Once thought about a win versus sexual predation, bill Cosby's assault conviction was overturned since of due process violations.

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In vacating bill Cosby"s aggravated assault conviction ~ above Wednesday, the Pennsylvania can be fried Court also overturned what had been taken into consideration a milestone victory in the long, difficult battle because that dozens of women who had accused the comedian of misconduct.

Sixty women have accused Cosby, 83, of a selection of offenses, including groping, sexual assault and rape together far ago as the 1960s.

Cosby has repeatedly denied every allegations that nonconsensual sex and also did therefore again top top Wednesday after ~ his release from prison.


When Cosby to be convicted in 2018, activists taken into consideration the jury’s decision a landmark in the activity to organize alleged sexual predators accountable.

For all yet one Cosby accuser, the statute of limitations had actually passed by the time a deluge the accusers went public in 2014 and also 2015. That was Andrea Constand, that accused Cosby the drugging and also molesting her at his Pennsylvania house in 2004.

There were less than 2 weeks prior to the statute of restrictions expired in Constand’s case when Montgomery County ar Attorney Kevin Steele filed charges versus Cosby. A decade earlier, prosecutors had decreased to press charges.

Steele to be likely motivated to carry Constand’s case to trial, regardless of prosecutorial difficulties, in part because that the dozens of women who came forward against Cosby, NBC News legit analyst Danny Cevallos said.

“This was most likely seen together a item of symbolic justice,” Cevallos said. “That if they can find one human for who it might quietly vindicate or somehow bring justice come the women who might never lug their case because the statute expired.”

The vacated conviction Wednesday had nothing to execute with the credibility of the women who came forward, Cevallos said, and also everything to carry out with the unique circumstances surrounding the decade-long trip to carry the situation to fruition.

The an initial accusers

An work manager for temple University women’s basketball routine in 2004, Constand stated she was at Cosby’s residence to discuss her career when he allegedly drugged and also molested her.

Constand at first filed a criminal complaint but authorities in ~ the time said there was not enough evidence to go forward through the case. She then filed a civil case, i beg your pardon Cosby resolved with her for virtually $3.4 million in 2006.

Andrea Constand walks to the courtroom throughout Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial in ~ the Montgomery county Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., top top June 6, 2017.Matt Rourke / AP file

She told NBC in 2018 that she take it pills from Cosby, believing lock to it is in an natural supplement, since she reliable him.

“Three blue pills. And he put his hand out, and also I said, ‘What space those?’ and also he said, ‘They"ll aid you relax,"" Constand said. "And ns said, ‘Are castle natural? are they, like, a natural remedy?’ and also he said, ‘No, they"re your friends. Just put lock down.’”

Unsealed depositions indigenous the civil situation revealed that Cosby said he gave quaaludes, a powerful sedative, to young females he want to have sex with.

California lawyer Tamara green came forward in 2005 through a similar story, telling NBC’s “TODAY” present that Constand’s allegations copy her endure with Cosby in the 1970s. Eco-friendly said she was at a functioning lunch with Cosby in Los Angeles v the flu and also he available her medication after noting she looked feverish.

She said that she began to lose motor role and Cosby took she to her apartment, where eco-friendly alleges he began to take off her clothes and also molest her.

“The center of mine being interpreted that he had actually gone from helping me to groping me and kissing me and also touching me and also handling me and also you know, acquisition off my clothes,” environment-friendly said.

But she combated back, telling Cosby he’d need to kill her and also any arrangement to rape her would go “badly,” follow to Green.

“So he, friend know, i guess it to be inconvenient at that point, I had not been crushed successfully into submission and also he left 2 $100 receipt on mine coffee table and he left my apartment,” environment-friendly said.

Thirteen women agreed come testify anonymously to the court in Constand’s case but were told they were no longer needed when the pair settled.

A tide of brand-new allegations

In the years after the settlement, Cosby took a step ago from acting yet executive-produced a display where he interviewed youngsters in 2010 and appeared in documentaries and talk reflects over the years.

Then comedian Hannibal Burress came along.

Burress called Cosby a rapist during a set at a comedy society in Philadelphia in 2014, informing the audience around the 13 women who were ready to accuse Cosby that misconduct in court throughout Constand’s suit.

“That s--- is upsetting. If you didn’t know around it, to trust me,” Burress stated on stage. “You leave here and also Google ‘Bill Cosby rape.’ It’s not funny. That s--- has more results than Hannibal Buress.”

Actor invoice Cosby come at the Allegheny county Courthouse in Pittsburgh, Pa., on may 23, 2017.Don Emmert / AFP via Getty photos file

The comment do headlines, and also a couple of weeks later, The Washington post ran one op-ed through Barbara bowman headlined “Bill Cosby raped me. Why go it take it 30 years for civilization to believe my story?”

Bowman said she dubbed Constand’s attorney to sell her allegations for the lawsuit and also spoke to the press, ending up being one that Cosby’s very first public accusers. She called NBC’s “Dateline” in 2018 the she had been invite to a scripting session in ~ Cosby"s residence in brand-new York City in the 1980s as an exhilaration student and also was details she to be drugged and also raped while there.

“I had actually a pair of sips of my wine, end up upstairs not feeling good,” archer said. “I psychic leaning end the toilet bowl, throwing my guts up, and also I’m attract a masculine white T-shirt that was not mine. I’m in mine panties, lock a wreck.”

Bowman stated at the time that Cosby told her the she had gotten drunk and also that he had to to wash her clothes. She felt choose she had a “lobotomy,” she said.

“How perform you no know? i didn’t display up in masculine T-shirt, i didn’t display up v soiled panties, and I didn’t present up scratched and also bruised and also dirty,” archer said. “I knew i was raped.”

Bowman did no go to police, however she told she agent, that she alleged called her the no one would believe her. She called "Dateline" that she experienced Cosby multiple times after that incident, and he accused raped her multiple times.

In one essay for Vanity same in December 2014, supermodel Beverly Johnson alleged that Cosby lured her to his residence in the mid-1980s and drugged her. Johnson created that she realized practically immediately after acquisition her drink that Cosby had her "drugged good."

"He placed his hands around my waist, and also I managed to put my hand on his shoulder in stimulate to secure myself," Johnson wrote. "As ns felt my human body go fully limp, my brain switched right into automatic-survival mode. That expected making certain Cosby construed that ns knew precisely what to be happening at that an extremely moment."

Dozens of ladies came front to accuse the comedian of sexual misconduct in 2014 and also 2015, happen a brand-new media firestorm simply years before the #MeToo movement.

Cosby has actually repeatedly denied every allegations.

An old situation with new charges

In December 2015, the Montgomery County district Attorney"s Office announced it had actually filed one aggravated indecent attack charge against Cosby in Constand’s case. The decision came a little much more than a year ~ Burress’ Philadelphia show yet days prior to Pennsylvania’s 12-year statute of limitations would it is in up.

It took nearly three years and two trials to judge Cosby. His an initial trial in 2017 finished in a mistrial ~ a deadlocked jury, bused in native Pittsburgh, can not come to a decision. Countless of the pertains to that kept former District lawyer Bruce Castor from pressing charges in 2005 were exposed in court, including the fact that it took Constand a year to speak come authorities around the allegations and also a lack of physics evidence.

One of the jurors said NBC affiliate WPXI that the case was “hopeless” and also that jurors were in tears trying to concerned a decision.

Steele announced automatically that he would certainly retry Cosby on three counts that aggravated indecent assault. Constand and other women testified in court, leading to a 2018 conviction.

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Cosby was sentenced 3 to 10 year in prison, i m sorry accusers took together a win despite the long and also hard route to get there.