I’ve long believed the Cubs’ season ticket holder waiting list was a little less than accurate, whether it’s since it to be inflated by redundancy entries or also being fudged a small in order to drive viewed demand. Maybe it’s both, possibly it’s neither. In either case, really demand shows up to it is in waning together ticket prices proceed to rise regardless of a diminishing product.

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That obviously didn’t affect 2020 due to the fact that fans no able to attend games, but the Cubs produced MLB’s worst ROI critical year in regards to game action relative come ticket cost. That often tends to happen when you don’t score lots of runs and charge the greatest prices in the league, a function of two decades of increases on conventional seats and the enhancement of multiple premium club seats.


The increased price and transforming nature of attending gamings at Wrigley has actually priced a most longtime pan out, even if it is it’s native season tickets or even solitary games. That was the instance for Cubs Insider, which had maintained season tickets because that the last couple of seasons after taking them end from one more fan who had moved come Phoenix and no much longer saw value in them. Us foolishly thought we’d be able to turn a benefit or at least break also on the gamings we can not attend, however that simply wasn’t the case and also we opted to provide them up.

Our decision to be made much easier by the knowledge that a decreased payroll and the potential for a “heavy restart” will most likely result in a much less dynamic on-field product because that at the very least one season and also likely two or more. And that’s prior to you even take into consideration the an extremely likely opportunity that attendance will certainly be minimal at best as the pandemic continues. Plenty of others feel the same and I’ve heard from several world who only grudgingly opted to renew ~ wrestling through the an option for a while.

The hazard of a season ticket holder exodus might be spurring efforts to maintain customers, something the wouldn’t be vital if the waiting perform was truly six numbers deep. To it is in fair, the probably just a issue of offering preferential treatment to existing customers, particularly those prefer us who had chosen to obtain refunds on their tickets quite than having their 2020 deposits attributed to 2021. Therefore it could well be that pushing the deposit deadline earlier by 7 main is just a courtesy.

“In a year that has brought significant uncertainty and also change, we want to carry out our best to carry out you v as lot flexibility and also time to arrangement for the 2021 season as possible,” read an email from our Cubs ticket rep. “With that in mind, us have prolonged today’s first payment deadline because that your season ticket to 5 p.m. CST Friday, January 8, 2021. This date synchronizes with the 2nd payment attributed of the 2021 extended Payment Option shared in your invoice materials.

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“Through the 2021 prolonged Payment Option, 50% of your balance will now be early out by January 8 (i.e., non-refundable first payment the 20% plus 2nd payment that 30%), 25% of her balance will be due by February 5 and also the continuing to be 25% of her balance will certainly be early by march 5. You likewise have the alternative to submit your payment in full by January 8.”

Again, probably just a issue of the Cubs being perceptible to the financial obstacles caused by the pandemic and totally not extr evidence because that my long-held belief that the waiting list isn’t quite as long as it’s been portrayed. The good news is the Theo Epstein, who said he’d become a Cubs season ticket holder now that he’s no much longer with the organization, deserve to slide right right into our two seats quite easily.