The coffee large announced Tuesday that starting June 22 company-operated shop in the U.S. Room “safely reintroducing personal reusable cups.” 

The move comes much more than 15 months after Starbucks temporarily minimal personal mugs in the early days that the COVID-19 pandemic in in march 2020.

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“Bringing back an individual reusable cup is vital part of Starbucks" recurring commitment to alleviate single-use cup waste and goal to minimize waste by 50% by 2030,” the agency said in a statement.

But the return that mugs comes with some changes. They will certainly not be welcomed at restaurant drive-thrus initially.

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Only clean cups will certainly be accepted in store, and baristas will certainly not clean them for customers.

Starbucks said it held “extensive trials and also has adopted this brand-new process, making use of a ceramic mug to transport the reusable cup through the bar" in Europe, the middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific in order to "reintroduce reusable cups v confidence.” it is testing alternatives for drive-thrus.

The chain made masks optional for totally vaccinated customers might 17, except where regional or state regulations mandate them. The update came after the Centers for disease Control and Prevention issued new masking guidelines critical month. 

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Starbucks discount

Until the pandemic and also since the 1980s, Starbucks says it has offered customers a discount for using their very own cups or the restaurant"s reusable “For below Ware” as soon as dining in.

Starbucks said Tuesday it will certainly bring ago the 10-cent recycle cup discount to “encourage customers to select reusable and reduce single-use cup waste.” It also will reinstate “For right here Ware" because that in-store customers wherein indoor dining is available.

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Starbucks BYOC: how it works

A barista will check the cleanliness of your cup and you will hold onto the lid. (Note: Baristas will not clean dirty cups.)The an individual reusable cup is put in a ceramic mug and transported v Starbucks’ bar.The firm says beverages space made call free.At the handoff location, the customer picks up their cup and also puts the lid on.

Sustainable coffee cup

Before COVID, Starbucks claimed 80% that beverages were ordered come go, yet the majority were “served in single-use cups, with only a tiny amount being recycled or composted as result of waste processing framework limitations.”

The company has to be working toward a more sustainable cup for years, and in 2018, in addition to McDonald’s, cursed $10 million in partnership v Closed Loop partners to develop the NextGen Consortium and Cup Challenge. Starbucks additionally has to be doing research and also testing services to make cups, lids and also straws easier to recycle and also compost.

In April, Starbucks released the “Borrow A Cup” trial program in 5 Seattle stores, which enabled customers come order their beverages in a recycle cup because that a $1 deposit. When they reverted the cup, they acquired the $1 back and 10 rewards points v the chain’s commitment program.

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The regimen ran through might 31 and also officials called USA this day that the firm was “taking learnings native the pilot to it is adapted the program and continue come evolve it because that the future.”

Last week, Starbucks announced the will market a reusable cup-share routine in every Europe, middle East and Africa shop by 2025. In July, Starbucks southern Korea will certainly launch borrow a Cup program in stores and recently cursed to removed single-use cups by 2025.

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