come celebrate our 100th season, we are going back to our root to respect the 13 initial Towns and 14 charter teams that started the in September that 1920. V youth and also high school football grants, integration of the towns right into the 2019 Draft, and also the building of a new, turf ar in Dayton, Ohio – the site of the first-ever game – we will acknowledge where our organization was very first established. Scroll down to dive right into the early history of the and learn more about the humble starts of America’s favorite sports League.

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In the summer that 1920, art Ranney and Frank Nied formed the Akron advantages – a game-changing team that included the likes of Bob “Nasty” Nash and also Fritz Pollard, the first-ever afri American player and also coach. ~ above April 30, 1921, ~ an 8-0-3 season, the team was awarded the American skilled Football Association, or APFA (now Champion title, and the Brunswick-Balke Collendar Cup. What taken place to the Cup after that day, however, is a mystery. Never again pointed out in organization minutes, the Cup an extremely well may be surprise in one Akron attic somewhere – the dusty price of the’s very first championship.


Today, Buffalo is the residence of the Buffalo Bills. The Bills, however, were not the an initial football team to speak to the city home. That honor goes come the Buffalo All-Americans, a starting team the the nationwide Football organization in 1920. In the team’s first season, the All-Americans walk 9-9-1, and also believed castle deserved to win the championship – and the Brunswick-Balke Collendar Cup. At the time, though, championships were chose by voting, and the All-Americans ended the season with a 3rd-place slot in the American experienced Football combination – now well-known as the

In 1920, ten football teams gathered in Canton, Ohio to develop the American experienced Football combination (APFA), now well-known as the national Football league ( Four much more teams joined the League later on that year, round off out the 14 original Towns. Canton, Ohio, now recognized for its agree Football room of Fame, was the home of the Canton Bulldogs. In the at an early stage 1900s, the Bulldogs were a leading football team, boasting renowned players such together Olympic yellow Medalist and hailed football hero, Jim Thorpe. The Bulldogs won back-to-back championship title in 1922 and 1923. To this day, the Bulldogs still host the document for many consecutive team wins, through 25 straight.

In 1920, as soon as the Cardinals organized the Decatur Staleys (now Chicago Bears) because that the first time, they developed the"s oldest rivalry – what us now know as Cardinals vs. Bears. Through the aid of superstar, Paddy Driscoll, the Cardinals winner 7-6, and the battle for pro football dominance in Chicago began. Regardless of being eventually overpowered by the Chicago Bears, the Cardinals relocated to Arizona – coming to be today’s Arizona Cardinals – and also are, together with the Bears, the only two franchises quiet in operation due to the fact that the League’s founding.

Although the Chicago Tigers to be the first-ever team in the’s background to disband, they nevertheless occupy critical part in background as one of its establishing teams. In the club’s single season, the many tigers went 2-5-1 and played their home games at Cubs Park, now recognized as the well known Wrigley Field. Perhaps the team’s many prominent video game was versus the Racine Cardinals, that were also based in Chicago. Many tigers owner Guil Falcon apparently made a deal with Cardinals owner chris O’Brien come play because that the best to it is in the single Chicago team – and after the Cardinals won 6-3, the many tigers disbanded in ~ the end of the season.

Though the Cleveland Tigers ended their inaugural APFA (now season through a 2-4-2 record, the team placed up 7 points versus that season’s champion, the Akron pros – the only points the Pros permitted in the entirety of the 1920 season. In the 1921 season, the Cleveland Tigers came to be the Cleveland Indians, and shared both a field and name with the city’s baseball club. Return the Cleveland ind football team disbanded after the season, the city’s passion for the game, and for their Cleveland Browns, continues to be strong.

When the nationwide Football league was established in 1920, Columbus, Ohio was known for its many railroads. Plenty of of the men that played because that the Columbus Panhandles – the city’s soccer team – functioned on the Panhandle section of the Pennsylvania railroad, including the well known Nesser brothers. The 6 brothers turned the Panhandles right into a major attraction v sellout crowds almost everywhere lock went. Ted Nesser’s boy Charlie joined the team in 1921, as well, marking the only time in background where a father and also son played on the very same team. In 1922, the Panhandles were discontinued due to cost and salary demands.

In 1916, the Dayton Triangles organized as a recreational football team, made up of employees from 3 Dayton factories: the Dayton design Laboratories company (Delco); the Dayton Metal assets Company, and also the domestic Engineering agency (now called Delco-Light). The team gained their namesake native the 3 companies and because they played at Triangle Park in north Dayton. In 1920, Dayton triangle team manager Carl Storck to visit the first-ever organizational meeting and also a few weeks later, on October 3, 1920, the Triangles organized the first-ever game against the Columbus Panhandles at Triangle Park, winning 14-0. Though the no longer has actually a club in Dayton, FLAG games are play to today at Triangle Park.

To respect the lasting tradition of football and also pave the method for future generations, the Foundation, in partnership through FieldTurf & Vasco — that will command construction and installation — will money the installment of a brand-new artificial turf field in the city that Dayton at Kettering Park.

Continue listed below to learn more about the initial Towns

The Decatur Staleys American soccer team was created in bespeak to construct morale within the Staley manufacturing Company. Expert baseball player George Halas join the Staleys throughout the first season. After Halas propelled the team to play in downtown Chicago come garner larger crowds, A.E. Staley moved ownership end to him because of the team’s success in their new city. Halas at some point renamed the team the Chicago Bears, because, in his words, “football players room bigger than baseball players, for this reason if baseball players are cubs, then certainly football players need to be bears.” The Chicago bears are now one the the most storied Clubs in league history, and also George Halas’ daughter Virginia McCaskey right now owns the team.

A team of university of Detroit athletes, led by bill Marshall, paved the means for expert football in Detroit by forming the Heralds in 1905, after the university got rid of its football program. The Heralds to be the an initial independent football team in America come wear numbers on their jerseys, and also to publicize their players to do the game an ext fan-friendly. The Heralds quickly became a compete team when they signed huge name stars like Kent "Skeet" Lambert, Nord Sacksteder, and also Tommy Hughitt. In 1921, the team was renamed the Detroit Tigers, but disbanded in the same season – just one year ~ the APFA’s (’s) inception.

It is claimed that the American expert Football combination (now, was initially deemed viable since of a 1919 game between the Hammond Pros and also the Canton Bulldogs, that boasted somewhere in between 10,000 and also 12,000 fans. Unfortunately, most of the Hammond football player had full-time jobs, tiny time to practice, and played most of their gamings on the road, lending to the team’s seven-year, 5-26-4 record. Nonetheless, the Hammond Pros room remembered for being the many inclusive team in at an early stage history, with five of the ten african American football player in the organization playing because that Hammond in ~ one point in time. In 1926, the disbanded 12 the its clubs to do the League more manageable – one of which was the Hammond Pros.

The Muncie Flyers – first called the Congerville Flyers – originated with the Congerville Athletic society in 1905. Though the Flyers lasted 5 seasons in the American experienced Football association (APFA), now, the team success no plentiful: The Flyers play its very first game October 3, 1920, shedding to the rock Island Independents 45-0. Indigenous 1920 come 1921, the Flyers played just two more APFA teams, losing both the those games without scoring a single point. Today, round State University lives in Muncie, with a department I football team, therefore football is still vital part that Muncie’s past, present and also future.

When the Independents came to be a charter member of the national Football League, your squad was currently a well-known. In the team’s opened game, absent Island win the Muncie Flyers 45-0. The Independents left the in 1926 to end up being a charter member that the first American football League, only to fold v the rest of the organization a year later. Though the team’s existence in the was short, the rock Island Independents developed four agree Football hall of fame members, consisting of Ed Healy, Jimmy Conzelman, Jim Thorpe, and also Joe Guyon. Today, the city celebrate its football history each year v a Vintage American soccer game.

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When the American expert Football combination (APFA), currently, was founded in 1920, the was believed that American football throughout Ohio and also the Midwest was played in ~ a different caliber, than that of new York. The Jeffersons fared fine in their first season, finishing the season through a 6-3-2 record. Leo Lyons – the team manager, coach, player and owner – operated to recruit optimal collegiate players, even if they compliment from various states. The occupants of Rochester didn’t want to assistance “outside” players and this eventually lead come the teams demise. Leo Lyons stayed a prominent figure in the – serving as its Honorary Historian and also a major contributor to the agree Football hall of Fame until his happen in 1976.