Facing restricted rep count Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy acknowledged Friday the Elliott has been top top a rep count in games for the past month when the running ago continues to regulate a knee injury the f...
Impact Elliott"s minimal snap counts have actually been noticeable just by looking in ~ his recent game logs. Including Thursday"s 27-17 win over the Saints, Elliott hasn"t played an ext than 70 percent the the Cowboys" offensive snaps in 5 straight games, after topping that percentage in all however two the Dallas" an initial seven contests. The decrease in snaps has come with a tiny downturn in touch (16.9 carries and 3.7 targets per video game Weeks 1 v 8, 11.0 carries and 4.6 targets mainly 9 v 13), enabling Tony Pollard to take on a an ext heightened duty in the game plan. Despite the much longer turnaround because that the Cowboys" mainly 14 divisional matchup is welcome, McCarthy didn"t promise the Elliott would certainly be in store for an uptick in snaps and touches. In fact, given that Elliott is averaging a woeful 3.2 yards per lug over the past four games compared to Pollard"s 5.7 YPC throughout that stretch, that wouldn"t be how amazing if the last took on an ext volume in the weeks to come together Dallas looks to secure a playoff spot.

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Cowboys take it misfiring offense into mini-break after ~ win

Dak Prescott and also the Dallas Cowboys have concerns on offense
3 DAYS ago • linked PRESS

Nick Wright: This win over Saints didn"t make me restore confidence in Cowboys I very first THINGS first

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Ezekiel Elliott Postgame mainly 13 " #DALvsNO Running back Ezekiel Elliott share his thoughts adhering to a 27-17 success over the new Orleans Saints.
Tough sledding on ground in success Elliott rushed 13 times for 45 yards and brought in 2 of 3 targets for three yards in the Cowboys" 27-17 victory over the Saints ~ above Thursday night.
Impact There have actually been rumblings about ongoing knee stiffness because that Elliott, however his absence of success ~ above the soil Thursday can virtually certainly it is in attributed to the Saints" stout run defense much more than anything else. The multi-time pro Bowler got 10 of his yards ~ above one carry, leave him simply under 3.0 yards per tote on his various other 12 attempts. Elliott witnessed backfield girlfriend Tony Pollard log six fewer rushes yet acquire 26 added yards thanks to a 58-yard touchdown run, but the former should proceed helming the ground attack against Washington in a week 14 road matchup a week indigenous Sunday.

Thursday Night Football optimal Plays: Cowboys conquer Saints, breakthrough to 8-4

The Dallas defense dominated the Saints in a 27-17 win on Thursday night. Here are the height plays indigenous TNF on FOX!

kris Broussard decides i beg your pardon players are under duress going into Week 13 I an initial THINGS very first

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By The Numbers: Cowboys take it on Saints top top Thursday Night Football

The Cowboys and also Saints fight in a crucial NFC matchup on Thursday Night football on FOX. Here are the number to know!

NFL odds: just how to gambling Cowboys vs. Saints, allude spread, more

examine out the NFL odds ~ above Cowboys vs. Saints, indigenous the allude spread come the over/under and also expert picks.

Dallas Cowboys, battling COVID and also injuries, face huge test Thursday in brand-new Orleans

as the Cowboys prepare for their Thursday matchup with new Orleans, Matt Mosley scouts the team Dan Quinn needs to work with.

Cowboys, Saints collide trying come stem midseason slides

The brand-new Orleans Saints have actually lost 4 straight for the first time due to the fact that 2015 and the Dallas Cowboys have actually been simply one victory much better during their past 4 games

Cowboys seek very first road victory vs. Saints since 2009

The Dallas Cowboys visit the new Orleans Saints at a time when both clubs are struggling after ~ solid starts
More touches might be top top deck Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated Tuesday that he expects Elliott to manage a "serious load" of methods during Thursday"s game versus the Saints, Michael Gehlken that The Dallas...
Impact Elliott has actually been regulating knee stiffness because Week 4, however he to be a complete participant at exercise Monday. Jones" optimism need to be taken v a serial of salt, but -- Dallas has actually recently opted to limit Elliott"s workload, bring about back-to-back games in i m sorry the star running back failed come tally double-digit carries. Even if that does see an ext work Thursday night, it will certainly come against new Orleans" stout protective front. V the very first seven contests the the season, Elliott averaged an exceptional 19.7 touches every game.

Christian McCaffrey"s recent injury proves taxing offered his price for Carolina Panthers

Carolina"s Christian McCaffrey is the latest high-priced running earlier to watch his season marred by injury.
Cowboys Get good Injury News about CeeDee Lamb and also Ezekiel Elliott The Dallas Cowboys stumbled in week 12 with an overtime loss to the las Vegas Raiders and must obtain their 7-4 record turned about after two...
Ezekiel Elliott intended to beat on Thursday night for Dallas Cowboys fans that were worried that Ezekiel Elliott might not be able to suit up this week due to his knee injury, it"s spring li...
In clear for Week 13 Elliott (knee) to be a complete participant in Monday"s practice, Michael Gehlken the The Dallas Morning News reports.
Impact Elliott"s capacity to take it every rep in the Cowboys" very first official week 13 practice removes the way for that to begin Thursday"s game against the Saints, but that doesn"t typical the 26-year-old will certainly be in keep for his normal role. Follow to Nick Eatman the the Cowboys" main site, Elliott acknowledged that the knee injury has been bothering him since an Oct. 3 game against the Panthers. While he has no plans come sit out gamings to totally heal increase from the injury, Elliott identified that his workload could come to be managed more carefully in the contests come come. The Cowboys already have to be doing the to some level over the past 4 games, together he hasn"t played much more than 70 percent the the snaps in any type of of those contests while averaging 15 touches every game. In his coming before seven appearances, Elliott topped 70 percent that the snaps on 5 occasions and averaged 19.7 touches per game.

Cowboys" McCarthy out vs. Saints after optimistic COVID test

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has tested hopeful for COVID-19 and won’t it is in on the sideline for Thursday night’s video game in new Orleans
Fantasy Injury Updates: recent news top top Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, an ext affecting main 13 waiver cable pickups Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, and D"Andre Swift are simply the recent victims the the RB injury bug. Obtain the recent update...
No intention of resting knee Elliott suggested Sunday the no one top top the Cowboys" cultivate or coaching staffs had actually approached him around sitting out a game to provide his knee a possibility to heal, Nick Eatman of Dalla...
Impact The running earlier originally injured his knee in main 4 against the Panthers, but he tweaked that in main 11 against Kansas City and also his rushing performance has noticeably declined since. There had actually been talk Elliott could be inactive for Thursday"s game versus the Saints" top-ranked run defense, yet if the Cowboys space considering such a plan they reportedly haven"t mutual it v Zeke. Assuming that does suit up against brand-new Orleans, look because that him to watch a decreased workload as soon as again, with Tony Pollard choose up the slack -- Elliott hasn"t had 20 touch in a game because Week 8.

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Ezekiel Elliott: What lock Think is best Running back Ezekiel Elliott updates his injury status adhering to their 36-33 ns on Thanksgiving together they prepare come visit is new Orleans Sa...
Report: Cowboys may organize Ezekiel Elliott out of mainly 13 video game over knee concern Mike McCarthy admitted to being “concerned” about the RB’s struggles; a resource tells ESPN Elliott may be sidelined come let his knee heal. | F...
Mike McCarthy concerned about Ezekiel Elliott"s knee, Cowboys come "evaluate" his running layout FRISCO — Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is concerned about the wellness of starting running back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott is playing with...
Could get time off to cure Elliott can be organized out to remainder his knee injury, with possibilities including an absence from the upcoming Thursday game in brand-new Orleans in week 13, Ed Werder of ESPN reports.
Impact Elliott has been managing the injury due to the fact that early October and also still regulated at the very least 49 percent snap share and also 13 touch in every game, consisting of the past two weeks as soon as he fell shy the double-digit tote (barely) for the first two times all year. It sounds like he"s qualified of playing v the injury but might benefit from rest, leave the Cowboys in a tricky position as castle prepare because that the final six mainly of the continuous season and also a likely playoff run. If nothing else, they can give more of Elliott"s snaps to backup Tony Pollard, who currently has job highs because that rushing and receiving yards. The Cowboys wouldn"t sacrifice too much by stop Elliott out for a mainly or 2 (as long as Pollard stays healthy), but it continues to be to be checked out what they"ll do, and also it ultimately may count on how Elliott"s knee feels indigenous day to day or week come week.