If you want a sheep of energy with a nostalgic taste, mountain Dew Kickstart is the answer for that.

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But room you aware of what’s inside your power drink and also what you’re acquiring out that it? And, just how nutritious is mountain Dew Kickstart to you?

Short answer: A constant 16 fl.oz have the right to of mountain Dew Kickstart has 80 calories, 90mg of caffeine, 20g the sugar, and also 170mg the sodium.

Of course, there’s an ext that meets the eye come this drink, for this reason if girlfriend interested come know an ext about mountain Dew Kickstart and also how the nutritional values may affect you, stick around…

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Mountain Dew Kickstart Nutrition Facts

Mountain Dew Kickstart Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts of hill Dew Kickstart.

Comparing the nutrition facts of Red Bull with several of its the next competitors.

Typical Value (Standard Serving)Mountain Dew Kickstart (16 fl.oz)Reign (16fl.oz)Full throttle (16fl.oz)
Energy80 calories10 calories230 calories
Fat (Of i beg your pardon Saturated)0g (0g)0g (0g)0g (0g)
Carbohydrate (Of i m sorry sugars)21g (20g)3g (0g)57g (55g)
Vitamin B3 (niacin)21.6mg46mg
Vitamin B62.0mg4.08mg
Vitamin B126.25μg12μg
Comparison that nutrition truth of hill Dew Kickstart versus other brands.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Calorie Content

A solitary 16 fl.oz deserve to of hill Dew Kickstart contains 80 calories, i beg your pardon is rather a moderate amount because that an power drink for its size.

If you’re looking the end for a low-calorie power drink, mountain Dew Kickstart certainly doesn’t to the right the description.

But, compared to an 8.4 fl.oz have the right to of Red Bull with 110 calories, hill Dew Kickstart is certainly lower 보다 the average.

Given the the recommended everyday calorie entry is 2000 calories and 2500 calories because that women and also men respectively, a deserve to of hill Dew Kickstart sometimes won’t leaving a huge dent in your overall diet.

Regardless, while the doesn’t have actually high-calorie content, it’ll heap up pretty quickly over a long period of time if girlfriend don’t control your intake.

Plus, though mountain Dew Kickstart offers you some calories to burn off, it’s not a replacement for a meal, so grab something more substantial to to fill yourself up instead if you’re feeling hungry.

In any case, be sure to control your usage of hill Dew Kickstart and always have a meal instead of substituting it v an energy drink instead.

Ingredients In hill Dew Kickstart

Ingredients in a 16fl.oz have the right to of hill Dew Kickstart.

Here’s a rapid list the the ingredient in a 16fl.oz can of hill Dew Kickstart, v the much more interesting ones questioned in the sections below:

Carbonated WaterHigh furustos corn syrupWhite grape juice concentrateCitric acidSodium polyphosphates (preservative)Natural flavorPotassium sorbate (preservative)Potassium citratePotassium chlorideGum ArabicSucralose (artificial sweetener)Red 40 (coloring)Calcium disodium EDTASucrose acetate isobutyrateSaltBlue 1 (coloring)

How much Caffeine Is In mountain Dew Kickstart?

Every 16 fl.oz deserve to of hill Dew Kickstart has 90mg of caffeine, which is a fairly modest amount.

Caffeine deserve to go a long method as it has plenty of benefits, native making you much more alert to improving your cognition, and also enhancing your physical performance.

Considering that energy drinks deserve to have as much as 300mg the caffeine per serving, hill Dew Kickstart is nice moderate in caffeine contents in a sense. In fact, it has actually the same amount of caffeine as a deserve to of Monster.

That said, relying on your caffeine metabolism, the caffeine existing in hill Dew Kickstart can or might not be sufficient to supply you v an adequate energy boost, and you may have to have 2 cans prior to you can feel that effects.

Personally, ns wouldn’t recommend having more than one can, as you’ll it is in overloading you yourself with way too lot sugar in ~ the very same time.

As such, girlfriend should also take keep in mind that caffeine can’t be spend in haphazard amounts. The FDA advises the healthy adults deserve to have approximately 400mg the caffeine in a day. something else than that, and you may wind up v unfavorable side-effects together as:

Restlessness and shakinessDizzinessHeadachesRapid heart rhythmDehydrationAnxiety

Hence, you should moderate her caffeine intake to a tolerable an individual limit every day, and shot not to have actually too countless caffeinated beverages in a day either.

For an ext information on just how caffeine can impact us, examine out this video:

How lot Sugar Does mountain Dew Kickstart Have?

There is 20g of street in every 16 fl.oz can of hill Dew Kickstart, which is a moderate lot of sugar because that an energy drink that its size.

Although it’s not specifically a zero-calorie or sugar-free power drink, mountain Dew Kickstart doesn’t have the biggest amount of sugar unlike other brands favor Monster and also Full Throttle.

For guidance, the AHA recommends a daily sugar intake that 25g and also 36g for women and men respectively.

As such, having actually a can of hill Dew Kickstart shouldn’t be also harmful to her health provided you consume in moderation.

While having actually some street every now and then is okay, having actually too much, in the lengthy run, deserve to lead come severe wellness problems, specifically diabetes.

Some of the health problems you can develop from having actually a diet high in street are:

Cardiovascular diseasesWeight gainHigh blood pressureTooth decayAging skin

Moreover, you’ll be more prone to a street crash, i m sorry isn’t a scenario you’d desire if you plan on functioning on your work longer.

Like whatever we put in our stomachs, it’s always best to save your consumption of mountain Dew Kickstart to a center level and take care not to have too plenty of sugary drinks follow me the means too.

If you prefer to perform away through sugar entirely, inspect out the write-up I’ve written on the finest energy drinks with much less sugar because that some an excellent recommendations.

Does hill Dew Kickstart Have fabricated Sweeteners?

A 16fl.oz deserve to of hill Dew Kickstart has two man-made sweeteners actually, specific sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

As this sweeteners are calorie-free and also carb-free, you have the right to rest assured the your daily calorie intake won’t’ be impacted if you occur to be complying with a diet.

Plus, having an artificially-sweetened beverage will certainly sate her sweet tooth, without every the extra calorie that commonly come with it.

In mountain Dew Kickstart’s case, fabricated sweeteners are provided to supplement the sugar currently present in the drink, so you can definitely expect the endure of drinking one to be sweeter than average.

There’s additionally no need for you come worry around the safety and security of this sweeteners, as they’re authorized by the FDA because that consumption and also use.

Still, it’s always much better to exercise moderation with synthetic sweeteners, together we don’t understand a entirety lot around them and also their potential side impacts yet.

Is mountain Dew Kickstart poor For You?

Provided you’re a healthy and balanced individual and consume hill Dew Kickstart in moderation, having actually a have the right to of this power drink shouldn’t be damaging to your health.

To be honest, with its fairly low caffeine and sugar content, mountain Dew Kickstart surely isn’t the unhealthiest energy drink you can have, though it’s no advisable to have it too often.

The best way to keep yourself safe from the side effects of this energy drink is by moderating your day-to-day caffeine and also sugar intake, together with only having actually Mountain Dew Kickstart once you really require it.

Whatever the case, as long as you have a well balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, the most you’ll acquire from hill Dew Kickstart is its sweet taste and energy boost.

Is mountain Dew Kickstart Worse than Coffee?

Like mountain Dew Kickstart, coffee is likewise a caffeinated beverage and can often have much more sugar 보다 necessary. Thus, i wouldn’t to speak that mountain Dew Kickstart is any kind of worse 보다 a cup the coffee.

It have the right to be an overwhelming to completely come through a catch-all answer come a question choose this.

After all, there’s a variety of factors that get in deciding even if it is a cup of coffee is much better or worse than power drinks such together caffeine content, additional sweeteners, and form of coffee.

In general, coffee is do from coffee beans, includes antioxidants, and also is nearly calorie-free (unless you include in sugar or cream, which definitely increases its calorie count).

Mountain Dew Kickstart, on the various other hand, has actually natural ingredients choose high fructose corn syrup and fruit concentrate, something that coffee doesn’t have.

Fundamentally though, both coffee and Mountain Dew Kickstart influence you in comparable ways, therefore it’s never ever a good idea to have actually too much of one of two people of this beverages.

All things considered, the doesn’t really issue which is better; it every boils under to an individual preference and also having an enjoyable experience while you gain your daily boost.

How numerous Cans Of mountain Dew Kickstart have the right to I have actually In A Day?

You have the right to have one can of mountain Dew Kickstart in a day.

Though having actually two cans of mountain Dew Kickstart won’t placed you over the everyday caffeine limit, but it would average consuming 40g of sugar in one day, i m sorry isn’t healthy and balanced at all.

At this point, I’ll be much more worried about the oncoming sugar crash.

Hence, it’s method safer come stick to one offer of hill Dew Kickstart per day to keep your health and wellbeing.

If you’re tho in require of a an increase after finishing one can, you have the right to go for other caffeinated beverages prefer coffee and also herbal teas.

Mountain Dew Kickstart energy Drink next Effects

While mountain Dew Kickstart has a pretty standard level that caffeine, it consists of a huge quantity of street that could lead to severe health problems if you don’t moderate her consumption.

To rest it under for you, I’ve make a rapid table below that compare the caffeine and sugar contents of hill Dew Kickstart versus their daily limits:

Mountain Dew Kickstart (16fl.oz)Daily Limit
Sugar20g25g (women) / 36g (men)
Comparison between the caffeine and sugar contents in a can of Mountai Dew Kickstart.

Despite the reality that mountain Dew Kickstart’s sugar contents is listed below the day-to-day limit, it’s tho a nice unhealthy lot to have in one serving.

Plus, this drink also contains fabricated sweeteners, which means that it’s super sweet.

Personally, i wouldn’t want something therefore sugary come be had in my diet.

Moreover, the excessive consumption of sugar can lead to health troubles like:

ObesityDiabetesAn enhanced risk of love diseaseAn enhanced risk of kidney damageDepressionHigh blood pressureInflammation

While it’s completely fine come drink a have the right to of mountain Dew Kickstart for the power boost, make sure you’re not depending on it too much due to the fact that it can eventually lead to an addiction, which boosts your chances of occurring the health worries stated above.

If you desire to reduced down on street while still getting your day-to-day boost, you can check out my short article on All-Natural power Drinks for part healthier options.

Alternatives To hill Dew Kickstart

While mountain Dew Kickstart can be a great pick-me-up, here’s a perform of other amazing alternatives that may tickle your fancy:

You could additionally give powdered energy drinks ago, because they’re flexible according to your preferences and also needs:

REIZE (my number one choice)

REIZE (10 the end Of 10)

A refreshing glass that REIZE can make a difference in your day.

Looking because that an power drink the isn’t as well sweet? Why not give REIZE a shot?

REIZE is a powdered energy drink the comes in light 4g sachets, make it very convenient for you to lug it around wherever friend go.

With a sensible 50mg of caffeine, REIZE is additionally sugar-free and has just 11 calories every serve. Together REIZE has actually a little content, that won’t leave lot of an impact on your all at once diet.

Besides, REIZE is packed v beneficial ingredients like B-group vitamins, taurine, and also ginseng that combine together to administer you through a smooth energy rise – no crashes involved.

The ideal part? REIZE ships appropriate to her doorstep because that only about $1 every drink, which is outstanding value for money.

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Give REIZE a try, and also you can agree the it’s a smarter selection than mountain Dew Kickstart.