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Boxed mac and also cheese was among my favorite fast meals farming up (and it still is now, to be honest). There’s something therefore irresistible about the cheesy flour taste, and I’d gladly walk through number of bowls in a week. So when I heard that Cheetos—another same nostalgic food—was launching a boxed mac and also cheese version of the own, I had to offer it a shot. 

Announced this week, Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese comes from two PepsiCo divisions, Frito-Lay north America and Quaker foods North America (which manages Pasta Roni). There are three spices to select from, “Bold & Cheesy,” “Cheesy Jalapeño,” and “Flamin’ Hot”—the corkscrew pasta is additionally “inspired by Chester's cheetah tail,” every the announcement. And also later this week, you’ll have the ability to buy it in ~ Walmart, both in boxes and also single-serving microwaveable cups.

I had the chance to offer the mac and also cheese one early shot at home, and worked my method through box of all three flavors in much less than 24 an extremely cheesy hours. When I generally follow boxed mac and also cheese instructions pretty loosely and also eyeball the butter-to-milk ratio, in this case, ns stuck come them in bespeak to create the precise intended results.

To the end, it's a common boxed mac preparation: You start by boil water (the crate recommends at the very least six cups), and also then food preparation the pasta for 7 minutes, or “until tender.” Then, you drainpipe the pasta—don’t to wash it—and return it to the pot to add in 2 tablespoons the butter or margarine. Once that’s melted, every that’s left is mixing in 1/4 cup of milk and the cheese powder. (Yes, the Flamin’ hot powder is simply as glowing red as you’d hope.) Voila, you’ve got Cheetos Mac n’ Cheese.

After a really scientific tasting procedure (aka eating a few spoonfuls of every one) I found all three flavors enjoyable and liked the size and also texture the the pasta noodles. Yet if I had actually to pick a favorite, I’d go with Bold & Cheesy, which taste like standard Cheetos. Flamin’ Hot certainly had a kick, as expected, and while the warm lingered because that a small while after ns took a bite, the wasn’t too intense. Cheesy Jalapeño was spicy, too, and also with the creaminess and cheese flavor factored in, the vaguely reminded me of a jalapeño popper. There to be one suggestion from the box I didn’t follow—topping the mac n’ cheese v actual Cheetos, i m sorry I had actually to skip due to the fact that I didn’t have any in my snack cabinet. Yet crunchy topping or not, as a boxed mac and also cheese fan, it’s other I’d absolutely have again.

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If you want to provide them a try yourself, they'll be available at Walmart (in stores and also online) beginning August 8 for the argued retail price the 98 cents. The mac and cheese will likewise hit various other retailers nationwide in 2021.