If you space a chicken lover looking for some amazing chicken delicacies, Wingstop is your favorite chicken stop. Serving you very delicious chicken wings, Wingstop also serves boneless wings and chicken strips through a range of dips and also sides. They offer fresh and accurately flavored wings that can drive friend crazy. Exploring the Wingstop menu prices offers you infinite alternatives to select from.

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Wingstop : everything one have to be familiar with

Founded in 1994, in Garland, Texas, as a small-buffalo format chicken wing restaurant, Wingstop has due to the fact that then garnered an excellent popularity climbing to better heights. With regular demand from customers, Wingstop started its an initial franchise outlet in 1997 and also currently has an ext than 1,250 restaurants.

Serving top quality chicken wings, Wingstop is interestingly well-known for that is flavors. The wing at Wingstop space distinctly tossed through sauces that demand a better appetite. Renowned for that chicken wings, it likewise serves individual packs, group packs, and by the item in the menu. The menu likewise includes interesting selections of sides prefer fries, corn, soup veggie sticks, and fritters with exceptional dips and sauces that you can choose from the menu. If the prices at Wingstop can seem contempt higher, the ambiance and flavors space still worth the price.

Wingstop Menu and Prices

Wingstop serves plenty of items choose chicken wings, tenders, mushroom fritters, chicken crème soup, fries, drinks v dips, and sauces of her choice. They additionally serve combos wherein you can select whether boneless or classic or even a mix and also match that both beginning at $7. A crispy tender load of 4 pieces can cost around $8.45.

The fries in ~ Wingstop can selection from $2 come $5. Wingstop’s special dips and sauces cost around $1 come $2, and also Wingstop drinks or iced tea expense start at $2. They also offer chicken wing at participating areas on details days starting at 50 cent. Check out the complete Wingstop food selection prices of every categories below.

Wingstop Combo Prices
Classic, Boneless or Mix & complement Wings8 Pc.$8.89
Classic, Boneless or Mix & complement Wings10 Pc.$9.99
Classic, Boneless or Mix & enhance Wings6 pc.$7.79
Classic, Boneless or Mix & match Wings15 Pc.$17.09
Wingstop Wing prices of family members Packs

Wingstop family Pack prices together with size room tabulated below.

Family fill (Up come 4 Flavors, huge Side, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks)40 Pc.$36.59
Family load (Up to 3 Flavors, huge Side, 3 Dips & Veggie Sticks)30 Pc.$26.99
Family fill (Up to 4 Flavors, 2 huge Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks)50 Pc.$44.49
Family pack (Up come 5 Flavors, 3 huge Sides, 6 Dips & 3 Veggie Sticks)75 Pc.$65.99
Family fill (Up to 6 Flavors, 4 large Sides, 8 Dips & 4 Veggie Sticks)100 Pc.$88.99
Wingstop prices of Crispy Tender family members Packs
Family load (Up to 3 Flavors, big Side, 3 Dips & 1 Veggie Stick)30 Pc.$26.99
Family pack (Up to 4 Flavors, 2 huge Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks)50 Pc.$44.49
Family fill (Up come 5 Flavors, 3 huge Sides, 6 Dips & 3 Veggie Sticks)75 Pc.$65.99
Family fill (Up to 4 Flavors, 2 large Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks)40 Pc.$36.59
Family load (Up come 6 Flavors, 4 huge Sides, 8 Dips & 4 Veggie Sticks)100 Pc.$88.99
Wingstop Crispy Tenders by The Piece
Crispy Tenders30 Pc.$38.49
Crispy Tenders 7 Pc.$8.99
Crispy Tenders20 Pc.$28.99
Crispy Tenders15 Pc.$19.99
Crispy Tenders4 Pc.$5.99
Wingstop Special: 60 Cent Boneless Wings
Wingstop 60 Cent wing MenuSizePrices
Wingstop Boneless wings price15 Pc.$9.00
Boneless Wings10 Pc.$6.00
Wingstop wing By The Pieces
Classic, Boneless or Mix & complement Wings20 Pc.$15.29
Classic, Boneless or Mix & complement Wings10 Pc.$8.09
Classic, Boneless or Mix & enhance Wings30 Pc.$22.49
Classic, Boneless or Mix & match Wings15 Pc.$11.99
Classic, Boneless or Mix & enhance Wings50 Pc.$34.49
Classic, Boneless or Mix & match Wings75 Pc.$47.99
Classic, Boneless or Mix & enhance Wings100 Pc.$65.99
Wingstop food selection with price of Drinks
Fountain Soft Drink32 oz.$1.99
Iced Tea20 oz.$1.69
Fountain Soft Drink20 oz.$1.69
Iced Tea32 oz.$1.99
Crispy tender Combos in ~ Wingstop
Crispy soft Combo5 Pc.$9.99
Crispy soft Combo8 Pc.$17.99
Crispy tender Combo3 Pc.$7.59
Wingstop sides & Dips

The Wingstop menu Prices of sides and also dips are as follows. The Wingstop Fries, Salads, small Beans and also other sides will come in ~ the price range of $0.79

Dips (Creamy Ranch, Chunky bleu Cheese or honey Mustard)Large$3.19
Potato SaladRegular$1.99
Potato SaladLarge$3.19
Hot Cheddar Cheese SauceRegular$1.99
Cheese FriesRegular$2.99
Cole SlawLarge$3.19
Baked BeansLarge$3.19
Hot Cheddar Cheese SauceSmall$0.99
Cheese FriesLarge$4.79
Side of flavor (Atomic, Mango Habanero, Cajun, Hot, Louisiana Rub, Mild, BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian or Teriyaki)$0.79
Baked BeansRegular$1.99
Veggie pole (Carrots, Celery or Mix & Match)$0.89
Fresh small Rolls6 Pc.$2.49
Seasoned FriesLarge$3.19
Seasoned FriesRegular$1.99
Cole SlawRegular$1.99
Fresh small Rolls12 Pc.$3.99
Fresh baked Rolls1 Pc$0.49
Dips (Creamy Ranch, Chunky smoke Cheese or honey Mustard)Regular$0.69
Hot Cheddar Cheese SauceLarge$3.19
Add-Ons menu Wingstop
Add 5 Smoke9 classic Wings$4.09
Add 5 Smoke9 Boneless Wings$4.09
Wingstop menu Flavors

Popular because that its civilization flavor, this menu offers a selection of flavors starting at $0.79. These finest Wingstop flavors room rich and fresh and tend to be delighted in by most of the Wingstop customers.

Lemon PepperHawaiianGarlic ParmesanHickory exhilaration BBQOriginal HotMildLouisiana RubSpicy oriental QCajunMango HabaneroAtomicWingstop Specials (Monday and Tuesdays)All-In Bundle: Comes through 16 boneless wings and 6 crispy tenders in addition to 3 dips, 4 flavors and big fries. It have the right to serve upto 3 to 4 people.60 Cent Boneless Wings: acquire boneless wing for simply 60 cent. Friend can acquire those wings tossed and sauced in her favorite flavor.

You deserve to avail this specials together Wingstop Tuesday and Monday deals.

Wingstop Nutrition Facts

Wingstop serves its meals with healthy values. While their food menu could be contrasted to rapid food, Wingstop provides fresh meals at all hours. The food is never ever kept in the warmer in ~ Wingstop. They are ready every time you order the food. Thus, girlfriend are offered with fresh, top quality food that is not reheated. An advantage while at Wingstop is your soda refill junction. Girlfriend can inspect the Wingstop menu nutrition information at https://www.wingstop.com/nutrition. Simply download the paper and examine the Wingstop Calories, Sodium, Sugar, Fat, Proteins, Energy, Cholesterol, and other for the food selection item you desire to order.

Wingstop Allergen Menu

Wingstop commits to its customer an excellent health and also hence avoids any allergen cross-contamination while prepare the food. Providing all information, Wingstop deserve to be straight contacted for any allergy-related food information required by customers. Else, girlfriend can examine the https://www.wingstop.com/allergens page for finish information that the foodstuffs they usage in the menu items.

Wingstop Gluten totally free Menu

Some items at Wingstop may not save on computer the gluten yet they won’t insurance or claim that there assets are gluten free. Because they fry the foods items in same oil despite they filter the oil before using.

Wingstop contact Details


Dallas, Texas,The united States

Website: https://www.wingstop.com/

Wingstop stimulate Online: https://www.wingstop.com/order

If you desire to check the Wingstop mystery Menu or any type of other offers from time come time, you deserve to follow your social media pages.

Wingstop near Me

Where is the nearest Wingstop? Locating a Wingstop restaurant is a an easy and simple process. You can visit https://www.wingstop.com/order indigenous your desktop computer or mobile and enter your zip or city, state to find the nearest store. You have the right to either use Maps come detect your existing location or get in your address, and also search for nearest Wingstop to uncover all adjacent restaurants.

Wingstop Hours

Wingstop restaurants operate between 11 to be to Midnight every day. While the timings may vary place to location, the restaurant mainly closes in ~ 12 to be Midnight.

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Wingstop Reviews

Chicken wings room the many popular. However, together the restaurant chain specifies it is all around the flavors, the selection of flavors available makes it enticing. The restaurant is terrific place come sit and also relish the chicken wing with various other food items. The Wingstop sauces add perfectly come the occasion. What attracts plenty of customers is the soda refill station, where you have the right to refill your soft drink as much as friend want. Customers perform not must buy drink again and again. While ambiance at various locations may vary, over there is no weaken on either the quality or taste of food.