The intake of luxury lagers has been an unpleasant experience for a couple of percents of consumer out there. The unavoidable companies guarantee about their beer brand for being light and also cheerful. However, consumer with greater expectations perform not say so! those the equipment for this unsatisfied alcohol consumers? it’s Dos Equis light lager.

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Introduction to Dos Equis Lager Beer

Dos Equis beer is a Mexican-style irradiate beer lager that has actually been trending in America for a if now. Recently, Dos Equis introductors asserted it together a domestic drink because that alcohol consumers with a smart method of living.


What’s provides Dos Equis an excellent lager and also famous in America? Dos Equis alcohol content has a uniquely included taste. That’s correct! Dos Equis has actually been provided a note of citrus salt i m sorry embraces the tang of the beer and also makes it an ext than an alcohol addict drink.

Dos Equis Lager Alcohol Content

Yes! friend must have heard around the exceptional beer advertising campaign in history, that was dubbed “the most exciting man in the world.” earlier then, the tagline because that Dos Equis was “Stay Thirsty my Friends.” Indeed, the advertisement shown Dos Equis alcohol contents lager is one of the best different lagers because that those who desire come live life in ~ it’s best.

In this blog, you will certainly learn around “what is the alcohol content in Dos Equis?” together with it’s studied benefits. Top top the part of Dos Equis nutritious qualities, the alcohol contents of Dos Equis is just one of the factors that matter. Let’s take it a glimpse of—

What Is Dos Equis Lager Especial Alcohol Content?

The alcohol content is the lot of pure alcohol (ethanol) added to the details beer/lager. Dos Equis beer alcohol is 4.2%. It means Dos Equis contains listed below average alcohol content. Hence, Dos Equis is a light beer.

Apart from this, calories in Dos Equis beer are 131 grams per 12 ounces the the drink. Carbohydrates in Dos Equis amount to 11 grams and zero fat. It means that the potential danger of beer weight-gain eliminates.

Is Dos Equis ABV 4.2% beneficial?

To the reader’s surprise, Dos Equis Abv above-average is quite a beneficial equation because that the consumers in practical. Dos Equis had found by Wilhelm Haasse in the year 1897. Follow to the commercial project of Dos Quis, it has actually been manufacturing using a similar an approach for the previous 122 years.

Indeed, to press the audience’s attention in the direction of the reality that “Dos Equis is an old lager,” the Dos Equis marketing additionally included a referral with Abraham Lincoln. Sounds bewildered!

Keeping beside the prominence and reputation the Dos Equis worldwide, today, we are focusing on the services of Dos Equis. Let’s watch what we have actually gathered therefore far.

Focus on the taste the drink and alcoholism: People end up being addicted to alcohol due to the fact that they taste alcohol when drinking heavy wines and also whiskeys. Their bodies begin to expropriate the very bitter taste of pure alcohol. In simple words, this alcoholics forget to take pleasure in sweet and corny taste in alcohol addict beverages.

Dos Equis beer alcohol content have the right to be an aspect leading to recovery for such consumers. Dos Equis lager has superb aftertaste that allows the customer to take it pleasure in the tang of beer rather than the affect of alcohol.

For those who emphasis on alcohol and it’s short-term affect akin come intoxication, alcohol i do not care an addiction in no time.

Are girlfriend a potential heart patient?: friend must have heard “alcohol causes the heart to suffer.” However, have actually you ever before wondered why “alcohol” is referred to as slow medicine for potential heart patients?

The short alcohol contents in Dos Equis counts amongst moderate drink habits. Alcohol contents as low as 4.2% protects the heart against the various cardiovascular diseases. How? consumption of Dos Equis 1-2 glass per day enables the generation of great cholesterol in the body. It prevents the blood native clotting together well. These two combined qualities the abv protect cardiac arrest whenever in the future.

Do no you FORGET!: memory loss is very common amongst elders. What’s the solution? Dos Equis is. Think it or not, yet alcohol content deserve to be both beneficial and dangerous for mind function. It relies on the amount of alcohol consumed per day. For example, 1-2 glass that Dos Equis every day deserve to improve the mind function and eliminate the danger of memory loss, dementia or alzheimer’s in the future.

How? Alcohol pushes brain cells down and also in reaction, brain cells fight against alcohol content in the body. It renders the mind immune come the threat of alcohol. Together this, that strengthens mind cells to fight against high-end brain function dangers like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Do you run away from “sweet” in ~ a young age?: What’s worse than Diabetes type-2 in the elderly? it’s Diabetes type-2 at very early age. That is very common together one does not realize the breakthrough of Diabetes at an early stage to manage it. Luckily, by spend alcohol contents of Dos Equis, the consumer can end up being precautious versus this risk. How?

Dos Equis Amber beer Alcohol content enables hormones to react. This reaction against alcohol balance in the body permits the hormone to become immune. This causes hormones to end up being immune to insulin sensitivity. It straight reduces the danger of Diabetes advance in the body.

Improved sex-related drive: low alcohol content permits the body to relax and let go of the anxious think in the mind. Amongst some people, sober sex appears impossible. However, sex after alcohol seems a possibility. This is due to the fact that alcohol in some consumers drives sexual power. That generates trust and permits one to feeling comfortable with constant motion.

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Dos Equis ad campaigns carry out not emphasis on “lifetime pleasure” or “smart means of life” because that the benefits of publicity and also trend. The drink gives out an immersion the positivity amongst the youth in the direction of the last goals. Through a down alcohol content, Dos Equis is a drink of exciting taste.