the risk, the larger the reward.

If you carry out decide to enroll in a study, choose wisely and also carefully because not every one of the studies on the site are regulation or evaluate for safety and security by the us Food and also Drug Administration.

Psychologist Viviana Vega (L) interviews Rodrigo Rocco, a public connections specialist, at a centre referred to as Siestario in Buenos Aires, Argentina top top July 6, 2010. martin Acosta/Reuters

Payout: different by program

Paid psychological studies, such as those that examine human habits and brain function, may not generate as high the a return together clinical trials, however they are typically lower risk and also require a shorter time commitment.

Most research study universities store an virtual database of research studies so civilization can conveniently sign up. Because that example, here"s a list of the many recent paid study studies readily available by new York University. You deserve to make $10 to recognize some color or $130 to gain some "mild shocks to the wrist" and also dip your arm into an ice water bath.

A group of students job-related on a cadaver in the pistol anatomy lab at the medical school at Indiana university Northwest in Gary, Indiana onJuly 30, 2014. connected Press/Stacy Thacker

Payout: A totally free cremation

This last idea is kind of morbid, but if you"re worried around being a bother as soon as you"re dead, you deserve to donate her body to science. This helps through a variety of varieties of research and education.

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Places like BioGift and Science Carewill cover the prices of cremation, which can run upwards the $1,000.