In September the 1930 George Jenkins opened his first Publix Food keep in Winter Haven, Florida. Dreaming of developing an open, airy, “food palace” Jenkins introduced such innovations as wait conditioning and electric doors to the civilization of grocery store shopping. By 1945 Jenkins opened up 19 huge grocery stores throughout Florida and also today there are over 1,000 Publix places nationwide. The multibillion dollar agency prides itself on offering customer satisfaction and the always busy bakery department works tough to ensure all shoppers are happy through their Publix cakes. Listed below you will find Publix baby Shower Cake Prices, Publix Graduation Cake Prices, Publix baby Shower cake prices, and Publix Wedding Cake Prices.

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Publix Birthday, Graduation, and Baby shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
1/4 sheetServes 15-20$32
1/2 sheetServes 35-40$60
3/4 sheetServes 55-60$70
Full sheetServes 75-80$118
Round Cakes
Round CakesServes 6-10$25-$35
Specialty Cakes
Order Speciality cakes such together cake in the shape of dog, car, home etc$25-$75
Wedding Cakes
Round Tier CakesServe 75-150 people$370-540Depends ~ above size/ingredients friend choose
Square CakesServes 100-150 people$450-$680 counts on size/ingredients you choose

Publix infant Shower Cakes

Preparing for the enhancement of a infant to a household is always a an overwhelming task. Infant showers room one way a family can attain much required items because that their brand-new baby while simultaneously celebrating the upcoming birth. ~ the presents are given and also the gamings are finished most guests look front to enjoy it a part of cake. Publix cakes space a an excellent option for any type of baby shower host who wants to provide guests through delicious cake for an affordable price. Several baby themed paper cakes are available in multple flavors including marble, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and red velvet with your choice of butter cream or cream cheese icing.

Publix date of birth Cakes

All parents understand that the only thing kids look forward to an ext than birthday gifts is their birthday cake. Publix provides dozens of son friendly design template cakes that are sure to be a hit in ~ your little ones date of birth party. Publix cake prices because that themed cakes encompass beautifully design cake v decorations (edible or non-edible) and also a special post for your child. Publix additionally offers double number cakes for older children and adults who execute not desire a layout cake for their birthday.

Publix Graduation Cakes

After passing end of the year examinations many high school and college graduates are much more than prepared to storage the end (or near end) of your formal education. Nothing states congratulations much better than decadent Publix graduation cake. Even if your kid or loved one doesn’t want a party you have the right to surprise them through a little cake. Publix offers many gourmet mini cakes the serve up to 10 world with flavors that encompass caramel pecan crunch, chantilly cake, and chocolate avalanche. Publix cake prices are an extremely affordable even when bespeak a decadent mini cake, and while several of these cakes are accessible for prompt pick up others need 24 hours development notice.

Publix Wedding Cakes

If you are in search of a wedding cake why no look into getting one from Publix. Publix is well-known for providing top top quality bakery sweets that space made new daily. Publix prides itself at providing top that the line products while offering an excellent customer service and also this is no different when it involves their wedding cakes. Publix Wedding Cakes come in two various designs ring Tier Cake and Square Cake. Publix round Tier Wedding Cake serves all over from 75 come 150 guests while Publix Wedding Cake (Square) serves anywhere from 100 come 150 guests. If friend would favor to bespeak a Publix Wedding Cake we recommend visiting your regional Publix store and talking to a friendly bakery employee member. Typically they favor that you ar your stimulate at the very least two main in advance.

Publix vacation Cakes

Publix prides chin on offering excellent bakery selections transparent the holiday season. No office party or family gathering is finish without a cake native Publix. Bread cake platters are the perfect choice for someone searching for something cheap to take to casual gathering. Those who space hosting family from out of city or to plan a big holiday party can select from the dozens of special occasion and decadent Publix cakes. Restricted edition 1/4 sheet cakes the serve as much as 20 people are an excellent for smaller sized gatherings, and also full sheet cakes serving as much as 80 civilization are appropriate for vacation office parties. All vacation cakes and also cake platters need at least 24 hours of breakthrough notice. Throughout the holiday season as soon as the affordable Publix cake prices cause a the majority of orders that is best to stimulate as much in breakthrough as possible.

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How come Order Publix Cakes

Anyone that loves gourmet cakes that room not also expensive should take into consideration ordering a cake native Publix. The cakes space of the greatest quality and also the employee is constantly willing come accommodate a unique request. With numerous dozen distinctive cake flavors even the pickiest person is certain to uncover a cake the they will certainly enjoy. Orders can be inserted in human being at the Publix bakery, by telephone, or online (for certain locations only) do purchasing your delicious cake easy and convenient.