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Awards and also Honors:World series (1989)World collection (1974)World collection (1973)World series (1972)World series (1930)World collection (1929)World series (1913)World series (1911)World series (1910)...(Show more)Date:1901 - present...(Show more)Headquarters:Oakland...(Show more)Areas that Involvement:baseball...(Show more)Related People:Shoeless Joe JacksonTony La RussaMark McGwireTy CobbRickey Henderson...(Show more)

Oakland Athletics, likewise called Oakland A’s, American skilled baseball team based in Oakland, California, the plays in the American league (AL). The Athletics—who are often simply described as the “A’s”—have winner nine World series championships and also 15 AL pennants.

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Founded in 1901 and also based in Philadelphia, the A’s were one of the original eight members that the AL. The an initial half century the the franchise’s presence was conquered by the above Connie Mack, who controlled the A’s indigenous the team inaugural year to 1950. The A’s posted winning records in their very first seven seasons, consisting of AL pennants in 1902 and 1905, the latter of which earned the team its first World series berth, in which the A’s came up top top the quick end the a five-game collection with the new York Giants. The A’s returned to the World collection in 1910 and also 1911, winning on each occasion behind the pitching the Charles Bender and also Eddie Plank, and also the batting of third baseman frank (“Home Run”) Baker, 2nd baseman Eddie Collins, and also the other members the the well known “$100,000 infield” (so called since of the purported combined market value of the foursome). This core advanced to two more World collection in 1913 and also 1914 (a win over the brand-new York Giants and also a loss come the Boston Braves, respectively) before competition native the newly created Federal League forced Mack to sell off his star football player to various other teams in stimulate to keep the franchise solvent. Together a result, the A’s first period of dominance was instantly followed by a woeful big of 7 consecutive last-place finishes native 1915 come 1921 (including a 117-loss season in 1916).