"s Christmas CelebrationDuring Christmas Celebration, transforms right into a winter wonderland sparkling v holiday cheer, excitement, and over 3 million beautiful lights. Select dates, now - Jan. 2.

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Sounds that the SeasonPerformance SeriesEnjoy festive music throughout this year’s Christmas Celebration! view a selection of talented acts lug the spirit of the season come life. Christmas Celebration event dates, now – Jan. 2.View Lineup


Holiday Reflections:Fireworks and Fountains celebrates the season during Holiday Reflections: Fireworks and Fountains Finale, special soaring fountains, dazzling lights, and festive fireworks, choreographed to joyous vacation musical favorites. Experience an impressive Christmas link that illuminates the night sky. In ~ Park Close, now - Jan. 2. Weather Permitting.Learn More




We’re Hiring!

Looking for a fun task with remarkable perks? Orlando is hiring brand-new ambassadors for functions in culinary, operations, entertainment, merchandise, security, and also more! Select positions room eligible to get a $1,000 hiring bonus!!!

Getaway Packages

Save time and money as soon as you book a Getaway Package consisting of your hotel, park admission, and exclusive perks and also benefits. Gain a for sure getaway close come home, plus obtain a third night cost-free for a limited-time with choose partners.

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Sesame Street Land

You and your family can walk down Sesame Street for the very first time! Come view all her favorite furry friends and also enjoy part fun family rides.