Alex Trebek was certainly one that the most famous and beloved game present hosts ever. The Canadian-American — who passed away on November 8, 2020, at the period of 80 ~ battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer — hosted the popular trivia present "Jeopardy!" for 37 years till his death, per business Insider. Trebek, who was taken into consideration a hero and propagator of learning by many, obtained an outpouring the love native fans and celebrities alike complying with his death, including Canadian prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who dubbed his pass a "tremendous loss" on Twitter. 

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The international icon was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on July 22, 1940. He studied at the college of Ottawa before beginning his career as a journalist for the CBC. In 1973, he made his American television debut top top the "Wizard the Odds," and virtually a decade later, he began working in ~ "Jeopardy!" — where he hosted much more than 8,000 episodes, per the show"s website. This consequently awarded that the document for hosting the most episodes the a single game show, beating the end "The Price is Right" organize Bob Barker, follow to The brand-new York Times. 

His remarkable career not just earned him a revered reputation and numerous superior awards — consisting of seven Daytime Emmys and a Lifetime accomplishment Award indigenous the national Academy of television Arts and Sciences (per the show"s website) – but a quite paycheck as well. You can be surprised to uncover out just exactly how much Trebek to be worth at the moment of his death. 

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Alex Trebek functioned on range of Canadian and also American game shows prior to landing his gig on "Jeopardy!," consisting of "High Rollers" ~ above NBC, "The $128,000 Question," CBS"s "Double Dare," and "Battlestars" ~ above NBC, according to Celebrity network Worth. In 1984, the shot 2 episodes because that a potential "Jeopardy!" revival, and also it wasn"t long prior to the display got picked up once more. The display only flourished in popularity after Trebek come on as host. 

Trebek shot 5 "Jeopardy!" illustration a day for 46 job a year, i m sorry earned the a whopping yearly salary of $18 million (this come out to around $391,000 every ice cream day, or $78,000 every actual episode). To placed Trebek"s outstanding salary in perspective, play Sajak from "Wheel that Fortune" receives about $312,500 per work day, and also Vanna White receives $208,333, follow to Celebrity Net Worth. 

While "Jeopardy!" to be Trebek"s main source of income, he additionally likely got a hefty fee for film and also television appearances (he has made cameo appearances on dozens of popular television shows) and also speaking obligations and also lectures. In totality, Trebek was worth a cool $75 million at the time of his death, via Celebrity net Worth. However, it seems his net worth would have been even higher if that wasn"t a huge philanthropist who donated millions of dollars and property come universities and conservancies alike. Just when we thought we couldn"t love him much more — remainder in tranquility Mr. Trebek!