From new York City nightclubs come the White House, the pair has endured the scrutiny the a union lived out in the tabloids.

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In September 1998, as component of new York City’s Fashion week festivities, 28-year-old version Melania Knauss attend a party in ~ the Kit Kat club in time Square. There she caught the eye the 52-year-old Donald Trump, the brash real-estate mogul and tabloid fixture who remained in the middle of divorcing his second wife, Marla Maples.

Trump had arrived through cosmetics heiress Celina Midelfart, yet it didn't matter; when his day went come the bathroom, he easily cozied as much as the tall Slovenian beauty.

Melania was charmed but hardly starstruck. When he request for her number, she requested his, and Trump happily gave every conceivable number: "The office, Mar-a-Lago, house in brand-new York, everything," she recalled.

Melania finally referred to as after maintaining the Donald wait for a week, and also with a first date at the Greenwich village nightclub Moomba, the flame was lit.

Melania damaged up v Donald number of times

As the romantic blossomed, Melania arisen an expertise of what it expected to be date a public figure with a seemingly insatiable craving because that the spotlight. As soon as he called shock-jock DJ Howard Stern when she to be allegedly in bed next to him. Another time, while participating in a panel conversation at the university of Pennsylvania, the sought her out by bellowing, "Where's my supermodel?"

These experiences might have offered the generally retiring Melania cold feet; they damaged up multiple times within the an initial year-plus of meeting one another, and also when Trump first flirted with the idea of to run for president, together a reform Party candidate in 2000, that did so without Melania by his side.

But the lovebirds patched points up soon enough, and in 2001, their future with each other looking rosy, Melania acquired her eco-friendly Card and also moved into her boyfriend's penthouse in trump card Tower.


Donald and Melania Trump to visit the premiere of 'Celebrity' top top September 25, 1998, in brand-new York City

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The pair married after 5 years together

In April 2004, 2 weeks after the finale of Season 1 of his hit display The Apprentice, Donald proposed come Melania v a $1.5 million diamond ring. The praised she willingness to sign a prenup and also acknowledged her an individual support amid his successful resurgence as a TV personality.

"We're together five years, and these 5 years for every little thing reasons have been my many successful," he told tabloid columnist Cindy Adams. "I need to imagine she had actually something to carry out with that."

Their January 22, 2005, wedding in Palm beach featured the bride in a $100,000 Christian Dior dress affixed with some 1,500 crystals. The party then adjourned to the nearby Trump vacation home of Mar-a-Lago, wherein Billy Joel serenaded a star-studded guest perform that consisted of Barbara Walters, Regis Philbin, Matt Lauer and also future trump nemeses Bill and also Hillary Clinton.

She calls herself a 'friend,' not 'mother,' to Donald's various other children

In 2006, Melania ended up being an American citizen and a mommy with the bear of your son, Barron. With the new addition, Trump, currently pushing 60, didn't it seems to be ~ to alter his way of living of follow deals, certification on TV and also calling his radio present buddies – top top at the very least one occasion he gloated come an audience the he never had actually to change diapers. The arrangement settled just fine because that Melania, who viewed herself as a classic caregiver and also doted on her boy.

She reportedly likewise fit in simply fine v the other, grown Trump children, despite she was only around eight years older than Donald Jr. And also 11 1/2 year older 보다 Ivanka. "I don't view myself together their mother," she later on told Harper's Bazaar. "I am their friend, and I'm below when they require me."


Melania and also Donald Trump to visit Woody Johnson's 'Wig Out' 60th date of birth Party in ~ Doubles ~ above April 12, 2007, in new York City

Photo: DAVID X PRUTTING/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Melania's referred to as Donald's womanizing actions 'unacceptable and also offensive'

Despite she lukewarm assistance of her husband's politics ambitions, Melania joined the remainder of the trumped clan in June 2015 because that the announcement that he to be seeking the Republican nomination for president.

The shock-and-awe project brought a new level that scrutiny for the would-be very first lady, though she managed to retain an waiting of an enig by limiting campaign appearances and remaining opaque in interviews. "I determined not to enter politics and also policy," she called GQ, adding that "nobody knows and nobody will ever know" the nature that the advice readily available to her husband.

But there to be no preventing the limelight altogether: speak on her husband's behalf in ~ the 2016 Republican national Convention, she come under fire for passages the matched those native an previously speech by Michelle Obama. A bigger scandal come in October once old footage of trump card bragging come TV organize Billy Bush about how he can kiss and also grab women v impunity went famous a month prior to Election Day.

Melania released a statement i m sorry condemned her husband's words as "unacceptable and offensive," while likewise imploring civilization to "accept his apology, as I have." She safeguarded him ~ above CNN a couple of days later, she input helping to quell a furor that can have torpedoed his candidacy.

The pair stay united while in ~ the White House

The Trumps ongoing to uncover their every relocate together dissected together they transitioned come life in the White House. There were the inauguration snafus: he leaving she behind in ~ the car as that marched end to greet Barack and also Michelle Obama, she smiling and also then frowning after the turned away during the prayer ceremony.

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Then there was the an initial lady breaking legacy to remain in brand-new York at the begin of the trumped presidency to check out out the perfect of the school year for Barron.

Things gained worse by the start of 2018 when reports the Trump's alleged affair with Stormy Daniels hit the headlines. Melania subsequently canceled her planned trip with she husband come Switzerland and arrived separately to his State of the Union address. 

Still, those hoping because that some sort of dramatic separation have been disappointed: The first couple has look at recovered native the allegations, v Melania appearing on alphabet News in October 2018 to dismiss rumors of their unhappiness. That account was affirmed in a January 2019 publication by a former White house aide Cliff Sims, who reported that their relationship was more powerful than the "public perception."