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What’s so great about glass alcohol bottles? lock delicate, clinky, and shot as you may, you can’t stack lock on peak of each other for straightforward storage. ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, you have actually boxed wines: perfect because that picnicking, straightforward to store, and if did you do it ever considered constructing a brand-new boyfriend the end of boxed wines, well,someone’s gained you beat.

Plus, they’re environmentally friendly. States Nadine Brown, alcohol consultant and also former wine director of Charlie Palmer Steak in DC, “A large part the the carbon footprint the wine originates from shipping heavy bottles all over the world.” The packaging is lightweight, and it keeps alcohol fresher longer, therefore you have less waste.

Yes, too many of good wines come in the traditional glass bottle, but that doesn’t median you can’t find quality wines in a box. In fact, we currently found part for you. In this list, us transcend the box and shift our focus to every the delicious wines inside. Here are the ideal boxed wines that you'll want to drink appropriate now.

best Overall: Bota crate Old Vine Zinfandel

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Courtesy of total Wine

Buy ~ above DrizlyBuy ~ above

Region: France | ABV: 12–14% | Tasting Notes: Strawberries, Raspberries, Cream

A blend of organic and sustainably farmed grenache and also cinsault grapes from southerly France’s Languedoc region, this well-made rosé to be fermented and also stored in both stainless steel and also concrete, v stirring the the lees for a creamy texture. In addition to its ripe, red berry flavor, that body makes it the strawberries-and-cream that boxed wine, yet it finishes through lip-smacking acidity, making that a an excellent summer sipper because that chilling and also snacking by the pool.

last Verdict

While to water Haus Cabernet (view in ~ Drizly) brings elegance to package with its sippable red perfect for the cheese course throughout a fine dinner, leg Lane Red mix (view at total Wine) is meant for more-casual times: cookouts and also backyard grilling.

What to Look for in a Boxed wine


Boxed wine has traditionally been viewed as a cheap-and-cheerful worth product. “Currently they are much less expensive and can be a bargain,” states Brown. Sometimes it comes down to a less-than-premium wine in the box. Yet the value additionally a product the the cheaper shipping costs, and much more and more, wine that’s accessible in bottles additionally comes in a box, at a relative savings. Take the leg Lane Red Blend. A 3-liter crate is not much more than double the price the a 750ml bottle, making it a an excellent deal. Bottom line: expect to pay less for boxed wine.


Many of the choices are easy-drinking, day-to-day wines, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find them enjoyable. “The wine need to be totally free of faults,” claims Brown. Quality is improving, she notes, “as more producers usage this packaging because that mid-tier wines.” yet she litter in this caveat: “If you space a die difficult wine snob, box wines can not be because that you as yet.”


Construction matters. You desire the spigot come be straightforward to find, simple to pull through its opening in the cardboard box, and easy to revolve on and also off, with no leakage. Through a Tetra Pak, you want the cap to screw on securely, therefore you nothing spill any kind of wine if you’re toting it follow me on an adventure. Also, a cardboard carton offers many surface for inventive design. Fun labels do boxed wines giftable.

frequently asked questions

exactly how does it work?

Boxes provided to be booked for cheap, low-quality wine. But not anymore. Nowadays, with so plenty of mid-tier and also premium brands on the market, boxed wine is no different than bottled wine. The only distinction is the packaging. The bag-in-box modern technology goes ago to the 1960s, once Australia’s Penfold’s designed the bladder v a tap ~ above the end. Air-tight and also far more lightweight 보다 glass, the heavy, plastic bag inside package keeps alcohol fresher than in a bottle.

How countless servings every bag?

The servings per bag relies upon the size of the box. Big, 3-liter crate are equivalent to 4 750ml party of wine, and a party of wine yields five 5-ounce glasses. So, you gain 20 glasses of alcohol from that dimension box. A smaller, totable box, favor the one the Bandit Pinot Grigio comes in, is a 1-liter size. That provides you just about 7 glasses that wine.

deserve to you re-use/recycle?

The carboard the bag-in-box brands come in is pretty lot recyclable everywhere. However some boxed wines come in Tetra Pak. A mix of paper, aluminum, and polyethylene, this packaging is lot more complicated to process on the back end, so no all municipalities expropriate it because that recycling. But Tetra Paks are tough as nails, for this reason you deserve to put castle to an imaginative reuse as containers for holding workdesk or art supplies, bird feeders, planters for seedlings, and also more.

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