Apple released the iphone phone 8 and also iPhone 8 Plus earlier in 2017. While they’re a couple of years old now, they’re still an excellent phones because that anyone trying to find an affordable and reliable iPhone that is compatible through all the recent iOS software updates.

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The iphone 8 Plus may not have the exact same flashy all-screen display discovered on the iphone 11, and also it doesn’t have actually FaceID — but if you can get around these missing features, friend can obtain a killer deal that’s much easier on the wallet. Keep reading to learn an ext about offered iPhone 8 Plus price — and also how girlfriend can gain one for less on

iPhone 8 to add price

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Average iphone 8 Plus price on are $263 for 64GB, $292 because that 128GB, and $305 for 256GB. But because these are mean prices, you can discover even cheaper prices depending on the color and also condition friend select.

Looking for the best price ~ above an iphone 8 Plus? If girlfriend don’t mental a few blemishes here and also there, simply select an iphone 8 to add in same condition. Because we don’t enable broken tools to be sold in the marketplace, you can rest easy understanding you’re receiving a totally functional iPhone, whether it’s pristine or has a couple of small scratches.

iPhone 8 add to price history

Apple originally introduced the iphone 8 to add in 2017 because that $799 because that 64GB and $949 for 256GB. One year later, there to be an iphone 8 to add price drop come $699 because that 64GB and $849 because that 256GB. Then, alongside the start of the iphone 11, to apologize officially retired the 256GB iphone 8 Plus, presenting a brand-new 128GB version in the stead. This to be accompanied through an iphone phone 8 to add price drop come $549 because that 64GB and also $599 because that 128GB. The iphone 8 Plus to be discontinued shortly after, coinciding v the relax of the iphone phone SE 2020 in April 2020.

While Apple’s price cut were well obtained by consumers, you can gain a much much better deal by to buy on Here’s how prices stack up for all the warehouse sizes:


Is the iphone phone 8 Plus worth it in 2021?

Originally announced alongside the smaller iPhone 8 and also iPhone X, the iphone phone 8 Plus provides several enhancements over the vault year’s iphone 7 add to such as wireless and fast charging, an enhanced True ton display, and amplified performance with its updated A11 Bionic chip.

The iphone phone 8 Plus have the right to still store up through the ideal of smartphones today — and it’s a acquainted experience for those who like an iPhone through a fingerprint reader and also physical home button. Plus, it’s hard to deny the value, do the iphone phone 8 add to still worth buying in 2020.

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Just be conscious that the iphone phone 8 add to was one of the an initial iPhones to combine an all-glass back. This provides it a bit much more fragile than previous generations, so we recommend choose up a Used Phone security Plan for simply a few bucks a month. Examine out the best used iPhone deals by click below.