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Where to Buy 2021 MLB Playoff Tickets

Primary industry face-value MLB playoff tickets for many teams are available via your website, or Ticketmaster.

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On the secondary market, has actually Fee-FreeMLB Playoff ticket which likewise include aRefund Guarantee. Ours Refund Guarantee states that if an occasion is canceled or reputed unfit because that fans to attend, will refund ticket buyers in as shortly as 15 days. That way that you have the right to buy indigenous worry-free. Client on save between 15%-25% contrasted to other secondary market ticketing sites.




How lot Are 2021 MLB Tickets

Below space two infographics that present the mean prices for each Wild card game, and each team"s in its entirety average price for the LDS round:

League Championship Series



League department Series

Wild card Round


2021 MLB Playoff Schedule


Thursday, Oct. 7 -ALDS A, game 1 (FS1 or MLBN) /ALDS B, video game 1 (FS1 or MLBN)Friday, Oct. 8 -ALDS A, game 2 (FS1 or MLBN) /ALDS B, game 2 (FS1 or MLBN) /NLDS A, video game 1 (TBS) /NLDS B, game 1 (TBS)Saturday, Oct. 9 -NLDS A, video game 2 (TBS) /NLDS B, game 2 (TBS)Sunday, Oct. 10 -ALDS A, game 3 (FS1 or MLBN) /ALDS B, video game 3 (FS1 or MLBN)Monday, Oct. 11 -ALDS A, video game 4* (FS1 or MLBN) /ALDS B, video game 4* (FS1 or MLBN) /NLDS A, game 3 (TBS) /NLDS B, game 3 (TBS)Tuesday, Oct. 12 -NLDS A, video game 4* (TBS) /NLDS B, game 4* (TBS)Wednesday, Oct. 13 -ALDS A, game 5* (FS1) /ALDS B, game 5* (FS1)Thursday, Oct. 14 -NLDS A, game 5* (TBS) /NLDS B, game 5* (TBS)


Friday, Oct. 15 -ALCS video game 1 (FOX)Saturday, Oct. 16 -ALCS game 2 (FOX or FS1) /NLCS game 1 (TBS)Sunday, Oct. 17 -NLCS game 2 (TBS)Monday, Oct. 18 -ALCS video game 3 (FS1)Tuesday, Oct. 19 -NLCS game 3 (TBS) /ALCS game 4 (FS1)Wednesday, Oct. 20ALCS game 5* (FS1) /NLCS video game 4 (TBS)Thursday, Oct. 21 -NLCS video game 5* (TBS)Friday, Oct. 22 -ALCS video game 6* (FS1)Saturday, Oct. 23NLCS video game 6* (TBS) /ALCS video game 7* (FOX or FS1)Sunday, Oct. 24 -NLCS game 7* (TBS)
Tuesday, Oct. 26 -World collection Game 1 (FOX)Wednesday, Oct. 27 -World collection Game 2 (FOX)Friday, Oct. 29 -World collection Game 3 (FOX)Saturday, Oct. 30 -World collection Game 4 (FOX)Sunday, Oct. 31 -World series Game 5* (FOX)Tuesday, Nov. 2 -World series Game 6* (FOX)Wednesday, Nov. 3 -World series Game 7* (FOX)


Due come COVID-19, every 2020 department Series, league Championship Series, and also World collection games will be played in bubble locations. The ALDS will certainly be play at Dodger stadion in Los Angeles, and Petco Park in san Diego, the NLDS will certainly be played at world Life ar in Arlington and also Minute Maid Park in Houston. The ALCS will certainly take place at Petco Park, and also the NLCS and World collection will take place at globe Life Field.

Due to the state accuse in California and Texas, tickets will only be easily accessible for the NLCS and also World Series.

How lot Are 2020 MLB Playoff Tickets

Primary sector NLCS tickets start at $40 and also go as high as $125 every seat. Because that the World collection prices variety from $75 to $450 per seat.

On the second market, tickets for the NLCS room averaging $210, i m sorry is the least expensive NLCS we"ve ever tracked. Last year, the NLCS in between the Nationals and Cardinals average $335 top top the second market. Get-in prices selection from $68 come $190.

Below is a look in ~ the mean price and also get-in price for each NLCS game:

The secondary market typical prices for this year"s World series is $979, i beg your pardon is considerably less expensive 보다 last year"s $1,936 typical price for the Nationals-Astros series. Get-in prices for the World series games selection from $345 come $450.

Below is a look at the median price and also get-in price for each World series game:

--- 2019 Report listed below ---

How much Are 2019 MLB Playoff Tickets

After a 162-game—or in this year case, 163-game—marathon season, the major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing. If the Yankees steamrolled the Twins, the remainder of the league divisional series in walk the distance. As the listed below infographic shows, the Astros have actually the highest video game 5, i beg your pardon the cheapest ticket available for roughly $100. Dodgers game 5 ticket prices room down 30% since the begin of the series, and also it can be a cheap series-clinching game for fans.

The below infographic (which excludes potential GM7 Prices because that Yankees) mirrors that Nats fans room the most the many excited about advancing to the organization Championship Series, the franchises very first since relocating to DC in 2005.

NL World-Series favorite Dodgers fans appear to be saving up for a depths run, with Dodgers ticket the 2nd cheapest of any kind of LDS house games. Yankees vs. Pair at Yankee stadium in the many expensive house side of any kind of LDS series. It"s also theonly series that renders the peak 10 LDS price this decade (#6). In spite of their record-breaking season, Twins pan aren"t obtaining too excited around another post-season meeting through the Yankees. In their 2nd LDS this decade, the Twins median ticket price the $183 is33% below their 2010 price of $271. With the ideal odds to with the World collection in the AL,Astros prices are the 2nd highest over the last 4 years, behind just 2017, the year they winner the people Series.
Despite the highest possible odds to reach the World series in the NL, the Dodgers have actually the second cheapest NLDS price this season, and their second cheapest this decade. Of the teams that have clinched a spot in the LDS, theBraves have actually the cheapest NLDS prices while the Twins are cheapest in the ALDS.
How much Are 2019 MLB Wild Card video game Tickets

The 2 2019 Wild Card video game matchups are set. In the American league theTampa bay Rays will take trip out west to take it on the Oakland Athletics, and in the National league the Milwaukee Brewers head to Washing to challenge the Washington Nationals. Prices and also ticket web links for each video game are below:

LeagueMatch UpAvg PriceGet-In Price

How lot Are 2019 MLB league Divisional collection LDS Playoff Tickets

After two straight years in the human being Series, Dodgers prices are the lowest on the secondary market, and the team is even offering some impetus for pan to come the end to the ALDS. The very first 40,000ticketed pan in attendance will obtain aCody BellingerPostseason Bobblehead.

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TeamAvg Price
Braves$150 is committed to the cheapest ticket possible, and we do much less on marketed out tickets compared to other major marketplaces prefer StubHub and also Vivid. That means ticket buyers conserve from approximately 25% ~ above on sports, music and also theater. We"re may be to do this due to the fact that we additionally work through teams, venues, and also other ticket owners, to help them market tickets at challenge price, straight to consumers choose you, with Ticketmaster.