when it comes to rare and beneficial video games, Nintendo is the king. These room the fifteen rarest Nintendo games, and how much they worth.

Nintendo has been in the video clip game market for end 40 years. That way that there's been plenty the time because that some games to become extremely rare and valuable. The rarest games are still because that the NES, since they have actually the most value once it pertains to vintage and also older games, and also tend to be harder to find. These games don't need to be good, popular, or even finished to it is in valuable. As various other Nintendo counsels enter classic collector are the perform grows longer.

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competition cartridges for special events commend the highest prices because only 2 or three duplicates even exist. These competition carts room getting practically impossible to uncover as collectors have snatched them increase in the past pair of decades. Countless of the various other rare Nintendo games were either promotional games, unlicensed games, or exclusive come rentals. There space some gamings that released for the basic market, favor Mega man 5 & 6, that command a high price, yet they are still way down the perform in state of in its entirety worth and also rarity.

Updated November 23rd, 2020 through Kristy Ambrose: As the years role on, Nintendo games keep increasing in value, come the allude where finding them, collecting them, and also selling them to the greatest bidder has actually end up being a career if you have the time and resources because that the initial search. Gamings for larger systems continue to yield decent investments and also as consoles age, and also games appear on the industry that weren't as beneficial as before. Considering how rapid the market is changing, it can be difficult to keep track, and we're here to aid you out with several of the rarest, most an useful games.

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18 The Legend the Zelda, Majora's Mask (Holographic Label)

legend that zelda majoras mask title screen
The strange one out in a huge family the games, Majora's Mask always enjoyed a cult following yet was never a fan favorite. It's the only game in the whole franchise that's a direct sequel come the one before it in a series that's recognized for a wonky, non-linear timeline. Critics raved around the game's graphics and also the compelling story even if fans to be undecided. The game has stood the test of time and is currently enjoying a resurgence. Brand-new and sealed copies are going for much more than a thousands dollars and the price is quickly going up, especially for any type of special or collectors editions that are rare and hard come find. The instance given here is the one with the holographic label, i m sorry is at this time on peak in regards to rarity and also value.

Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulato
these cartridges room exceptionally rare because they to be made specifically for skilled target and training practice. The video game came as a finish package that included the entire Super Nintendo to chat System, a loose version of the game, and also a maintain rifle. Only loose versions are at this time available, together the video game was never ever intended because that resale or retail display, and also these are going for a quite chunk of adjust at just over $1600. If a finish package were ever before to come to be available, or an unsealed one, the price would certainly be exponentially more as they most likely don't even exist.

this were games for the Gameboy Color, and also not many human being seem come remember lock when stating Zelda games. These two gamings featured gameplay and also a graphical format very similar to the initial Legend the Zelda title. The game incorporates the an altering of the seasons right into the gameplay; v some areas only available during a certain season. There were only 500 duplicates of the limited Edition released; which included both games and promotional items – favor a shirt and also an actual, functioning boomerang. The price is currently about $1,150.00, yet a complete-in-box copy deserve to fetch about $2,200.00

The initial Cheetahmen game showed up on the Action 52 cartridge for the NES. Action 52 is likewise a relatively rare game and also was made well known by The Angry video Game Nerd (AVGN) top top Youtube. Cheetahmen II is a damaged game that was plainly unfinished. The outer cartridge situation is just a repurposed Action 52 cartridge v a simple gold label. The just reason the game went public at every was when a box of lock was discovered in a warehouse.

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over there were much less than 2,000 of this produced, making them rarely to discover no matter where you look on the internet. There space a many reproduction Cheetahmen II cartridges out there, therefore if you want to purchase one make certain it is genuine. These generally sell for about $1,300.00.

This is among those gamings that you just can't do anymore, which is just one of the factors that it's valuable. Peek-A-Boo Poker isn't just a card game for the initial NES. The player's opponents are all women, and they spend most of the game flirting in various states of undress. Complete copies price $1600, and loose copies for $1200, i beg your pardon is a lot because that the cartridge on its own. Various other reasons encompass that it was an unlicensed game and also it included some raunchy contents that Nintendo would have rejected out of hand because that its "family-friendly" label. It's a dicey investment since the price has tendency to fluctuate, yet if you keep your eye on the industry the resale worth is precious it.

Collectors are regularly after this video game partly because of its unique history. Its value is high as result of the reality that this cartridge is quite rare, however the story as to why has been lost to the ages. Rumors speculate that it to be never available in sleeve in phibìc America, and also could just be got as part of a promotional attend to Blockbuster video, thus the reasonably small variety of them. However, other versions that the story allude to a limited, so late release and a poor marketing campaign. One of two people way, this cartridge is very challenging to find and also therefore priced at more than $3500 because that a finish copy. No sealed or used duplicates are available.

The initial Duck Tales is chin a video game that commands a reasonably high price yet is not an especially rare. As soon as Capcom remade this classic game in 2013 they determined to release a very restricted kit that includes a useful gold copy that the original NES cartridge together with some various other promotional item – favor a really cool having lunch box. Over there were only 150 of these kit produced, for this reason the prospect of detect one is an extremely slim. If girlfriend do uncover one, the typical price is $1,400.00. There is one because that sale on eBay right now for $3,000.00 – at the very least it has cost-free shipping.

This was a one-of-a-kind version of the classic Donkey Kong Country that was supplied in the Nintendo PowerFest ’94 competition. Details features the the game were readjusted for the competition. A timer to be added, which because that some factor is in the middle of the screen, and also the obtainable levels were adjusted slightly. The cartridge chin looks very similar to the typical version. The only distinction was the the top-right corner of the label says “Competition Edition” in a red triangle. Just 2,500 of this cartridges were made, and also if you control to situate a copy their worth is roughly $1,650.00.

This is one unlicensed compilation cartridge because that the NES. This video game was originally titled Caltron 6-in-1, but when Caltron went the end of company their staying stock was purchased by Myriad Inc. And resold as the Myriad 6-in-1. The 6 gamings on the cart are clones of popular games – prefer Space Harrier and also Buster Bros.

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The Caltron version is rare, but the Myriad version was restricted to 888 copies. Every copy was numbered, and if you have a copy with equivalent serial number (for the cart, instructions, and also box) the worth is substantially increased. A copy that the Myriad 6-in-1 typically sells for about $1,400.00, but a complete-in-box copy walk for around $3,000.00.

Amazing Tater is a fairly recent entrance on Nintendo's many wanted list. It only showed up on the radar as a collector's article in 2017, and also after it to be discovered, the price went as much as $1600 and also has only risen ever since. Even loose copes room worth nearly $400. Part of the factor why is the it's a Gameboy cartridge, and also the above portable counsel is one of the Nintendo properties that collectors are constantly keen on finding. The video game itself is made up of puzzles and also features a charming group of vegetables characters, in specific the key character, who happens to be a potato. Fun to play and likewise a an excellent investment, since the price keeps rising.

Speed Racer is already a lover game, and one that the an ext famous early on Nintendo titles. This supervisor NES cartridge combine two popular racing games and also plenty the fans look for out the ROM simply to experience the games if castle can't uncover the cartridge.

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with a price tag of an ext and $3000 because that a new, sealed copy, it's no a surprise that the expense of this game is out of reach for most. Finish used copies sell for over $2400 and even loose copies room priced in ~ $1300. Nostalgia value an unified with the rarity that the game has preserved the price fairly steady.

fun to play, colorful, and also generally a an excellent NES side-scrolling game, Little Samson dropped victim come a weak advancement campaign and also did poorly in its own time. The late release date in 1992 additionally didn't help, because the N64 acquired most of the media fist in the mid-1990s. Because that a while, it fell into obscurity, but once it to be rediscovered through collectors the trend never passed away down. Finish copies that the game are currently selling for more than $3500 because that a complete used copy, v no new or sealed duplicates even known to exist or just not for sale.

This was a large, unusual-looking cartridge the looks an ext like one add-on because that the SNES when placed into the cartridge slot. This cartridge was supplied for the Campus challenge in 1992, which to be a competition hosted on 35 college campuses in phibìc America. The dare had restricted versions that 3 standard SNES games: Super Mario World, Pilotwings, and also F-Zero. The cartridge also had one input for a call jack, therefore it might relay information to a server at Nintendo’s headquarters. Over there are just two the these shown to exist, through a rumored 3rd copy somewhere out there waiting to it is in found. The worth of this cartridges is approximated at $4,000.00.

A video game that's at this time enjoying a rebirth thanks to the nostalgia factor, Hagane: The last Conflict is a classic side-scroller the mimics various other favorites like Ninja Gaiden. Favor so many other games that were released ~ above the SNES communication in the mid-1990s, that arrived too late to make an influence before the N64 arrived and sucked every the air out of the gaming room. Circulation was minimal and few copies are still available. Old-school platformers space riding a trend right now as it is, and also this video game is reasonably rare, which add to even more to the value. New and sealed copies are marketing for about $4500, with prices for loose and used copies additionally trending upwards.

For many collectors, this cartridge is the holy Grail of NES games. Stadium Events was a follow-up title because that the family Fun and also Fitness accessory for the NES. Family fun and Fitness, native Bandai, to be a big pad that plugged right into the controller port. The reason this sounds like Nintendo’s strength Pad is since Nintendo chosen this idea so lot they to buy the principle from Bandai and also re-branded the accessory.

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once this happened, every the family members Fun and also Fitness pads and games were removed from store shelves. A copy of Stadium Events demands around $10,000.00, $21,200.00 for a finish in box copy, and around $28,500.00 because that a sealed copy.

In 1990 Nintendo released the Nintendo civilization Championship competition. In the U.S. There to be 29 cities had in the tournament. These competitions used special NES cartridges that had parts of 3 games: Super Mario Bros.

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, Rad Racer, and Tetris. The contestants would play with the 3 games, and the winner was decided through one algorithm that factored in numerous criteria, such as time and also points. These carts have actually become an extremely sought after, and there isn’t a consensus on the number produced. The highest confirmed serial number is 353, and if you want to purchase one be all set to fork over about $19,000.00

these cartridges have the exact same circuit board inside together the grey human being Championship cart, however instead of the dull grey instance they have a shiny yellow case. These yellow variants were given away as prizes in a mail-in competition featured in the Nintendo power magazine. Over there were only twenty-six of these produced, making them among the rarest NES games ever before made. That is very likely that not all 26 of this carts have survived to today. One of these, with the brand missing, was marketed on Ebay for over $100,000.00 in 2014, yet the official value is closer come $20,000.00.

The Nintendo Campus difficulty was structured much like the Nintendo world Championship from the ahead year. The only distinction being that this vain was held at miscellaneous college campuses around the U.S., and a couple of other venues choose Disney World. The three gamings on this cartridge space Super Mario Bros. 3, PinBot, and Dr. Mario. There has actually only been one Campus an obstacle 1991 cartridge found; it is unknown if there are more, but common feeling dictates there have to be. This distinct (so far) cartridge was marketed in 2009 because that $20,100.00.

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