Boyloso/shutterstockSome of united state run ~ above sleep; some of us run on coffee. While ending up being a coffee addict can not be the healthiest way to endure the day, a caffeine absent is periodically the only way to stay energized as soon as there’s no time come nap. You might not be gaining what you want from her Starbucks protect against though.

Oaudioeditorfree.comering a Venti (or “large” as various other cafes would certainly say; discover out why Starbucks has different size names) latte sounds like a natural selection to fill in the most espressos right into one comfortable drink. But that enormous drink in your hand is a bit misleading.

A Tall hot latte is made v one shoot of espresso, and a Grande comes v two shots. The reasonable conclusion would certainly be that a Venti will contain three shots, but that’s no the case. A former Starbucks employee reveals to organization Insider that a hot Venti latte has just 2 shots the espresso—no an ext than a Grande. Nutrition truth from Starbucks confirm a Grande has actually 150 milligrams that caffeine…and for this reason does a Venti. (Don’t miss out on this malfunction of caffeine contents in her favorite coffee brands.)

So when you pay extra for the larger size, friend aren’t obtaining a enlarge buzz—you’re just getting much more milk and also flavored syrup. (Learn the various other coffee drink Starbucks employee say you must never oaudioeditorfree.comer.)

Of course, you could constantly shell out for an extra espresso shot (annoyingly, a Grande through an extra shot costs $4.45 rather of the $4.15 because that a Venti), yet the ex-barista has another insider tip. “If you’re many concerned about a crucial java buzz…oaudioeditorfree.comer her Venti iced,” she writes. Also though a warm Venti only has two shots, the iced drink version is immediately boosted v that coveted 3audioeditorfree.com shot. Much more caffeine, less money—we can roll v that.

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(But due to the fact that we worry about your health, review these 7 indications you drink too much coffee.)

If you’re more concerned with health than caffeine, find out i beg your paaudioeditorfree.comon Starbucks drink is the healthiest.