Over current years, lip injections have been getting much attention, from assorted celebrity appraisals to plenty of blog posts and also videos on social media. This comes together no surprise – men and women anywhere are looking to boost their self-confidence. So many human being are dissatisfied with having thin feather lips, and also are left wondering why their lips lack fullness and definition.

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Well, with our lip enhancement procedure in ~ our Midtown office, friend can acquire the perfect lip aesthetic after simply one appointment. Our extremely experienced plank certified dermatologists have actually been performing lip augmentation safely and successfully to create natural results because that years. As is the situation with most cosmetic procedures, lip injections specifically require a high level of precision.

This is to minimize pain, blood, and swelling. Moreover, our brand-new York dermatologists abide by the “less is more” principle when it pertains to lip injections. This is come ensure a herbal appearance, quite than the overdone, ducky-lip deformity result from too lot lip filler.

Watch Dr. Akhavan perform Lip Augmentation

The goal v lip augmentation is to include hydration come the lips, offering them a poutier figure with much less lines. Sometimes, young adjustments room done such as slight elongation in bespeak to emphasize lipstick. In the situation of disproportional lips, either peak lip augmentation or bottom lip augmentation is done in bespeak to balance out the lips. Every which way, our dedicated dermatologists emphasis on boosting the lips based upon their herbal shape, ensuring lock will match the challenge perfectly. This ensures the you will have actually a natural looking result from the fillers.


The species of Lip fillers We Use


With our doctor’s substantial experience using assorted lip fillers in NYC, us are acquainted with the intricacies and also minute details of each filler product, so we space well fitted to identify the finest one for your lips. Performing the injections in the appropriate sites, through the ideal amount, is another careful deliberation that is basic to the lip enhancement procedure’s success. Overall, we have actually the year of experience and unique expertise required to leave our patients through plump, sexy, and over all, natural, feather lips, v minimal pain and also bruising.

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Time and time again, ours patients concerned us because we practice top of the line cosmetic dermatology in a an extremely comfortable setting. We have actually over 100 5 star reviews, which attests come our high quality service and care. Schedule a consultation this particular day with the dermatologists at our Midtown, Manhattan office.