ISR lessons are 10 minutes per day, 5 days every week, generally 4-6 main for children 6 month to 6 years. Morning and Afternoon Sessions are available for your convenience.

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Cost is $105 it is registered Fee come ISR. This registration Fee is non-refundable! No kid is allowed to start lessons till he/she is cleared by ISR’s RET team of pediatric nurses and physicians who evaluation the it is registered Form.

Please click on the ISR Registration attach to it is registered your child (located at the height right edge of this page). Upon mine receipt that ISR check your child is clearing to start lessons, please contact me come reserve her time slot. Ns shall e-mail you check of your time slot and information concerning what to intend on your child’s an initial day the ISR lessons. Please lug your early stage deposit that $375 (1st 3 mainly of lessons) come me ~ above the very first day that lessons. If the deposit is not paid, her child might not start ISR lessons.

A $375 initial deposit (1st 3 weeks) is early out upon reserving your 10 minute time slot. ~ the $375 initial deposit is make via check made payable come Julia Deal, your time slot will be hosted until ISR approves your child for lessons. Final payment of $375 is due in ~ the end of the 3rd week of lessons on Friday, unless arrangements have actually been do to assigned work payment on Monday that the start of mainly 4 lessons.

Weekly lesson fees is $125 per week plus travel fee, paid directly to me. This consists of Vacations/Sick Days/Absences/Holidays. Saturday lessons are noted in the occasion of cancellation because of weather.

Morning Sessions, 6 am – 7:45 am; Afternoon Sessions 1 afternoon – 2:45 pm and 6 pm-7:30 pm.

All lessons will certainly be held at NorthShore Swim located at 690 Albert Street, Mandeville, Louisiana 70448. However, exclusive lessons in your pool are obtainable as well. Please call me to comment on dates, times, locations and fee schedule at 985 605 4177.

Refresher process (1-2 weeks) room also available after your kid completes his/her early stage ISR 6 week course. Refresher courses price $100-$200. There is no ISR it is registered fee as soon as the food is taken in ~ the year of perfect the early ISR six week course.

WHAT Is infant Swimming source (ISR)?


ISR establish that pool fences, adult supervision and also pool alarms are vital approaches come drowning prevention, however, over 4,000 drowned deaths every year still occur. ISR’s core approach remains the truth that the son is the many important component of drowning prevention. Over 300,000 ISR graduates and also over 800 documented survival stories room proof that children can conserve themselves.

Children indigenous 6-12 months focus on Rollback come Float, rest and also breathe until assist arrives.

Children indigenous 12 month to 6 years focus on Swim-Float-Swim survive sequence. They find out to swim v their head down; roll onto their earlier to float, rest, and breathe; roll earlier over come resume swim to the measures or next of a pool wherein they either crawl the end of the pool or are rescued.


Meet your Certified ISR Instructor!

Julia transaction is a Certified ISR Instructor located in Mandeville, Louisiana. I i graduated from university of California, Davis in 1992, Tulane university in 1994 and also Loyola University college of regulation in 2001. I learned around ISR while visiting mine 3 year old god-daughter who lives in Winter Haven, Florida. I just knew I had actually to uncover the time external of mine estate planning law practice to obtain certified and also offer ISR to youngsters in mine area!

Prior to practicing law, I functioned with pediatric patients at children Hospital in new Orleans in the Nuclear medication Department. I remain CPR and very first Aid Certified through the American heart Association too – another requirement of being a Certified ISR Instructor.

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Teaching ISR allows me to positively influence families in an area of our country where enjoyment of the water is as lot a method of life together is a crawfish boil v friends and family.