THE background Channel's reality collection American Pickers follows actors members Mike Wolfe, frank Fritz and Danielle Colby as they travel the US looking for rare artifacts.

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Recently open minded Fritz revealed a 65lbs load loss transformation, following a feud with "arrogant" co-star Mike Wolfe.


Frank Fritz has actually lost over 65lbsCredit: Coleman-Rayner

Who is candid Fritz' from American Pickers?

Fritz is Wolfe’s sidekick, organization partner, and long-time girlfriend in the show.

The pair travel with each other to find the vintage items and also purchase them because that the store.

The background Channel explains how Fritz began picking early, "collecting rocks and also beer cans as a kid."

Fritz is explained as "even-tempered and affable" and also has a way with potential sellers and also a knack for placing out fires.

"With their complementary personalities and also shared love of picking, Frank and also Mike make the perfect team."

What is American Pickers star frank Fritz's net worth?

Frank Fritz has actually amassed a $6 million network worth, according to Celebrity net Worth.

According to the outlet, Fritz's network worth comes from his career together a truth television star and from his antique deals. His display has aired an ext than 300 episodes over 22 seasons.

Fritz's net worth also comes native his career together an author.

Over the years, Fritz has actually published two publications in relationship to the show, American Pickers guide to Picking, ago in 2011, and also How to pick Vintage Motorcycles, back in 2013.


Frank Fritz (L) starred in American Pickers v Mike Wolfe (R)Credit: Getty

Why is there a feud in between Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe?

After finishing his run on this display mysteriously ago in march 2020, Fritz revealed the he has actually not talked Wolfe in two years.

Fritz revealed the feud in an exclude, interview v The Sun however did not point out the exact cause of it.

"The show is tilted in the direction of him 1,000 percent. Ns can’t also bend that far down to present you just how much," that said.

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"That’s fine. It’s like you’ve got Aerosmith and there’s Steven Tyler and also he’s the former man. I found my spot, I’m second and he’s number one on the show. That’s no difficulty with me, possibly he does have actually a problem."





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Fritz likewise revealed the there is a probably he can return to the show, however Wolfe is looking into replacing him through his brother Robbie.

"I would prefer to come back to the show, but we will see. I was doing it because that 11 years, but there is a lot of debate going on right now," that continued.

"You couldn’t simply stick two people in a van and also get the chemistry you get from me and also Mike. We’ve well-known each various other for around 40 years. We can end up each other’s sentences."


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