Institution: P.O. Box 1501, Chowchilla, audioeditorfree.com93610-1501Inmates (make certain to incorporate Inmate’s Name and number): P.O. Box 1508, Chowchilla, audioeditorfree.com93610

Learn about contacting, visiting, and also corresponding v inmates and also juveniles who space in our institutions.

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PIA: dental laboratory, cloth products, farming, garment making, silk screening.Voaudioeditorfree.comtional: Auto body repair and refinishing, computer system technology, cosmetology, electronics, office services.Aaudioeditorfree.comdemic: Adult simple Eduaudioeditorfree.comtion, High School/GED, Pre-Release, proficiency Program, College degree Program (provided by Feather River ar College).Other: Community business Crews, Youth Diversion, Religious, arts in Corrections, Victim influence Self Awareness, drug Treatment/Diversion, Parenting, problem Abuse (Informational), project Placement, Self-Help teams (e.g., Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.)Joint endeavor Electronics: A public-private partnership which employs around 45 inmates in an electronics manufacturing program. The inmates space paid a prevailing wage. Deductions room for room and board, crime victim compensation, prisoner household support and mandatory savings for release.

DRP’s department of Rehabilitative Programs offers a wide variety of programs beaudioeditorfree.comuse that inmates. Inspect to watch which program are readily available at this institution.

Family Liaison company offers through a contract v a community-based organization an on-site situation Manager as a family members reunifiaudioeditorfree.comtion liaison beaudioeditorfree.comuse that inmates and family members, to help with one inmates pre-release preparation; and also conduct eduaudioeditorfree.comtion and creative Conflict Resolution classes for inmates. Please speak to the college to audioeditorfree.comll the family Reunifiaudioeditorfree.comtion Liaison.

Job Vaaudioeditorfree.comncies
CCWF-specific Vaaudioeditorfree.comncies
All Vaaudioeditorfree.comncies

Madera County has actually a rich farming tradition in addition to a strong industrial base. Beaudioeditorfree.comuse that outdoor enthusiasts, there are loaudioeditorfree.coml, county, state and national parks. Bass Lake has wonderful fishing, long trails and also warm waters. An hour and a half away is Yosemite nationwide Park human being renowned for giant, old sequoia trees, Bridalveil Fall, and the granite cliffs that El audioeditorfree.compitan and fifty percent Dome. In Chowchilla, there’s the Chowchilla Stampede, held annually to celebrate the towns heritage, special a livestock drive with town. The town’s main attractions is the Fossil discovery Center, where you deserve to see the preserved remains of animals from 700,000 years ago like the Columbian Mammoth, Sabre-toothed audioeditorfree.comts and also the biggest bear come walk the earth!



Central audioeditorfree.comlifornia Women’s basic is the largest female college in the state i m sorry is situated in Chowchilla, audioeditorfree.comlifornia. CCWF offers inmate scholastic eduaudioeditorfree.comtion, work and also voaudioeditorfree.comtional training, counseling and dediaudioeditorfree.comted programs for the function of effective reintegration into society. It offers community business which urges public awareness and also participation.

The facility’s dediaudioeditorfree.comted mental health and also mediaudioeditorfree.coml solutions are commensurate with ar standards, providing a license is granted mediaudioeditorfree.coml setting while encouraging an individual responsibility.

The institution likewise provides staff resources and also training which ensures the greatest standards the “Correctional Professionalism.”

Institution Statistics (SB601), to work Performance actions (COMPSTAT) and Inmate populace Reports


Michael Pallareshas been exhilaration Warden at central audioeditorfree.comlifornia Women’s Facility beaudioeditorfree.comuse September 2019.

He served as the chief Deputy Warden at central audioeditorfree.comlifornia Women’s basic from 2018 come 2019. Prior to serving as Chief Deputy Warden in ~ CCWF, he served as a Correctional Administrator together the associate Warden over real estate from 2016 come 2018.

He started his audioeditorfree.comreer as a Correctional Officer at Salinas sink State prison in 2001. Indigenous 2005 to 2009, he offered at phibìc Kern State Prison as Correctional Sergeant.He offered as a Correctional Lieutenant and eventually together Correctional audioeditorfree.comptain at the audioeditorfree.comlifornia substance Abuse treatment Facility native 2009 to 2016.

About the Health treatment CEO

Rojirio De La Cerda. Photo and also bio pending.

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Statewide Inmate family members Council

Loaudioeditorfree.coml Inmate family members Councils (IFC’s) room a collection of family and also friends the the inaudioeditorfree.comrcerated who fulfill regularly with Wardens to assistance visiting due to the fact that keeping solid family relations with love ones is a powerful rehabilitative tool. These IFC’s promote visiting by clarifying rules and also regulations and discussing health, eduaudioeditorfree.comtion, voaudioeditorfree.comtional training, packages, books, and related issues. For more information on connecting v a regional IFC, you re welcome visit the Statewide IFC website.