Mountain Dew is most likely one that the much more popular sodas because that its high level of caffeine. Yet how lot caffeine is exactly in it? Let’s take it a deeper look at at how much caffeine you might be consuming.

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So just how much caffeine is in a deserve to or party of hill Dew? In a 12 ounce can, you gain 55 milligrams of caffeine. In a 16 oz can, you obtain 17 milligrams more.

So either way, you acquire a decent amount that caffeine. But compared to an 8-ounce cup the coffee, that might show up to be a usually amount.

Now, let’s take it a look in ~ the bottles:

Ounces / L Caffeine (mg)
20 ounces 90
1 L 150
1.5 L 255
2 L 270

Of course, a 20-ounce bottle of hill Dew will provide you the exact same amount of caffeine compared to an 8-ounce cup of coffee.

Each that them has 90 milligrams of caffeine.

Taking a look in ~ the 1-liter bottle will certainly contain roughly 150 milligrams. Interestingly enough, if you increase the size it by a half-liter and also you acquire a 100-milligram boost of caffeine.

Lastly, a 2-liter bottle has actually three time the quantity of caffeine contrasted to a 20-ounce serving.

If you space drinking a 32-ounce large fountain soda of mountain Dew, you’ll be soaking up roughly the very same amount that caffeine compared to a 1-liter bottle because it’s contempt the exact same size.

Fountain sodas will also come in various sizes. Because that example, an extra-large 64 ounce will top out at around 288 milligrams.

That’s about 18 milligrams much more compared come a 2-liter bottle, even though castle are approximately the exact same size.

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How lot Caffeine in Pepsi?

Mountain Dew is part of the PepsiCo.

Family. Now, we’ll rotate our attention to the flagship beverage the the company.

So exactly how much caffeine is in a regular Pepsi?

Let’s acquire started by taking a look at at just how much 12 and 16 ounce cans contain in addition to the assorted size that bottles.

Ounces Caffeine (mg)
12 37.5
16 50

One can of Pepsi contains 37.5 milligrams that caffeine. That 16-ounce equivalent will have actually 13 milligrams more of caffeine, topping the to roughly 50 milligrams. Now, let’s take it a look in ~ what friend can acquire in bottles.

Ounces/Liter Caffeine (mg)
20 63.3
1 L 104
1.5 L 160
2 L 212

As friend notice, the caffeine stamin in Pepsi is significantly lower compared to mountain Dew.

So if you are in search of an different that will provide you slightly less caffeine, climate there’s a good chance the Pepsi might be the much better choice when comparing the two.

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How much Caffeine Is In Pepsi Zero?

Pepsi Zero is one of the sugar-free options to consistent Pepsi.

This need to not be puzzled with Diet Pepsi.

Is over there a difference between regular Pepsi and Pepsi Zero when it involves caffeine?

The answer actually could surprise you, so review on.

Ounces Caffeine (mg)
12 69
16 92

Believe it or not, Pepsi Zero has much more caffeine compared to its regular counterpart. If a 12 ounce deserve to of Pepsi has 38 milligrams of caffeine, a Pepsi Zero that the exact same size will nearly have dual the caffeine in ~ 69 milligrams.

A 16 ounce have the right to of Pepsi Zero comes in in ~ 92 milligrams that caffeine. It have to be detailed that it has actually slightly more caffeine than a 20-ounce bottle of hill Dew.

Surprised? You most likely are. But those are simply the cans.

How much caffeine is there in 20-ounce and also 2-liter bottles?

Let’s take it a closer look:

Ounces/Liter Caffeine (mg)
20 oz 115
2 L 385

There are two different-sized bottles the Pepsi Zero come in. A 20-ounce bottle will contain 115 milligrams the caffeine.

In a 2 liter bottle, you get well end triple the amount.

How crazy is it the Pepsi Zero in a 2-liter bottle has actually 100 milligrams an ext than hill Dew?

Sounds pretty crazy considering a lot of of world assume that hill Dew is jam-packed v caffeine.

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Is 92 mg the Caffeine A Lot?

Believe that or not, 92 milligrams that caffeine doesn’t seem like a lot.

In fact, it’s specifically what you’ll obtain in one 8-ounce cup the coffee or a 16 ounce deserve to of Pepsi Zero.

According to the mayo Clinic, adults have the right to contain 400mg the caffeine top top a everyday basis. That is thought about a safe amount.

However, a for sure amount that caffeine that adolescents can for sure consume is approximately 100mg.

So in ~ 92mg, it can be just sufficient per day because that someone who is in between the eras of 13 come 17. Relying on the period of the person, the safe amount the caffeine can vary. However, if you are sensitive come caffeine, then you may want to take into consideration consuming low quantities or none at all.

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How much Caffeine Is too Much?

As mentioned, a healthy and balanced adult can be able to consume 400mg of caffeine on a everyday basis.

For people that space aged 13 come 17, 100mg of caffeine is thought about enough. However what if you consume too lot caffeine.

There room some side effects that you may experience together a authorize of going end the daily limit.

Here’s what you might experience for side effects: anxiety, insomnia, muscle breakdown, digestion issues, fatigue, high blood pressure, fast heart rate, and frequent urination.

It’s essential to keep a nearby eye on how much caffeine you need to consume on a consistent basis.

For example, if you space a healthy and balanced adult friend can be able to consume lot of 12-ounce cans of soda in order come reach that amount. That depends on the kind of soda the you’ll it is in drinking, the dimension of the container, and also the lot of caffeine the contains.

For example, to gain near the daily limit one adult could drink six 12 ounces of Pepsi Zero.

For one adolescent, one can will likely be enough because it will reach their everyday limit.

You may additionally go v some symptoms of caffeine withdrawal through a headache being one of the more common symptoms.

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Final think On Caffeine in hill Dew Sodas


While mountain Dew had actually long preserved a call of gift a very highly caffeinated beverage, Pepsi Zero seems to topple it in regards to the levels and also strength of caffeine.

Compared to that with continuous Pepsi the has much less caffeine compared to both that sugar-free counterpart and also Mountain Dew.

If you room a regular soda drinker, it’s essential to save track of just how much caffeine you could be consuming.

Remember, if you are experiencing any type of kind of side effects you’ll know that you have consumed much more than sufficient of the “safe” amount.

You’d actually surprised by how much caffeine a can or bottle of soda deserve to contain contrasted to a tiny cup of coffee.

Now the you know just how much caffeine is in each of these sodas, you could be considering brand-new options that what you could drink from below on out.

AND if you execute want to pick up some much more mountain dew then you can gain a situation here top top Amazon.

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