Here's everything you have to know around the iphone phone 7 battery life and how the fares versus the competition.

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Apple’s aging iphone phone 7 and also iPhone 7 add to never had the largest batteries, also when brand new. Yet — together Apple has presented time and also time again — dimension doesn’t always matter. The firm spent year using smaller sized batteries than its Android rivals yet never shed much battery life. How did the iphone phone 7 battery perform? Let’s find out.

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We spent a couple of weeks putting Apple’s 2016 flagship v both regular usage and specialized testing. While the results might not it is in perfect for every phone, castle should give you an idea that what to expect.

iPhone 7 and also 7 to add battery trial and error results


Despite Apple’s love for small batteries, the Cupertino agency finally proved some expansion with the iphone phone 7 and 7 Plus. It increased the iphone phone 7’s battery by 19% over the previous iphone 6S, landing ~ above a 1,960mAh unit. The iphone phone 7 to add battery prospered as well, jumping by 5% over the iphone 6S Plus come 2,900mAh.

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We’ll be comparing the two versus the LG G5, Google Pixel XL, and Huawei mate 9. LG’s an equipment packs a 2,800mAh battery, while the Pixel XL (3,450mAh) and also Mate 9 (4,000mAh) feature significantly larger cells. Every three devices are to run on Android with their default skins and also software.

Wi-Fi browsing


Now the we’ve met our competitors, let’s examine out the results of test number one: Wi-Fi browsing. We supplied a custom script to collection each device’s brightness come a traditional 200 nits and also opened a collection of internet pages in a loop. We then enabled the script to run until the batteries drained native 100% to dead. Here are the results we found:

Apple iphone 7: ~7 hours, 30 minutesApple iphone 7 Plus: ~9 hoursHuawei girlfriend 9: ~14 hoursLG G5: ~7 hours, 45 minutesGoogle Pixel XL: ~10 hours, 45 minutes

You may notification that the iphone phone 7 and also iPhone 7 to add battery life distinction is not as far-reaching as you would certainly expect. However, the iphone phone 7 Plus has to power a much larger full HD display. Apple’s significantly smaller battery performed remarkably well versus the LG G5. The LG flagship barely suitable the iphone 7 while having actually a battery dimension close come the iphone 7 Plus. Of course, the LG G5 packs a large QHD display that damages battery life, yet it shows Apple’s ability to optimize the devices.

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Our gaming test involves setup the brightness on each machine to 200 nits. Us then operation our practice battery test, which simulates gameplay repetitively until the battery is empty. These space the outcomes we found:

Apple iphone phone 7: ~10 hours, 15 minutesApple iphone phone 7 Plus: ~12 hours, 40 minutesHuawei girlfriend 9: ~5 hours, 15 minutesLG G5: ~4 hoursGoogle Pixel XL: ~4 hours, 45 minutes

Gaming appears to give the iphone 7 and iPhone 7 add to the most impressive battery an increase over its competition. Apple’s gadgets achieved double — or much more — battery life 보다 the Android devices across the board. Despite the much smaller batteries, apologize optimized the iphone phone 7 and iPhone 7 plus to carry out for hours on end, and they quickly topped the market ago in the day.

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Apple iphone phone 7 and 7 to add battery charge times

So we’ve seen that Apple’s battery large a while on the iphone 7 and 7 Plus, however how long does it take to charge? Android phones have actually come with fast charging for a couple of years now, however Apple refused to jump on board. Sure, this has changed in recent generations, but Apple only contained a measly 1A charger with its 2016 devices.

There’s no actual test to describe here, so this is our data:

Apple iphone 7: ~150 minutesApple iphone phone 7 Plus: ~185 minutesHuawei mate 9: ~90 minutesLG G5: ~87 minutesGoogle Pixel XL: ~112 minutes

If you’ve been looking for a classification where Android top the iPhone, that would appear that this is it. Apple’s devices take considerably longer to recharge in spite of having two of the smallest batteries on the list. In fact, the iphone phone 7 add to takes more than twice as lengthy to recharge as the friend 9 and also LG G5. You could always try using a third-party wall charger, yet you might still discover yourself spending rather a while at an outlet.

Apple iphone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus typical battery life

We uncovered that both the iphone 7 and also iPhone 7 plus performed impressively fine in our regulated tests, yet what execute they carry out in real life? not everyone offers their call strictly because that gaming or web browsing, after all. Instead, we have to include social media, phone call calls, emails, and more in our testing.

Over our few months of daily testing, we’ve i found it an exciting trend with the iphone phone 7 Plus. When we had actually no difficulties at first, the battery life dropped drastically once we got to the meager 32GB warehouse limit. Unfortunately, this often tends to be a usual problem with smartphones, however it’s enhanced due come the restricted storage space.

On average, we managed around 12 come 18 hrs of battery life with about 6 come 8 hrs of yes, really usage. Usage isn’t strict screen-on time, though, together Apple reports consumption as active use combined with background apps. Together you inch closer come the warehouse limits, you may uncover that friend only get 10 come 15 hrs of battery life through 5 to 6 hrs of usage.

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iPhone 7 and also 7 add to battery pave up

Apple’s iphone phone 7 and iPhone 7 plus may have some the the smallest batteries amongst 2016 devices, but that doesn’t average the worst battery life. Together Apple has actually proved in this case, the appropriate optimization have the right to go a lengthy way. If they can no longer organize a candle to modern-day gaming phones, the iphone phone 7 and iPhone 7 plus may have actually been the ideal gaming gadgets of 2016. The greatest flaw among the two is may be the minimal warehouse size.