Visitors happen through resting Beauty lock at Disneyland will in Anaheim, CA, soon after a 13-month closure due to the pandemic. Disneyland and also California Adventure Park room raising everyday prices approximately 8% starting Oct. 25, 2021.

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Disneyland and neighboring California Adventure Park raised most everyday ticket price Monday and also are adopting one even higher price come visit top top the most well-known days that the year, such as Christmas and new Year’s Eve.

Daily ticket prices are jumping 3% come 8%, through standard daily parking rates going increase by 20%. The parks last elevated ticket price by as lot as 5% in February of 2020 — shortly before the parks closed because that 13 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the record:

9:47 a.m. Oct. 25, 2021An earlier version the this story said nightly firework screens at the Disneyland Resort had actually not returned. The fireworks mirrors relaunched in July. Also, the cutline in the main photo erroneously identified Sleeping beauty, beauty Castle as Sleepy beauty Castle.

To manage crowds, the park embraced a five-tiered pricing system in 2016 the charges more for work when need is highest and also less on slow days. The price because that lowest need days — such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays in late January — stays unchanged at $104. Yet prices have increased because that the four other tiers, and also the resort included a highest-price 6th tier, $164 because that a one-day visit come a single park top top the highest demand days the the year, including select weekends, holidays and spring break.

The previous highest one-day, one-park ticket to be $154.


Good news for template park fans: Wait times have dropped at Disneyland and also California Adventure Park contrasted with before the pandemic.

The prices space the same for visiting Disneyland and neighboring Disney California Adventure Park. The prices because that tickets that let friend visit two parks in one day — Park Hopper — are boosting by as lot as 7%. The inflation rate in the U.S. Was 5.4% for the 12 months that finished in September.

The price rises come in spite of several popular attractions in ~ the parks staying shut since the parks reopened in April native the pandemic closure, a complain that design template park fans have actually voiced frequently on society media. The nightly water-and-light displays such together Fantasmic and also World that Color and most daily costumed parades have actually yet to go back to the parks.

Higher expenses may revolve away part Disney pan upset that they are being charged much more for fewer attractions, but the price hike is most likely to generate more revenue all at once for Walt Disney Co. Even with a slight drop in attendance, stated Martin Lewison, a business administration professor and theme park skilled at Farmingdale State college in new York.

“I think plenty of guests will discover this a really bitter pill at this point in time,” the said. “But it i will not ~ be the end of the people for the firm if attendance dipped a small bit.”

Disneyland representatives listed that California Adventure Park included a six-acre Marvel superhero-themed land — dubbed Avengers Campus — in June and also the will plans come launch numerous holiday attractions, including a brand-new Christmas-themed parade.

Since reopening, Disney has launched a grasp of new efforts to deal with the template park’s greatest headaches — long ride queues and crowded parks.


Disneyland and also Disney California Adventure have lifted rules about crowds and also distancing. Fireworks room coming back. Yet some changes will stick.

In August, Disney overhauled the 37-year-old annual pass program, instead of it through a brand-new Magic key program that requires visitors to do reservations before going come the design template parks, while continuing to block out access on the busiest days. By requiring reservations, the brand-new program permits Disney park operator to much better manage crowds on a day-to-day basis.

The Magic vital passes are usually priced reduced than the previous yearly passes and also include 4 options, varying in price indigenous $399 per year for southern California occupants to $1,399 for the option that has no blocked-out days and also the greatest flexibility for making reservations.

Longtime yearly pass holders have complained around the Magic key program, speak the reservation device makes the too complicated to visit the parks ~ above high-demand days, also for those with the many expensive pass. The resort’s preventive calendar mirrors that no appointments are available for practically every weekend end the following two months, but that can readjust as Disney has actually occasionally opened up reservations.


The new Disneyland Magic an essential annual pass program, ~ above sale beginning Aug. 25, will require reservations, a change aimed at quelling overcrowding in ~ the parks.

A few weeks after the Magic key program was launched, Disney embraced a new mobile app that allows parkgoers willing to salary extra come skip the wait for the most famous attractions.

The brand-new app — known as the Disney Genie — replaced two older systems at Disneyland — the cost-free FastPass and the MaxPass, which expense $20 every day — that let parkgoers to make reservation a time slot because that an attraction to prevent the traditional queues and instead zip right into an expedited Fastpass Lane.

Disney Genie is a free app the recommends a visit itinerary based upon the attractions, shows and eateries liked by individuals at the begin of the day. Disney Genie+ is a similar app that costs $20 per day at Disneyland and can be offered to make reservations to get on a ride at a details time, skip the traditional queues and giving accessibility instead to a new Lightning Lane.

Disneyland will certainly operate an ext than 15 attractions through Lightning Lanes, and also the Walt Disney civilization Resort in Florida will certainly include much more than 40 attractions with Lightning Lanes. Users have the right to make only one preventive at a time.

But come skip the currently on the most well-known attractions, such as as Radiator Springs Racers in ~ Disney California Adventure and also Rise the the Resistance in ~ Disneyland, park travellers will have to pay a different fee that will certainly vary based on the date, the attraction and also the park. The exact price i will not ~ be announced for numerous weeks, Disney to represent say.


Disney announced plans for a new mobile app that will allow parkgoers, because that an extra fee, come skip the wait for the most well-known attractions.

During a recent income report, Bob Chapek, Disney’s cook executive, said reservations for the company’s domestic theme parks remain strong.

“We’ve applied a reservation system that’s walk to allow us to spread out our demand, increase our yield, and improve our guest endure at the same time,” he said.

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