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Collector's coins once came v select activity figures. Ebay/maverick9390 frequently when manufacturers tell girlfriend something is "collectible," it"s a case of wishful thinking. Yet it has actually proven true in the situation of the "Power of the Force" coins that were once easily accessible with select activity figures or together mail-order prizes.

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The coins themselves selection in value from a few bucks to thousands of dollars, but an action figure quiet in the packaging through an accompanying coin can fetch even more than that.

The "Yak Face" (Saelt-Marae) activity figure v a collector's coin can go for countless dollars.


This character is especially coveted by American collectors. Ebay/allgood10002012

If the name "Yak Face" doesn"t ring a bell, you could not it is in a "Star Wars" superfan.

This obscure personality — likewise known together "Joe Camel" for its uncanny same to a particular cigarette mascot — was cut from toy-maker Kenner"s lineafter production of the playthings had already begun, according to Paddle 8.

The leftover toys were sent to Europe and Canada, do them particularly prized through American collectors who had actually been deprived the the endure of playing v "Yak Face" as children.

One such number sold for $7,500 in 2015.

Some "Revenge that the Jedi" was is worth thousands of dollars.


"Return of the Jedi" was originally called "Revenge that the Jedi." 20th Century Fox

Before the 3rd installment the the original trilogy, "Revenge that the Sith," to be released in 1983, the movie was dubbed "Revenge the the Jedi." and also some merchandise, prefer toy backing cards and also posters, had currently been released bearing the initial title.

Avid "Star Wars" fans room constantly seeking out these items v the incorrect title and are willing to pay large sums that money because that them.

One together poster marketed for end $16,000 in a Sotheby"s auction.

A rarely blue "Snaggletooth" activity figure can be worth numerous dollars.


The blue-colored Zutton action figure is rare. Shutterstock

This action figure from the original "Star Wars" film, "A brand-new Hope," is actually called Zutton, but is generally referred to as Snaggletooth.

In the film, the personality wore a red suit, but very early production run of the figure clad that in blue. The resulting blue "Snaggletooth," when not specifically priceless, is still popular among collectors because that its new value.

The Canadian "Empire Strikes Back" multi-pack is a rarely collectible article that's very coveted through American fans.

as soon as in their initial packaging, part "Star Wars" items room worth hundreds of dollars. Sotheby’s

As any type of self-respecting collector knows, the most an important toys room usually the ones in their initial packaging.

A collection of activity figures offered in Canada to encourage "The empire Strikes Back" in 1980 was part of a "Star Wars" exclusive auction hosted by Sotheby"s in 2015, and also it sold for $32,500.

The multi-pack sets with special figures were sold exclusively at Sears shop in Canada. They were prized enough, even at the time, that packs were often uncovered ripped open in the stores, forcing Sears to market the vacuum-sealed figures separately.

The "Star Wars" comic issue no. 1, 35-cents different is at sight rare.

The an initial issue the the "Star Wars" comic publications can it is in worth countless dollars relying on its condition. Marvel Comics

When Marvel Comics released the first issue the its "Star Wars" collection in 1977, they fee 30 cents. Yet in an effort to test a price hike, Marvel rolling out concerns that cost 35 cents in specific markets.

The ones through the 35-cent price tag are considered highly valuable for their limited run, and it"s estimated that just 1,500 issues exist.

A rare Brazilian Glasslite "Vlix" figure can be precious a lot of money.

This action figure as soon as went for countless dollars in one auction. Vectis

What do you gain when you incorporate an obscure character, a spin-off television show, and also a short manufacturing time? You gain what the Star wars Collectors Archive phone call "the rarest of all Star Wars numbers to be commercially released."

The chubby Vlix was a personality from the 1985 cartoon present "Droids," i beg your pardon aired for only 13 episodes.

The number is among a handful of scarce and desirable models manufactured by the Brazilian firm Glasslite, and one that them walk for countless dollars at a 2017 auction.

Certain unpainted Boba Fett prototype numbers have marketed for more than $100,000.

Pictured isn't the exact Boba Fett figure. Shutterstock

Who doesn"t love Boba Fett, the bounty hunter that tracked Han Solo across the galaxy? The character, that uttered only a handful of lines in the initial trilogy, verified so popular that that was provided a ago story in episode III.

It"s probably no surprise, then, that Boba Fett figures are amongst the many prized (and expensive) action figures.

An unpainted, prototype version of the figure sold because that over $100,000 at an auction in 2019.

A Luke Skywalker action figure through a telescoping lightsaber sold for $25,000 in 2015.

This activity figure is super rare. Sotheby’s

There to be thousands of action figures do of "Star Wars" favourite hero, but far fewer of this beforehand version the featured a telescoping lightsaber.

There were likewise telescoping lightsaber execution of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader but, much to the dismay the both fans and also manufacturers, this variation of the toy confirmed too fragile. The telescoping feature was eventually scrapped, do the original version a scarce and beneficial commodity.

One together Luke Skywalker figure sold for $25,000 in ~ a 2015 Sotheby"s auction.

A "Vinyl Cape Jawa" activity figure can sell because that over $20,000.

Pictured isn't the exact Jawa figure. Shutterstock

Jawas, the "sand people" who strike Luke Skywalker in the initial "Star Wars" film, are not generally a fan favorite. Yet this figure is a standard example that how minimal supply have the right to increase demand.

The Jawa figurine was an initial sold through a vinyl cape, however manufacturers later on swapped it because that a towel one.

It"s often referred to as the "holy grail because that "Star Wars" collectors," however there room so numerous fakes about that part fans inquiry whether the "Vinyl Cape Jawa" is even real. Over there are thought to it is in fewer 보다 10 in existence, follow to CNN.

The rarely figurine procedures only a few inches tall, but one of them fetched end $25,000 in ~ a 2017 auction.

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Tyler Chin added reporting come this article.

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