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When it involves fast-food PR stunts, Pizza Hut doesn"t organize back. Seriously, this is the company that"s made a jacket the keeps friend as heat as, well, a pizza. The man garment came v the very same insulating products as those used in Pizza Hut"s shipment pouches, including an inner pocket whereby you deserve to fit a naked part to take on the go, because why not. But, as mind-boggling as the parka is, Pizza Hut"s finest stunt might be the Pie tops II, a pair of sneakers the let friend order a pie and also control her DVR appropriate from the tongues.

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As was the situation with the original Pie top from critical year, Pizza Hut designed this in collaboration with the shoe Surgeon, a famous sneaker customizer. The score isn"t to offer these come the masses -- only roughly 50 pairs complete have been made. Instead, the Pie tops II exist solely to encourage Pizza Hut"s sponsorship that the NCAA"s march Madness basketball tournament, which ends tonight v the men"s final in between Michigan and Villanova.


Those details are important (I guess), yet you came below to discover out around ordering an yes, really pizza through the shoes. The an initial thing I had to carry out was develop a Pizza Hut account, because I live in brand-new York City and, well, why would certainly you eat Pizza Hut if you live here? ~ that, ns went top top the iOS app Store and downloaded the Pie top app, i beg your pardon is separate from Pizza Hut"s main app. Then I had actually to pair the Pie tops II to mine phone over Bluetooth by pressing the switch on the best tongue and I was good to go.

Once you"ve combine the sneakers to your phone, the app asks girlfriend to select what kind of pizza you want to order every time girlfriend hit the switch on the Pie tops II. By default, friend can select two mediums for $6 each. For the sake of this demo, ns picked a hand-tossed pepperoni and a thin-crust Veggie Lover"s. One point to store in mental is that, in order for the shoe-ordering magic to occupational seamlessly, you have to make certain your credit card details is conserved on her Pizza Hut account.

You have the right to also readjust how you desire to order your pizza: The alternatives are come hit the switch on your right shoe once, hit the twice, or press and also hold. No need to be extra safe, due to the fact that you need to confirm the stimulate on the application before the keep starts make it. Every in all, the Pie top II room pretty much the laziest way to bespeak pizza.


Aside from its sleeker design, one of the brand-new things about the Pie tops II, not seen on the first model, is the you now have the capacity to control your DVR. Pizza Hut added an IR blaster on the left shoe"s tongue, i m sorry you have the right to pair come a supported set-top box by simply pointing the Pie tops II in ~ them and pressing a button on them. That said, this only works with details devices indigenous Dish, DirecTV, FiOS, Spectrum and Xfinity. And, right now, all you can do is pause every little thing you"re watching and nothing else past that. Possibly with the Pie tops III, Pizza Hut will certainly let us fast-forward or rewind together well.

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The Pie top II aren"t supposed to compete with the Nikes and also Adidas the the world. They"re below to it is in weird and also grab people"s attention, and clearly Pizza Hut succeeded. Personally, I"m pleasantly surprised (and glad) the Pie tops II in reality look great and don"t feel cheap. I still remember the time I gained the originals and also some repaint came turn off as soon as ns touched them. I child you not.