Iced Coffee is a popular caffeinated beverage choice, especially throughout the hot summer months.

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Among popular brands, iced coffee have the right to vary commonly caffeine wise!

This can produce a many confusion because that consumers and also possibly cause withdrawal problems if castle by opportunity switch from their usual brand.

Let’s take a look in ~ how well-known coffee shops’ iced coffee caffeine clocks in and also then us can establish the most caffeinated iced coffees amongst these brands.


Starbucks has actually a many iced coffee offerings, but their iced brewed coffee has the complying with caffeine amounts:

Tall (12 fl oz): 120mgGrande (16 fl oz): 165mgVenti (24 fl oz): 235mgTrenta (31 fl oz): 285mg

Their highest caffeinated cold beverage is the Trenta Starbucks cold brew at 360mg.


Not the well known Coolatta, but just the caffeine in Dunkin’s brewed iced coffee.

Small (16 fl oz): 198mgMedium (24 fl oz): 297mgLarge (32 fl oz): 396mg

Their large iced latte is less caffeinated at 151mg.

This up and also coming coffee chain is to win the hearts of coffee lovers. Your iced coffee supplies Peet’s fresh brewed coffee poured over 3/4 cup of ice.

Small (12 fl oz): 113mgMedium (16 fl oz): 150mgLarge (20 fl oz): 187mg

According to Peet’s customer service, this is a unstable estimate since a many of factors are involved in determining the caffeine level of their iced coffee.

McDonalds Iced coffee is nice popular, which is helped by that is affordable price. Here’s how its caffeine measures up.

Small (16 fl oz): 133mgMedium (22 fl oz): 200mgLarge (32 fl oz): 320mg

McDonald’s enhanced the caffeine contents of your iced coffee to far better compete with Dunkin and Starbucks.

Caribou is now offering cold-pressed iced coffee. Right here are the caffeine levels.

Small (16 fl oz): 190mgMedium (20 fl oz): 230mgLarge (24 fl oz): 270mg

Their many caffeinated iced beverage is the Large Iced Americano at 450mg!

This Starbucks subsidiary is for those that favor milder caffeine levels. Seattle’s finest Iced Coffee caffeine is together follows:

Small (12 fl oz): 35mgMedium (16 fl oz): 45mgLarge (24 fl oz): 55mgExtra large (31 fl oz): 85mg

Seattle’s finest Iced Coffee is for specific one the the lowest caffeinated people available.

Tim Hortons write-ups different amounts in Canada for their iced coffee yet this is how it stacks increase in your USA stores.

Small (10 fl oz): 130mgMedium (14 fl oz): 170mgLarge (20 fl oz): 285mg

In Canada, their big is just 160mg of caffeine.

Their customer service stressed the these room average quantities customers would mean to discover in your iced coffee based on industry standards.

Small (12 fl oz): 150mgRegular (16 fl oz): 200mgLarge (24 fl oz): 300mg

The most Caffeinated Iced Coffee

Here’s exactly how the over brands rank according to caffeine from greatest to the very least by the caffeine lot in a 16 fl oz cup of iced brewed coffee.

Dunkin Donuts – 297mgThe Coffee p & Tea leaf – 200mgCaribou – 190mgTim Hortons – 170 mgStarbucks – 165mgPeet’s Coffee – 150mgMcDonald’s – 133mgSeattle’s best – 45mgFactors affecting the Caffeine of Iced Coffee

All the the above numbers are an calculation of the average amount one would mean to find. Components that determine the caffeine contents of iced coffee include:

Brew strengthBrew lengthAmount of iceAddition that milk and/or various other additivesQuality the coffee used

However, consumers need to be conscious that some iced coffees have actually an alarming amount of caffeine. Some civilization are under the illusion the they carry out not. Here’s part of a current comment left on Caffeine Informer.

I wasn’t even that hefty of a caffeine drinker – 2 sodas + an iced coffee every day

Depending on the brand and size, this person could have to be consuming 300-500mg each day, which at the high end, is fine over the safe daily limit.

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Sources: Amounts provided in our database, released on the brand’s website, and/or call calls come the brand’s customer service.