Tex-Mex chain Taco Cabana has actually launched the 2021 edition of MargaritaPalooza, unveiling a dozen margarita options, consisting of one the the buzziest and yet unexpected flavors around: pickle. As in, a pickle-flavored margarita.

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The new margaritas will be easily accessible beginning April 7, and also are component of what seems to be emerging as an annual event that premiered in 2020. The lineup encompass nine new flavors and also three classics. All margaritas are accessible for $2 all day, every day, at participating restaurants in Texas.

Nine brand-new limited-time MargaritaPalooza spices include:

Pineapple JalapenoDragonfruitPickleVioletOrangePistachioOrange CreamChili Lime CucumberPineapple Banana

They sign up with three classics: Lime, Strawberry, and also Mango.

The brand-new flavors represent an interesting combination of trendiness (dragonfruit, pickle) and also flavors that one might find in ~ a gourmet shaved ice was standing (chili lime cucumber, pineapple jalapeno).

This adheres to the 2020 debut the Margaritapalooza, whose flavors included frose, watermelon, and also Dr Pepper. All an excellent flavors however they pale in comparison come the mighty pickle, i beg your pardon is at top popularity in DFW through the eastern audioeditorfree.com store called Pickletopia, and the pickle-flavored beer native Martin home Brewing in fort Worth.

Pickle is so hot right now.

The flavors are available at all places in san Antonio, Austin, Houston, audioeditorfree.com, and also Fort precious — all the cities extended by audioeditorfree.com.

Fiesta Restaurant team President and CEO affluent Stockinger note in a statement the Taco Cabana continues to be "the go-to destination in Texas because that great-tasting, uniquely-flavored margaritas in ~ a terrific value."

Simultaneous to the launch of MargaritaPalooza, Taco Cabana is likewise introducing three brand-new street tacos:

Carne Asada topped with chopped cilantro and diced onionPork Adobado topped v chopped cilantro and pickled red onionsPollo Adobado topped through cilantro lime ranch and cotija cheese

They"re obtainable in a three-pack for $5.

There"s additionally a new chicken milanesa torta, special a breaded chicken chest on telera bread through refried beans, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and cilantro lime ranch.

And they"re bringing ago peach empanadas, in a two-pack for $3.

All food selection items, including MargaritaPalooza margaritas, deserve to be ordered online at tacocabana.com or via the MYTC! app for curbside pick-up.

TC drive-throughs are open for food and alcohol purchases and select Taco Cabana dining rooms and also patios are open up for on-site dining together well.

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Currently, mountain Antonio residents can order alcohol and also food delivery online or via the Taco Cabana app. Members that the MYTC! loyalty Program likewise earn price points because that each alcoholic beverage purchase.