If you’re a pan of the standard Mountain Dew soda, you’ll definitely enjoy its power drink version that tho maintains the good taste that the initial soda.Mountain Dew Kickstart walk its task pretty well for an power drink that’ll assist you remain awake, alert, and also power v your day-to-day activities. But, what precisely goes inside a can of this popular power drink?Short answer: A 16 fl.oz can of mountain Dew Kickstart has 90mg that caffeine, 20g that sugar and also 80 calories.

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For a more in-depth analysis of its caffeine and ingredients, let me take you on a deep dive right into the write-up below.
Mountain Dew Kickstart Nutritional FactsHow numerous Calories room There In A mountain Dew Kickstart?Monster Dew Kickstart IngredientsHow lot Caffeine Is over there In mountain Dew Kickstart?How lot Sugar Is In A mountain Dew Kickstart?Other IngredientsHigh fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)SucraloseCitric AcidPotassium ChlorideWhat are The Health risks Of mountain Dew Kickstart?Does mountain Dew Kickstart have Taurine?Is mountain Dew Kickstart bad for You?Final ThoughtsOther Articles

Mountain Dew Kickstart Nutritional Facts

To obtain started, below are the nutritional worths of a 16 fl.oz can of hill Dew Kickstart:Typical Values(Standard Serving)Mountain Dew Kickstart(16 fl.oz)Energy80 caloriesProtein0gFat(Of i m sorry Saturated)0g(0g)Carbohydrates(Of i m sorry Sugars)0g(0g)Caffeine90mgSodium170mg
The nutrition facts of hill Dew Kickstart

Mountain Dew Kickstart Nutrition Facts

How plenty of Calories are There In A mountain Dew Kickstart?

A typical 16 fl.oz can of mountain Dew Kickstart contains 80 calories, i beg your pardon is a pretty mean amount because that an power drink that size.For comparison, a 16 fl.oz have the right to of Monster energy has 210 calories, vice versa, an 8.4 fl.oz deserve to of Red Bull has 110 calories, which i think is one insanely high lot considering its tiny size.Considering that healthy adults room recommended to save a daily calorie border of approximately 2000 to 2400 calories for women and 2400 to 3000 calories because that men, the 80 calories in hill Dew Kickstart seems way healthier. It absolutely won’t leave such a huge dent in your daily calorific intake.That said, if you’re searching for an energy drink that’ll provide you through the appropriate amount of calories to burn off during exercise, this drink renders a great option for that.But if you have a much more sedentary lifestyle, this power drink might not be perfect for you. It’s essential to keep in mind that to reduce calories no necessarily equate to weight loss, follow to research.There are what girlfriend call great and bad calories. While mountain Dew Kickstart is low in calories, it’s no considered great calories because it doesn’t include natural ingredients.Thus, I highly suggest you save your usage to a minimum and choose an power drink that will complement your lifestyle.
Drinking power drinks there is no a balanced lifestyle may reason weight gain

Monster Dew Kickstart Ingredients

These space all the ingredients you can find in a 16 fl.oz can of mountain Dew Kickstart:Carbonated WaterHigh furustos corn syrupWhite grape juice concentrateCitric acidSodium polyphosphates (Preservative)Natural flavorPotassium sorbate (Preservative)Caffeine (90mg)Potassium citratePotassium chlorideGum ArabicAcesulfame potassium (Artificial Sweetener)Sucralose (Artificial Sweetener)Red 40 (Coloring)Calcium disodium EDTASucrose acetate isobutyrateSaltBlue 1 (Coloring)
Mountain Dew Kickstart Ingredients

How lot Caffeine Is over there In mountain Dew Kickstart?

Mountain Dew Kickstart consists of 90mg the caffeine, i beg your pardon is an median amount because that an energy drink its size.Caffeine is a an excellent ingredient to assist us stay energetic and awake throughout the day. World drink caffeine to gain in a far better mood, suppress their appetite, and stay alert throughout the day.No wonder the the main ingredient in all power drinks!For reference, the 90mg of caffeine in hill Dew Kickstart falls method below the daily encourage caffeine limit of no an ext than 400mg that caffeine for healthy and balanced adults. But if you a constant caffeine drinker, this amount can not perform the trick for you.While you may be tempted the going because that multiple deserve to of mountain Dew Kickstart to obtain the power boost, i wouldn’t walk overboard since too lot caffeine deserve to bring about health risks such as:AnxietyJittersInability come focusGastrointestinal discomfortInsomniaIrritability Heart palpitationsMoreover, caffeine includes addictive properties the may an outcome in tap the money syndrome. Research shows that caffeine produce dose-dependent symptoms and intoxication the may construct with overconsumption.I personal consume in between 50mg – 100mg the caffeine every drink, so Kickstart has a an excellent amount of caffeine because that my preference. Too much caffeine may cause me to feeling jittery, for this reason 90 mg is sufficient for me. Although hill Dew Kickstart has actually only 90mg of caffeine, i m sorry is less than stronger energy drinks brands, please drink in moderation if you setup to include it in your constant diet.

How lot Sugar Is In A hill Dew Kickstart?

Mountain Dew Kickstart contains 20g of sugar, making that healthier than Monster and Red Bull, with 54g and also 27g that sugar, respectively.According come the AHA, the daily sugar intake shouldn’t exceed 25g of sugar for women and also 36g the sugar for men.While hill Dew Kickstart has actually less 보다 the recommended everyday limit, you must still be cautious as it’s simply as easy to end up overconsuming it.It’s a provided that sugar’s a good ingredient the adds sweetness and also flavour come our favourite food and also drinks. However, if you’re no mindful of your intake, it deserve to lead come side results such as:AcneCavitiesWeight gainHeart diseaseDiabetesIncreased risk of depressionIncreased risk of kidney diseaseHence, it’s best to keep in mind the the daily limit encourage by health experts is the total quantity of sugar you deserve to consume a day.Aside from hill Dew Kickstart, you also need to think about the sugar you consume from constant foods and drinks transparent the day. My advice is come stick to just one can of hill Dew Kickstart a day and also have no more than 3 can be ~ in a week for the services of your health.

Other Ingredients

High furustos Corn Syrup (HFCS)

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is an added sugar based upon corn syrup, and most that the food we consume, favor processed foods, juices and sodas, has high level of HFCS.Based top top the ingredients list, mountain Dew Kickstart doesn’t contain any fruits thus why yes sir HCFS in this power drink.
Candies to satisfy your sweet toothThough the been added to regular foods for numerous years now, research reflects that too lot HFCS leader to several health and wellness risks such together heart disease, diabetes, and also even fatty liver disease.Actually, numerous athletes and those who room health-conscious are already careful about HFCS consumption. Many of them prefer all-natural!All in all, if you store your consumption to a center amount and don’t go overboard, I’m sure you’ll it is in fine.


In a nutshell, sucralose is an synthetic sweetener that has zero calories and also it’s additionally found in mountain Dew Kickstart.Sucralose goes through considerable chemical process that provides it 600 times sweeter than continuous sugar without leaving friend the guilt of spend sweet stuff because of its calorie-free nature.Because sweeteners are verified as safe to usage by the FDA, they’re popular for being a street substitute. That explains why they’re typically marketed as healthy alternatives.Scientists, however, have yet to research if castle indeed advantageous for load loss. That said, i wouldn’t be also keen on sucralose due to the fact that experts insurance claim that it could reason dental troubles eventually.But of course, as lengthy as you know just how to regulate yourself through sweeteners and also not encompass them in every single meal, yes sir nothing much to worry about here.

Citric Acid

You can find citric acid in organic fruits prefer lemon, lime, oranges, and tangerines. That explains why human being use it together a flavouring and preserving agent the adds the tangy, tart, and also sour flavour to food, consisting of the mountain Dew Kickstart.That said, many experts imply that herbal citric acid ingredients are good for the kidneys.There’s additionally the manufactured form of citric acid which offer the same function as the herbal ones yet it’s acquired from cane sugar, corn, or wheat. Manufactured forms of citric acid are generally found in handle food, cleaning agents, and nutritional supplements. 

Potassium Chloride

Potassium chloride is a flavour enhancer and also stabilizing agent. Plus, it’s likewise believed to prevent and treat short blood levels.Besides baby formulas, cereals, and also frozen goods, it’s also found in energy drinks like hill Dew Kickstart to preserve their taste and also flavour.However, large amounts the potassium deserve to lead to serious health risks like: NauseaVomiting DiarrhoeaGas, stomach painHence, to prevent these uncomfortable next effects, constantly consume the in healthy and balanced doses.

What space The Health dangers Of mountain Dew Kickstart?

The health dangers of mountain Dew Kickstart are brought around by the an unfavorable side impacts of excessively spend caffeine and also sugar. Although caffeine seems to be great for her wellbeing as it puts friend in a much better mood, that can likewise cause friend to feeling negative effects like anxiety and also dehydration, specifically if you have actually a low caffeine metabolism.Plus, friend wouldn’t want to be caffeine-dependent and, later on, experience the side results that go v it. Caffeine withdrawal is daunting as it leader to depression, and also migraines, which will make girlfriend unproductive instead.Similar to caffeine, sugar is also a double end sword. What can reason you to feeling happy deserve to later take it a toll on your health! no to mention, it also contains addictive properties.As you probably currently know, diabetes is just one of the world’s leading disease, and also you’ll have actually a greater risk of being a victim if you consume high quantities of sugary foods and drinks regularly.

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Unfortunately, this uses to energy drinks like hill Dew Kickstart, therefore I highly suggest you store your intake come a minimum.

Does hill Dew Kickstart have Taurine?

Mountain Dew Kickstart doesn’t contain taurine. But first, those taurine?Taurine is an amino acid that attributes as crucial part the the body metabolic processes. Girlfriend can uncover it in meat, fish, dairy products products, person milk and also can likewise act as a complement for athletes. It’s no surprised that plenty of energy drinks contain this ingredient, some even have 2,000mg worth of taurine.However, a study found the overconsumption of taurine combined with caffeine poses can reason cardiac arrest. Fortunately, mountain Dew Kickstart doesn’t contain taurine!If you interested to uncover out more about taurine and also how that affects the body’s power levels, check out the video below: