Energy drinks are really useful because that athletes, working people, and those who space in continuous need that the extra drive and also vitality to execute and attain tasks. Power drinks can aid you during training sessions to finish intense workouts and also they have the right to also assist you get through the job especially throughout a sluggish afternoon in the office.

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One power drink that has actually made that name well-known all across the globe is Monster Energy. The was introduced in April 2002 by Hansen Natural firm then, however now the company is dubbed Monster Beverage Corporation. Monster Beverage corporation is an American beverage firm which manufactures not just energy drinks, but also natural soft drinks, as well as fruit drinks.

Below are the latest Monster energy prices.



Regular24 x 16 oz. Can$32.99
Zero Ultra24 x 16 oz. Can$31.99


Regular16 oz. Can$2.77
Lo-Carb16 oz. Can$2.77
Pipeline beat Juice16 oz. Can$2.77
Rehab Tea Lemonade16 oz. Can$2.77
Ultra Blue16 oz. Can$2.77
Ultra Sunrise16 oz. Can$2.77
Zero Ultra16 oz. Can$2.77
Regular4 x 16 oz. Can$7.99
Lo-Carb4 x 16 oz. Can$7.99


Regular16 oz. Can$1.99
Lo-Carb16 oz. Can$1.99
Absolutely Zero16 oz. Can$1.99
Gronk16 oz. Can$1.99
Khaos Juice16 oz. Can$1.99
Muscle Banana shower (Limited)15 oz. Can$2.99
Pipeline beat Juice16 oz. Can$1.99
Rehab Peach Tea16 oz. Can$1.99
Rehab Raspberry Tea16 oz. Can$1.99
Rehab Tea Lemonade16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Black16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Blue16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Citron16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Red16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Sunrise16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Violet16 oz. Can$1.99
Zero Ultra16 oz. Can$1.99
Regular4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Lo-Carb4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Absolutely Zero4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Pipeline punch Juice4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Rehab Tea Lemonade4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Ultra Sunrise4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Zero Ultra4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Regular10 x 16 oz. Can$15.99
Zero Ultra10 x 16 oz. Can$15.99

Sam"s Club

Regular24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Lo-Carb24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Rehab range Pack24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Ultra Sunrise24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Ultra Violet24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Zero Ultra24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Ultra variety Pack24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98


Regular16 oz. Can$1.89
Lo-Carb16 oz. Can$1.89
Absolutely Zero16 oz. Can$1.89
Pipeline punch Juice16 oz. Can$1.94
Rehab Peach Tea16 oz. Can$1.94
Ultra Black16 oz. Can$1.89
Ultra Blue16 oz. Can$1.89
Ultra Red16 oz. Can$1.89
Ultra Sunrise16 oz. Can$1.89
Zero Ultra16 oz. Can$1.89
Regular4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Lo-Carb4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Pipeline punch Juice4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Ultra Sunrise4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Zero Ultra4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Regular10 x 16 oz. Can$15.69
Zero Ultra10 x 16 oz. Can$15.69


Regular16 oz. Can$2.59
Lo-Carb16 oz. Can$2.59
Absolutely Zero16 oz. Can$2.59
Ultra Black16 oz. Can$2.59
Ultra Blue16 oz. Can$2.59
Ultra Red16 oz. Can$2.59
Ultra Sunrise16 oz. Can$2.59
Zero Ultra16 oz. Can$2.59
Regular24 oz. Can$3.49
Lo-Carb24 oz. Can$3.49
Zero Ultra24 oz. Can$3.49
Regular4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99
Lo-Carb4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99
Ultra Sunrise4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99
Zero Ultra4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99


Regular16 oz. Can$1.88
Lo-Carb16 oz. Can$1.88
Gronk16 oz. Can$1.88
Khaos Juice16 oz. Can$1.88
Pipeline beat Juice16 oz. Can$1.88
Rehab Peach Tea16 oz. Can$1.88
Rehab Raspberry Tea16 oz. Can$1.88
Rehab Tea Lemonade16 oz. Can$1.88
Ultra Black16 oz. Can$1.88
Ultra Blue16 oz. Can$1.88
Ultra Sunrise16 oz. Can$1.88
Zero Ultra16 oz. Can$1.88
Regular24 oz. Can$2.78
Lo-Carb24 oz. Can$2.78
Zero Ultra24 oz. Can$2.78
Regular4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Lo-Carb4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Rehab Peach Tea4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Rehab Tea Lemonade4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Ultra Blue4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Ultra Red4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Ultra Sunrise4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Regular10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Lo-Carb10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Rehab Tea Lemonade10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Ultra Sunrise10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Zero Ultra10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72

Monster power drink has end up being easily recognizable by numerous people due to the fact that of its unique logo, which is a big letter M that is vibrantly colored eco-friendly on a field of black to do it stand out also more.

But, that is not just an plain M since it is styled in a method that it suggests the claws the a monster that is ripping through the can. The Monster Energy’s famed logo was designed by McLean Design, i m sorry is a strategic branding for sure based in California. If you room wondering wherein you frequently see it, aside from the can, the log is always featured in significant events the the company of Monster energy sponsors.

Some that the sporting events that Monster energy supports room motocross, BMX, mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, auto racing, speedway, and also eSports events. Beginning the 2017 season, Monster likewise became the location sponsor that NASCAR’s optimal series. The is why, it has actually been renamed to Monster energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Aside from too much sports, Monster power is likewise known come sponsor music events and also promote music bands such as Asking Alexandria.De La Soul, Crown the Empire, Atreyu, Anthrax, The Cult and also solo performers prefer Dave East, Courtney Cox, Cole Swindell, Deniro Farrar, and Dave Lombardo.

Monster power can it is in bought from convenience stores, groceries, supermarkets, and practically anywhere you can buy beverages. It is an extremely convenient and also easily accessible, however keep in mind no to take also much since too much energy drink can be harmful together well. Border your day-to-day intake come a can, or a best of two, through several hours of interval. Also, the is no recommended because that pregnant or nursing women, and for human being who have actually caffeine sensitivity.

Monster power Flavors and Ingredients

A 16 ounce can of Monster Energy contains 160 mg of caffeine. Over there are numerous flavors that this energy drink, but for all, the ingredients include carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, organic flavors, taurine, salt citrate, color added, panax ginseng source extract, L-carnitine, caffeine, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, niacinamide, salt chloride, glucuronolactone, inositol, guarana seed extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sucralose, riboflavin, maltodextrin, and cyanocobalamin.

Monster power is the original flavor which is said to it is in the ideal mix of the right ingredients in the appropriate proportion. It has a an effective punch, but likewise has a smooth and easy drink flavor.

Lo-Carb Monster energy is the different for human being who need the extra energy but not the calories. This drink can offer the huge monster buzz that the original flavor can give, however with much less calories and less carbohydrates.

Monster power Absolutely Zero is the manufacturer’s answer come people’s requests because that a Monster with zero calories. Making an power drink with zero calories and also zero sugar is not straightforward task, yet Monster acquired it right with a re-tooled power blend and a brand-new sweetener system. This drink is equally reliable as the original Monster Energy because it helps fight fatigue, improve mental performance and also focus, and also even offers you enough motivation to work and also play harder.

Monster attack Energy is distinguished by the cool camo sample in that is can. According to Monster, the assault variant help them feeling fired up to fight enlarge multinational companies which dominate the beverage business. This one is much more on the style of the can, quite than the flavor.

Monster power Import supervisor Premium was influenced by a drink in a re-sealable deserve to that the manufacturer experienced in Europe during the Spanish MotoGP. So, castle brewed up their very own version of supervisor premium and imported Monster which has the same great taste, same winning formula, and also same big buzz. The only distinction is the resealable can.

Ubermonster power Brew is the ultimate energy brew from Monster, as motivated by the German word Uber, which means superior, over the norm, or the ultimate. The production of this variant supplies proprietary German imminent technology, which converts malt sugar right into organic acids. The an outcome is a non-alcoholic, bio-activated brew that has a clean and also crisp taste.

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