Universal Studios Orlando announced the is giving the first-ever Military liberty Pass, a seasonal pass choice for military families, to usage in that is parks.

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The Military flexibility Pass can be used any day through Dec. 31, through no blackout dates. Business members can select from two-park or three-park options, and all tickets must be purchased in ~ an ITT office.

The Military liberty Pass prices $199.99 per human for the two-park option and $264.99 per person for the three-park option. The is similar to the park’s present Preferred Pass the is valued at $394.99 every person. It includes complimentary valet parking, discounts on food and beverages, and more.





Universal’s Military flexibility Pass is accessible to active-duty company members, national Guard members, reservists, retired military, and also military spouses. That is also obtainable to department of Defense civilians.

The two-park choice includes access to Universal’s islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. The three-park alternative includes accessibility to Universal’s archipelago of Adventure, global Studios Florida, and also Universal’s Volcano Bay. Volcano Bay, a waterpark, is meant to open in March.

Military business members, retirees, and also DOD civilian employees can likewise get discounts on vacation packages. Packages can be customized through the ITT office and also start at $75 (this does not include ticket pricing, airfare, or other added package costs).


Harry Potter pan can develop the ultimate vacation as well, v customized packages to visit the Wizarding people of take care of Potter starting at $85.

Military service members, DOD civilians, and their families can also get discounts on some of the most well-known Universal Studios Orlando hotels including 40% off at Universal’s Cabana Bay beach Resort and 30% off at other universal hotels.

Universal Studios Orlando is right now following strict COVID-19 protocols. Challenge coverings are compelled in the park and also temperature checks are required before entering. In addition, there room services prefer mobile ordering for food and also drinks, virtual line return times because that rides, floor markings to ensure social distancing, minimal capacity, and also increased clean protocols. Read more about global Studios’ security guidelines here.

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To purchase your Military freedom Pass ticket for global Studios Orlando visit your local ITT office.