Barack Obama has revealed his track of the year, and the honourgoes to Kendrick Lamar.

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The united state President called Peoplethat his favourite monitor of 2015 is the Comptonrapper"s"How much aDollar Cost".

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The song appears on Kendrick"s acclaimed album To Pimp a Butterfly, and also tells the story that a homeless guy who berates the rapper because that a dollar before revealing self to be God.

"It"s a true story… These room moments in mine life depth than just handing someone a dollar," the rapper formerly told MTV.

"These space actually moments of integrity, actually being able to talk to somebody. Me talk to him was just a give thanks to you native God. And I felt God speaking with him to get at me."

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama preferred a bit of note Ronson and Bruno Mars"s "Uptown Funk".

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