mountain Dew Kickstart is marketed as a healthier method to start your day 보다 a classic energy drink, soda, coffee, or tea.

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Note: In Canada, absent Start has just 83 mg of caffeine per 473 ml can.

Introduced in 2014, PepsiCo claims that Kickstart isn't an energy drink, yet an enhanced soft drink. They think that hill Dew fans will revolve to this product together a healthier breakfast beverage alternative than constant Mountain Dew.

Because the the success the Kickstart, lock recently presented two brand-new varieties that space designed come be an ext appealing because that nighttime consumption.

Kickstart Flavors

The drink is obtainable in plenty of flavors and also caffeine my vary slightly through flavor and also can size.

Original Dew 90 mgUltra (sugar-free) 90 mgOrange Citrus 92 mgFruit beat 92 mgBlueberry Pomegranate 91 mgBlack Cherry 92 mgMidnight Grape 90 mgMango Lime90 mgBlood Orange68 mg (12 fl oz)Raspberry Citrus 90 mg
Pineapple Orange Mango90 mgWatermelon: 68 mg (12 fl oz)

Ingredients in mountain Dew Kickstart

Kickstart is 5% fruit juice with synthetic sweeteners used to alleviate the quantity of street in the beverage. Besides the 92 mg that caffeine per 16 oz can, mountain Dew Kickstart has a dose of Vitamin C and B vitamins as well.

The Hydrating an increase flavors contain 10% juice and coconut water, but come in 12 floz cans. They have actually just 60 calorie per deserve to by making use of sweeteners Ace-k and also Sucralose.

Other brands have actually attempted juice hybrid morning drinks in the past, but failed. It will certainly be exciting to watch if mountain Dew Kickstart will have the ability to win sufficient fans to store this soft drink in production.

Where to Buy


Mountain Dew Kickstart, Pineapple Orange Mango, 16 Fl Oz (12 Count) Price $15.50 ($0.08 / Fl Oz)(as of 20:08 EST an ext InfoProduct prices and access are accurate as of the date/time indicated and also are subject to change. Any kind of price and access information shown on at the moment of purchase will apply to the acquisition of this product.)


Mountain Dew Kickstart range - Fruit Punch, black color Cherry, Orange Citrus, Pineapple Orange Mango 16 Fl Oz (Pack the 16) Price $40.45 ($0.16 / FL Oz)(as that 20:08 EST much more InfoProduct prices and availability are precise as that the date/time indicated and also are topic to change. Any type of price and ease of access information presented on at the time of acquisition will use to the acquisition of this product.)


12 pack - mountain Dew Kickstart - black Cherry - 16oz. Price $19.43 ($0.10 / Fl Oz)(as the 20:08 EST more InfoProduct price and availability are specific as the the date/time indicated and are topic to change. Any kind of price and accessibility information presented on at the moment of acquisition will use to the purchase of this product.)

Ingredients in mountain Dew Kickstart(original Dew) Carbonated Water, High fructose Corn Syrup, White Grape Juice Concentrate, concentrated Orange Juice, Citric Acid, salt Polyphosphates (to safeguard Flavor), natural Flavor, Potassium Sorbate (preserves Freshness), Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Caffeine, Gum Arabic, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Niacinamide, Calcium Disodium Edta (to safeguard Flavor), Glycerol Ester of Rosin, Calcium Pantothenate, Yellow 5, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (vitamin B6)

Includes 20 grams of street (per 16 ounces) because that a complete of 80 calories.

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Compare street levels of various other drinks

Compared to various other Items

Mountain Dew Kickstart includes 5.62 mg that caffeine per fl oz (19.02 mg every 100 ml). A 16 fl oz can has actually a total of 90 mg the caffeine.

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