Diesel brothers is an American reality TV collection that started reflecting on the 4th of January, 2016 by two friends, David Sparks “Heavy D” and David Kiley “Diesel Dave”.

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Although the Diesel Brothers room friends, lock are likewise namesakes and also look-alikes.

They had actually opened a fix-it shop for all types of vehicles and started posting a collection of various videos ~ above YouTube, one of which showed up on The Tonight display with Jay Leno.

Ultimately, exploration Channel contacted the Diesel Brothers.

Four years and also counting, the series, which concentrates on the repair and customization the pickup trucks, has actually six seasons and also 49 episodes v two various other hosts special on the show; Joshua Stuart “Red Beard” and Keaton Hoskins “The Muscle.”

In July 2020, the Diesel brother announced the release of a three-hour TV distinct titled Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking civilization Records, which will begin showing top top the 8th of August, 2020.

Who is Dave Kiley (Diesel Dave)?

Diesel Dave, as he is famously recognized on the discovery Channel’s Diesel brother TV show, was born ~ above the 17th the June 1974 in Utah, unified States.

Having a passion for cars and its body modification, the perfected his an abilities by learning and also working with competent auto mechanics in part garages prior to meeting his co-entrepreneur Dave Sparks, who had a similar flair.

According come reports, Sparks once tried to impress a few women and also mistakenly put gasoline in his diesel-powered truck prior to Kiley helped him clean increase his tank.

Following this incident, both emerged a partnership and also opened a car repair shop.

What is Diesel Dave net Worth?

Diesel Dave’s network worth in 2020 is valued in ~ $3 Million.

His significant earnings space from media appearances and also sales of numerous diesel van at DieselSellerz, one of the highest-earning firms in current years.

Diesel Dave is also a renowned figure on Instagram, Facebook, and also Twitter.

With around 1.6 million followers, Dave provides a great deal indigenous brand promotions ~ above his Instagram page.

Diesel Dave’s wife & Family

the_diesel_dave / Instagram

David Kiley is married to his long-time girlfriend, Susan, and also they have two daughters.

They invited Saylor Fe, their first daughter in January 2017, and also the second in September 2018.

Dave and his wife devote a most time to household duties, and all re-publishing a flair for diesel-powered vehicles.

Who is Dave Sparks (Heavy D)?

Dave Sparks, famously recognized as hefty D on the show, Diesel Brothers, was born top top the 18th of June 1977 in Lake City, Utah, united States.

Like his colleague, Dave Kiley, Sparks additionally has a passion for cars, repair, and also modification.

From a young age, Sparks’ love for vehicles has actually been noticed all roughly him, having been teach the an approach of driving by his grand in a backhoe top top the farm.

His enthusiasm drove him to excel in auto mechanics classes in high school.

He still love welding & fabrications, a ability that assisted him in his later on years.

Having lost his father, who had supported his enthusiasm at age 21, Sparks was more than established to end up being successful.

He was employed by his friend, well-off Eggett, in a motorcycle and ATV’s firm before attending Webster State university for simply a semester.

Sparks dropped the end to seek a car modification career and was employed in ~ his uncle’s construction firm.

Subsequently, the met David Kiley, that later became his friend and also business partner.

Both began an auto mechanics shop where they offered to settle all kinds of vehicles.

What is “Heavy D” Dave Sparks network Worth?

As that 2020, David Sparks’ net worth is approximated at $2 million.

The primary resource of his revenue is indigenous the Diesel brothers merchandise.

The DieselSellerz firm has added to hefty D’s worth.

Apart from gift the co-owner the Diesel Brothers, that is the single owner of Sparks Motors, a truck merchandise firm.

Dave Sparks Cars

As one who has a flair for automobiles, we deserve to be certain that Spark’s options are top-notch.

The an initial car he bought is a 1988 Chevrolet K5 Blazer and currently cd driver a 2017 Ford F-250 ($33,730).

He is a big fan the heavy-duty vehicles that deserve to haul and also perform fine on long trips.

He likewise drives a 2015 Jeep cool Cherokee Diesel ($), i m sorry is quite sporty and also has a good suspension.

He drives a 2017 Polaris Slingshot SLR, i m sorry is a three-wheel, two-seater vehicle around town and when he is alone.

Dave Sparks wife & Family

David Sparks is happily married to Ashley Bennett.

They met in 2008 and dated for a year prior to finally gaining married in 2009.

Through your years that marriage, Dave and also Ashley space blessed with three children.

The Sparks family live happily together in Bountiful, Utah.

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Diesel Brothers sue & legal Issues

Because the Diesel Brothers change vehicles that offer off black color smoke, i beg your pardon is revered as one of the most toxic type of pollution, they were sue by a Utah advocacy group called Utah physicians for a healthy and balanced Environment.

In the lawsuit, they were accused that engaging in principal, and current federal law violations in elements of environmental pollution.

After the physicians’ team bought a modified truck from Sparks Motors, tests evidenced the automobile produced 36 and also 21 times the pollutants and particulate matter compared to a stock truck.

After a court hearing in 2018, the verdict passed to be fair ~ above both sides however issued an bespeak prohibiting any type of related modifications.

To insurance compliance, Sparks asserted that his intentions of alteration were because that off-road usage only and also under the conviction the it to be legal and in line v the environmental Protection Agency.

However, 3 of the Diesel brother (David Sparks, Keaton Hoskins, and Joshua Stuart) and also their various companies were fined a complete of $850,000 because that the communication of violating the Clean Air action on thousands of occasions and also violating the previously court order.

The Top-3 Diesel brothers Builds

Below are some of the optimal Diesel Brothers tradition builds.

These vehicles space selected based on the development behind their change and your prominence amongst viewers.

1. Hell Camino


The Hell Camino is modification in a simple, monstrous, and also remarkable way.

The suspension is jacked, tires are big and spiky, a the majority of extra lighting, and also fiery feather red and also yellow colors.

2. Hercules


The Hercules is a fearsome roadway giant.

The Chevrolet truck modified right into Hercules was found in a scrap yard and was put on tractor tires.

To make it look an ext monstrous, the Diesel Brothers increased the suspension.

However, the Hercules might be much from speedy; it seems fairly sturdy like it might do a tractor’s job.

3. Jeep Willys Truck

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The usage of a 1948 Jeep Willys top top a new base, suspension, spiky tires, and new gear is implausible.

Along with major bodywork and repainting, the auto is turned indigenous a piece of junk to something plenty of custom-built car lovers would certainly love to drive.

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Final thoughts on the Diesel Brothers’ network Worth

Being passionate around vehicles together kids, two friends David Kiley and David Sparks, live their desires as one of the most influential custom auto builders in the world.

As that 2020, the Diesel Brothers have actually a merged net precious of $5 million with far-ranging earnings indigenous vehicle alteration and car merchandise.