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Branded and also Outlet Coffee

Complete charts that caffeine quantities in every drink from well-known coffee outlets.

Caffeinated Food and Candy

Caffeine have the right to be uncovered in many foods, supplements, and also medication.

Caffeine in Tea

Tea has caffeine, but at much lower levels than coffee.

Store-brand Soda

There are plenty of white-label or in-store labels of soft drinks that contain caffeine.

Is this per Serving or per Bottle/Can?

The caffeine amounts listed are always for the entire container – no for a said serving unless it is a multi-serve container choose a gallon-sized jug the iced tea or a 2 liter size jug that iced coffee.

Data Sources

Compiled by hand utilizing the nutrition label, straight contacting the manufacturer, or from laboratory tests. See much more sources here.

Drinks have the right to come and go on the market, because that archive objectives see the list of discontinued drink.

For countless store or boutique brands data is scarce. Some manufacturers don’t test their commodities as the isn’t required by law. This is particularly true of normally caffeinated products like coffee or tea.

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