Believed come be game 4 that 1959 World series played at Los Angeles Coliseum. Courtesy that Ievenlostmycat from san Diego, CA, USA, via Wikimedia Commons.

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World series 2020 (All games played at world Life Field, Arlington, Texas):-- video game 1, Oct. 20: Dodgers 8 - Tampa just Rays 3. Dodgers space 1-0.-- game 2, Oct. 21: Tampa just Rays 6 - Dodgers 4. Dodgers are 1-1.-- video game 3, Oct. 23: Dodgers 6 - Tampa bay Rays 2. Dodgers are 2-1.-- video game 4, Oct. 24: Tampa bay Rays 8 - Dodgers 7. Dodgers are 2-2.-- video game 5, Oct. 25: Dodgers 4 - Tampa only Rays 2. Dodgers space 3-2.-- video game 6, Oct. 27: Dodgers 3 - Tampa only Rays 1. DODGERS WIN human being SERIES!

Game 3 of the 2018 World collection between the Los Angeles Dodgers and also the Boston Red Sox in ~ Dodger stadium on October 26-27 holds the document for the many extra innings (nine) and also longest time (7 hours, 20 minutes) of any World series game. The video game went on because that a gruelling 18 innings till the Dodger"s Maxwell "Munce" Muncy hit a house run in the bottom of the inning, win the video game for Los Angeles, 3-2. Incidentally, video game 2 of the 1916 civilization Series, additionally held in between the Dodgers and also the Red Sox, tied with two various other World collection games (2005, 2015) because that the critical record variety of World collection extra innings in a solitary game (five). That game had a different outcome in which the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers 2-1 after 14 innings.

Seven World series Championships (1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, 1988, 2020)

YearSeriesDodger Manager
2020LA Dodgers 4 vs. Tampa just Rays 2Dave Roberts
2018Boston Red Sox 4 vs. LA Dodgers 1Dave Roberts
2017Houston Astros 4 vs. LA Dodgers 3Dave Roberts
1988LA Dodgers 4 vs. Oakland A"s 1Tommy Lasorda
1981LA Dodgers 4 vs. NY Yankees 2Tommy Lasorda
1978NY Yankees 4 vs. LA Dodgers 2Tommy Lasorda
1977NY Yankees 4 vs. LA Dodgers 2Tommy Lasorda
1974Oakland A"s 4 vs. LA Dodgers 1Walter Alston
1966Baltimore 4 vs. LA Dodgers 0Walter Alston
1965LA Dodgers 4 vs. Minnesota twins 3Walter Alston
1963LA Dodgers 4 vs. NY Yankees 0Walter Alston
1959LA Dodgers 4 vs. Chicago White Sox 2Walter Alston
1956NY Yankees 4 vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 3Walter Alston
1955Brooklyn Dodgers 4 vs. NY Yankees 3Walter Alston
1953NY Yankees 4 vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 2Charlie Dressen
1952NY Yankees 4 vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 3Charlie Dressen
1949NY Yankees 4 vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 1Burt Shotton
1947NY Yankees 4 vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 3Burt Shotton
1941NY Yankees 4 vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 1Leo Durocher
1920Cleveland 5 vs. Brooklyn Robins 2Wilbert Robinson
1916Boston Red Sox 4 vs. Brooklyn Robins 1Wilbert Robinson

World series 1988 trophy, winner by the Los Angeles Dodgers, on display at Dodger Stadium. Los Angeles Almanac photo.

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Brooklyn Robins (present-day Dodgers) manager Wilbert Robinson (left) greets Boston Red Sox manager bill Carrigan in ~ the 1916 human being Series.Photo from the Bain News business Collection, courtesy of the Library that Congress.

Top five Teams for Appearances in the World series (Through 2020 Season)

TeamAppearancesWinsLast Series/Title
New York Yankees (AL)40272009/2009
Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)2172020/2020
New York/San Francisco Giants (NL)2082014/2014
St. Louis Cardinals (NL)19112013/2011
Oakland Athletics (AL)1491990/1989

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