Marilyn Monroe to be an icon. Even today, nearly 60 year after she death, Ms.

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Monroe"s heritage endures and also likely always will. Despite countless efforts to replicate she fame — Marilyn Monroe, nee Norma Jean Mortenson, stand out amongst Hollywood royalty.

Here she is portrayed in a well known scene in the movie "The seven Year Itch", 1955.

In fact, collectors and also avid fans can"t seem come get enough of her. Lock clamor for books and also movies around her life, products emblazoned with her likeness, and brand-new stories and theories around her tragic death.

But there"s also a robust sector for items that have had some kind of personal connection to her. Item she once owned, wore, or used command attention and also high prices. Old photographs that the incomparable Marilyn Monroe are additionally in great demand.


Marilyn Monroe repertoire Record-Setting Demand

Because of she enduring popularity, Ms. Monroe"s estate proceeds to make money. In 2020, she to be the just female on the Forbes perform of the top 13 highest-paid deceased celebrities. <1> She was in 8th place on the list in 2019. The just other woman on the list that year to be Whitney Houston, in 12th place.

Ms. Monroe additionally made the list the an initial year the list was published in 2001, and also every year after that v 2008. She dropped off the list in 2009 and also 2010, but showed up again from 2011 through 2015, and once again in 2018 and also through 2020, as noted. No other female celebrity has showed up on the perform as many times together Ms. Monroe.

Now think about that those rankings don"t even account for plenty of of the massive prices that Marilyn Monroe memorabilia commands in between collectors. Take a watch at several of the species of MM memorabilia held, sold, and also acquired around the globe.


Notable Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia Collections

Ms. Monroe"s acting coach and also friend, Lee Strasberg, inherited most of the star"s an individual possessions when the symbol died. She mentor stayed in possession the those items till his fatality in February 1982. Mr. Strasberg"s 3rd wife Anna Strasberg inherited the not blocked collection.

Mrs. Strasberg choose to sell some that the an individual property in 1999. Christie"s Auction house handled the sales. The full earned from about 576 lots came to an ext than $13 million. Christie"s likewise oversaw an auction the MM memorabilia in 2001. Mrs. Strasberg had donated some of Ms. Monroe"s possessions to Hollygrove, the orphanage she stayed in as a child. Hollygrove later sold the items to raise operating funds.

Ms. Strasberg put more of Ms. Monroe"s previous possessions up for auction in 2005. Julien"s Auctions handled those items. In 2016, Julien"s auctioned off the critical of Marilyn"s estate, grossing close to $11 million.


One of the biggest private collection of MM memorabilia now — just titled The Marilyn Monroe collection — acquired numerous of the collection"s pieces from those legacy auctions. <2> It contains letters, invoices and also receipts, gaue won documents and checks, photographs, autographs, items of clothing, consisting of furs and accessories, plus plenty of other various things previously owned through Ms. Monroe.


Collectible Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia

Truthfully, anything the Ms. Monroe owned, wore, or provided is a collectible to part Marilyn Monroe collector or fan. So, that wouldn"t be feasible to list whatever traded, sold or auctioned together MM collectibles. But the adhering to items are a little sampling of some noteworthy Marilyn Monroe-related pieces that are or have been in an excellent demand.


Marilyn Monroe Movie-Worn Clothing and also Costumes

Ms. Monroe"s rendition that "Happy Birthday" to President man F. Kennedy made waves in 1962 and also is still talked around today. Hence, it"s no wonder the sales the the dress she wore at that event set records. The first sale took place when Mrs. Strasberg auctioned off numerous of the items her late husband inherited indigenous the actress.

The memorable gown sold for simply under $1.3 million in 1999, making the the greatest auction price ever before paid for a dress at that time. The sale knocked a Princess Diana gown the end of very first place. The dress was later on resold, fetching $4.8 million in 2016.


The top white dress that Ms. Monroe wore in the renowned subway grate step of "The 7 Year Itch" fetched a jaw-dropping price of much more than $5 million. One more collector"s favourite is the emerald eco-friendly sequined gown Ms. Monroe wore to the 1962 golden Globes, where she won she Henrietta Award. When very first up because that auction in 1999, it marketed for $96,000. Practically two years later, its value jumped come $250,000 at a 2018 auction.


Some of her dresses were auctioned by Julien in 2019.

But even apparel that wasn"t specifically noteworthy as soon as she wore it currently sells for exorbitant prices to collectors. One example is a black color blouse and necktie the star wore at a 1956 push conference at the LA airport. The original price that the ensemble is approximated at $10,000. Once sold in ~ auction, that went for $43,750.


How lot is a Marilyn Monroe Autograph Worth?

The market is saturated through items supposedly signed by Marilyn. However experts in the ar estimate that only about a 4 minutes 1 of these insurance claims are true. Instead, much more than 75% are likely fake. So, it"s important to gain this type of memorabilia native a reliable dealer come ensure you"re to buy the actual article.


Marilyn Monroe signed photo in the film There is No organization Like the Show business (1954)

But be mindful that this autographed items commonly don"t come cheap. Here are a couple of examples that in-demand autographed MM memorabilia.

2012 – Cecil Beaton, a society photographer, offered a signed photo of Marilyn for $25,263

2012 — A an individual check dated August 4, 1962 was sold for $15,000 at auction. The presumption is the it"s the last examine Ms. Monroe every wrote. It"s made the end to a furniture firm in the amount of $228.80.

Contracts — Signed movie contracts are famous MM signed collectibles that offer well.

Correspondence — world wrote letter in Ms. Monroe"s day and she to be no exception. Signed hand-written correspondence because that both personal and professional reasons are in high demand amongst collectors.


How lot is a Marilyn Monroe snapshot Worth?

There space so many pictures and images that Marilyn Monroe, that you would certainly think need is satisfied. Instead, rarity and exclusivity identify which initial photographs having the greatest prices. Last year, a really special arsenal of photo negatives offered for $61,866 to an cotton buyer.

The so late Jock Carrol was the photographer and journalist responsible for the 227-piece collection. He shot the photos on the movie set of "Niagara," the 1952 movie in i m sorry Ms. Monroe had her very first starring role. Just 19 of the photos had been published previously. Moreover, Mr. Carroll had virtually unrestricted accessibility to Ms. Monroe for two weeks, enabling him to take many candid shots. These features make these negatives a must-have for major collectors.

Another memorable photography collection currently titled "The critical Sitting" commands large sums of money, together well. The images were taken throughout Ms. Monroe"s last photo shoot. Bert Stern shot much more than 2,500 photos end a 3-day period. The collection likewise included several call sheets, and also the movie star had actually x"d out the photos she considered unworthy of publication.


Marilyn Monroe and also Maria Callas unsigned photo, offered for end $2,000

In 2013, a 10-photograph portfolio from the session marketed for $41,250. Then, in 2015, an online-only auction elevated $137,519 for various MM photo collections. Pieces from "the last Sitting" ceded a full of $80,000 in sales proceeds. Collectors also clamor for photos of pre-Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean.

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Personal Items

If Marilyn provided it, collectors, fans, and anyone obsessed v the iconic figure want it. In late 2020, the sale of a handkerchief v a facility transactional history essentially conserved a French theater. <3>

Like plenty of other entertain venues, Comédie-Italienne experienced financial harm when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Fortunately for this Paris theatre, owner Attilio Maggiulli was the recipient of a special item of MM memorabilia.